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General Discussion / Zowie FK, the G400 killer?
« on: 12:23 AM - 08/22/13 »
Just got the Zowie FK mouse in today and this thing is amazing. I was just thinking the other day that I have tried all these Logitech mice and the Razer Deathadder, etc and have never tried a ambidextrous mouse. As soon as I unboxed it and put it in my hand I knew this was THE mouse for me. The shape is great and is super easy to grip, lift and move around.

It has one of the so called "flawless" sensors (the Avago 3090) and has no BS like prediction and acceleration.

Doesn't even require any drivers, simply works out of the box without any software whatsoever.

A lot of people on here said the Zowie mice scroll wheels don't work when connected to the XIM. I haven't connected it directly to the XIM, but have it connected to my PC and use it with XIM through a Belkin Transfer Cable using the XIM-Joystick.NET app (similar to XIMcommander). Using this method I can confirm that the scroll wheel DOES indeed work.

One thing people might not like is that there are only 3 set DPI modes available (you change them by pressing a button on the bottom of the mouse) and the highest it goes is 2300 DPI, but IMO that is MORE than enough and mice with high @#$% DPI are just gimmicky.

After playing with this mouse for a bit, I don't think I will ever be going back to a "ergonomic" shape with the thumb grooves. That design just makes it harder to maneuver the mouse around (lifting, etc). Think I'm returning the G400s to the store tomorrow as I don't need it anymore  :P

TL;DR: The Zowie FK is an amazing ambidextrous mouse and if you are looking for a mouse with a "flawless" optical sensor like the G400, you should definitely give it a try.

Hardware Compatibility / Question about the G400/G400s.
« on: 04:29 PM - 08/16/13 »
Just recently picked up the G400s to give it a try and it's a pretty good mouse. Shape takes some getting used to after using the G9X for such a long time, but starting to get used to it and getting in the groove again.

Since the G400s doesn't have onboard memory like the upper models, does it remember the DPI settings you were using last on the PC?

I noticed whenever the Logitech Gaming Software isn't running on my PC, the G400s will automatically revert back to the default DPI settings, and as soon as I start up the LGS software again, it will reactivate the 4000dpi that I have it set to.

Does this mean that whenever the G400s is connected directly to the Edge, it is running at the out of box DPI settings and not 4000?

I switched back to using a Transfer Cable with my PC and running it through XIMcommander, and I know it gets 4000dpi that way for sure.

Pissing me off.

The whole booting/DoSing thing has become so common... I've been booted 3 times so far tonight.

It's pathetic. Bunch of no life losers who have nothing better to do than boot people every game so that they can be a top 10 Master rank.

It's to the point where most of the top 10 Master's I run into are host booting douche bags.

General Discussion / 23" greatness.
« on: 05:20 PM - 07/09/13 »
Oh man, how I forgot how it felt to play on a 23" monitor.

Ever since I got the XIM, I've been playing on a 27" Samsung with all the bells and whistles. Recently decided I was tired of the glossy screen during the day time and ended up getting a nice 1440p Asus IPS screen. Problem with the high resolution IPS screens is that they can't really keep up with regular TN panels when it comes to speed... and movement definitely felt a bit sluggish compared to the Samsung.

So I pulled out the old (but still fantastic) Asus 23 incher and I'm fragging kids like no tomorrow, heh  ;D I totally forgot how a smaller monitor felt after using the 27" for gaming for so long.

So now I've decided to use the 23" as my main gaming monitor (for FPS at least) and have the 1440p right beside it for the PC activities.

Moral of the story, small monitors FTW. I suppose 27" might be okay if you are a fair distance away from it... but in my case 23" blows it out of the water.

P.S. if anyone wants to run some League Play Champions on the 360 send me a friend invite at: PERVY SAGE x

Tired of people backing out of games when they see a couple Masters on the other team  >:(

XIM EDGE Discussions / Mouse Speed & Acceleration
« on: 10:02 PM - 05/11/13 »
Just curious as to what everyone has their mouse SPEED & ACCELERATION settings set to?

Right now, mine are both at 0.

Always been told to keep acceleration at 0, and have also had my speed at 0 for a while now after seeing someone mention that it was good.

Anyone else feeling the lag compensation these days? I used to be able to go into League Play and have some decent games for a while but now it feels like even League Play games are BS 95% of the time. Before, it was mostly public matches that suffered from this problem.

By lag compensation, I'm of course referring to the "putting a sh*t ton of bullets into someone, only to have them 1 burst you with an M8A1" or something along those lines. And also when you watch the killcam, the people are seeing you WAY before you see them and can get more than 1 or 2 shots off.

