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Seems to be for a limited time only/limited quantities.

You gotta add the Xbox One Titanfall Edition to your cart and apply the promotion code: "1".

Only seems to work on the U.S. Microsoft Store.


If you haven't gotten an Xbox One... this might be the right time!

As an early adopter.... I AM PISSED!!!!!!!

EDIT: Seems like the promo code applies to other products on the store as well. 20% off.

General Discussion / Steelseries Rival Optical Mouse
« on: 01:53 AM - 03/09/14 »
Just picked up this bad boy yesterday. Has been pretty great so far, the tracking on the optical sensor is fantastic.

The maximum CPI (DPI) is 6500 and that is what I've been using. I've also been running it at 500hz polling rate.

Anyone have experience with this mouse? What settings would you reccomend?

The Xbox One Twitch streaming app is set to debut ahead of the Titanfall launch next week and Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb showed off a demo Monday night with a few rounds of Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

The Twitch app will be launched as part of the Xbox One spring update ahead of the Titanfall launch on Tuesday, March 11. Exact details of when the update will be rolled out has not been announced yet. However, Hyrb was able to confirm a number of details for the app and a stream analyzer reveals that the game runs at 1280x720, 30fps and approximately 2.5 mbps. For comparison, the PS4 Twitch app streams at 960x540, 30 fps and approximately 1.7mbps.

When you first open the Twitch app on Xbox One, it will test your connection to determine your best settings for streaming. You can change those settings if you like though according to Hyrb. You can start streaming at anytime by launching the Twitch app with your controller or using the "Xbox Broadcast" voice command.

The Twitch app will be loaded up in "Snapped" mode at default but can be unsnapped as well. You won't be able to use the GameDVR at the same time though.

SmartGlass will not be supported at launch though you can just as easily pull up the Twitch chat for your stream with a tablet, laptop or other supported device.

Some of the other details include:

Automatic archiving of Twitch streams is supported.
The standard Xbox headset chat can be used but viewers will not be able to hear anybody else from your party.
Chat and viewer stats will be displayed on screen without being displayed in the stream.
Picture-in-picture screens can be used to show video from Kinect and can be placed in any of the four corners of the screen.
Twitch can ban consoles if caught streaming something inappropriate.
Nelson plans to host more Twitch streaming demos through the week including a stream on Friday with a "special guest." No details on who that might be yet.


Here is the demo stream he did on Twitch:

Pretty cool. Looks a lot better than the horrible super-pixelated PS4 streams I have seen.

Seems as though the official update is now being pushed to Xbox One's... just got mine.

First thing I tried was saying the "Xbox Broadcast" command and it worked and opened up the Twitch app. However, it seems as though the Twitch app won't officially support the broadcasting feature until March 11. The command does work though.

Everyone else get theirs?



Xbox One will soon be Twitchier than the PlayStation 4.

The popular video game broadcasting service Twitch is bringing a slew of fresh features to Microsoft's newest console. An update next month will add the ability to live stream video games, join in on games with broadcasters, initiate game broadcasts with voice commands, archive game clips and watch Twitch streams broadcast from any device, including the PS4.

Previously, Xbox One users could only spectate Twitch streams and record game clips with the system's Upload app.

"It's complete integration," said Emmett Shear, co-founder and CEO of Twitch. "It's exciting because we've never had the ability to broadcast from a console like this with such a deep level of integration. The concept of being able to join a broadcasters' party is really cool, and it's another step in the direction of interacting more closely with broadcasters."

The updated Twitch app will also include Twitch's chat features and the ability for users to broadcast from their living rooms with Xbox One's camera-based Kinect system. It's scheduled to launch alongside the March 11 debut of "Titanfall," the much-anticipated man-versus-machine shooter being released exclusively for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

It's good news for Xbox One players, but what took so long?

The update is coming months after Microsoft Corp. rival Sony Corp. included Twitch streaming capabilities when it launched its PlayStation 4 ahead of the Xbox One last November. However, the PS4 version of Twitch — which Shear noted was crafted by Sony, not Twitch — only permits PS4 users to spectate other PS4s and doesn't allow them to easily connect.

"That's a very certain type of experience," said Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's vice president of marketing and strategy for Xbox. "For us, we thought that was too limiting for what our fans would want. Our fans really want the full next-gen service, so that's why we decided to take our time, do it right and have it come out in this fashion."

Twitch, which features one million live broadcasters and 45 million viewers a month, has become an ESPN for gamers. The service's live and recorded broadcasts include such content as comically narrated clips of games, matches from seasoned e-sports athletes, "speed runs" — clips of players plowing through games — and streams of everyday gamers playing online.

"This will open up the social aspect of Xbox One in a new way," Mehdi said. "The community of Twitch is huge, and this allows us to type into that, and frankly do something that's never been done before on consoles. You'll be able to broadcast to any device and consume anyone's broadcast from any device. It's a console experience unique to the Xbox One."

Microsoft and Sony have both billed their latest consoles as more social and interactive machines with no technological barriers to sharing live game footage because the PS4 and Xbox One, which respectively sold 4.2 and 3 million units worldwide last year, don't require additional technology like video capture hardware to stream content. It's built in.

Twitch said last month that 20 percent of its broadcasts between Dec. 23 and Jan. 3 were from PS4 owners and that more than 1.7 million streams have been broadcast through PS4 since the console's Nov. 15 launch. Shear said he hopes the new capabilities of Twitch's app Xbox One will eventually come to other devices, including the PS4.


Sounds good to me. Nice for people to be able to stream without having to buy a capture card and other equipment. And because Xbox One has the Kinect, people can broadcast themselves using that instead of having to use an additional webcam. Pretty cool.

I wonder how the stream quality will compare to PS4's quality which isn't that great.

The team is working hard to deliver some exciting updates in March that will make Xbox One even better. But in order to ensure our customers have the best experience on Xbox One and Xbox Live, we need the help of our passionate community.

Beginning today, Xbox is inviting select Xbox Live members to preview new features coming to Xbox One in a March system update and future system updates as they become available, asking them to provide valuable feedback before the updates are implemented worldwide. Selected participants will receive a message over Xbox Live with a code to register. The next system update will begin rolling out next week to those who will preview the new features. Once registered, participants will be able to test the early features included in the update and provide feedback on a private forum and can opt out of future waves.

Like Marc Whitten announced last week, the updates coming in March will significantly improve the multiplayer and party experiences on Xbox One. We’re counting on our fans to share their input as we’re putting the final touches on the new features that we plan to deliver in early March.

Thanks for helping make Xbox One even better. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the system updates whether you are participating in the preview or not. We love to hear from you.



Beta / XIM Commander
« on: 11:21 PM