Gotten to the point where I feel like just going back and playing one of the previous COD titles until they want to fix this.

Currently have a Logitech G700. It's great and all... but I've recently been trying out more of a claw style grip (instead of palm, which the G700 really seems designed for). When I do use claw grip, I feel like my accuracy goes way up. I'm able to get the crosshairs right on top of my targets instead of accidentally whizzing past them and having to correct myself. With the G700 design however, claw grip is obviously not too comfortable for very long.

I was looking around at different mice and saw the G9X which seems to have an interesting design. And according to reviews, people say it's a great mouse for claw gripping? Any G9X users wanna pitch in here and tell me there opinion on the mouse for COD? It's available on Amazon (the MW3 edition) for 38 bucks which isn't too bad.

Also, if you know of any other claw grip style mice that are good, please name them so I can look them up and do some research  ;D

Anyone on here play league TDM on BO2 for Xbox 360? Looking for some good players to roll with this season. Leave your gamertag here if you want and i'll give you an add.


Game Support / Fighting Games
« on: 01:29 PM - 02/28/13 »
What do you guys usually do for fighting games? Do you still use your keyboard or do you just pick up your controller to play instead?

Just curious as to what others have been doing. I usually just pick up the controller because it seems like it would be difficult to play a fighter with the keyboard or mouse.

XIM EDGE Discussions / KVM Switch vs. XIMCommander.NET
« on: 06:33 PM - 02/07/13 »
Picked up a Belkin USB Easy Transfer Cable yesterday and fired up the XIM Commander app that's available on this site... everything works awesome!

Before this I had been using a KVM switch and had problems with the XIM Edge locking up (with yellow flashing lights) and needing to unplug/replug it back in to get it working again. This would occur after switching between my PC and Xbox 4-5 times. Easy enough to work around but was still fairly annoying.

Hooked up the transfer cable yesterday and now everything runs through my PC... love being able to just hit a hotkey on my keyboard and I can instantly use my PC again. And this time... no random lock ups from the XIM Edge.

Thought there would be a huge difference between a direct connection to the XIM Edge and connecting through XIM Commander but there really isn't. Only thing I had to do was jack up the XIM sensitivity way up because it was real slow when I first hooked everything up.  ;D

Had I known about XIM Commander earlier I wouldn't have bothered getting a KVM switch lol... oh well.

XIM Apps / Monoprice USB Transfer Cable?
« on: 10:15 PM - 02/02/13 »
I wanted to try out XIMcommander but don't feel like shelling out 40 bucks for a USB cable, heh.

Does anyone know if this cable from Monoprice would be compatible?


Hey guys,

I had bought a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate recently and although it's a great keyboard I was having a problem with the keys being a little "finicky" for FPS gaming using the WASD keys. Often I would release a key (or at least think that I have released the key but it would stick and my character in game would still be moving in that direction. Don't know if that's just the nature of the MX blue switches on that keyboard.

Then I noticed yesterday that Logitech had a brand new mechanical keyboard they were now offering, the  Logitech G710+. So I went ahead and picked it up from the store (kept my Razer keyboard as I was wary about whether the Logitech would even be compatible with the XIM Edge).

Well I'm here to report my findings to you guys in case you were looking at this new keyboard. Got home and immediately hooked her up and BAM, SHE WORKS!

I was really doubtful this keyboard would work as it was advertised as having "26 key roll over" and apparently these type of keyboards have trouble working with the Edge from what I read around the forums.

I am SUPER happy that the keyboard works with the XIM because from what I have seen of it so far, it's a pretty amazing keyboard. Mechanical keys that are very responsive yet not overly loud like the MX blues (this keyboard uses MX browns)... backlighting, and DEDICATED MEDIA KEYS! I love having media keys for my PC use and this board has them. None of those stupid keys where you have to press a function key AND the media key... they are dedicated!

I'm typing on it as we speak the the keys feel absolutely great to me! So far I'm liking it a lot better than the Black Widow which is going back to the store now that I know the Logitech works fine.

But enough about my thoughts on the keyboard itself, I mainly just wanted to confirm for everyone that this keyboard works OUT OF THE BOX for the XIM Edge. Cheers!  ;D

Game Support / Halo 4
« on: 09:55 AM - 11/01/12 »
Got my hands on a copy of the game a little early. What do you guys think is the best ST to use with the game while waiting for the Official Halo 4 ST to come out after the release day?

I was thinking Halo Anniversary would be the best choice as 343 (the developer for Halo 4) also did that game? (Specifically multiplayer).

Let me know what you guys think! And I will post back feedback on the ones I try.  ;D

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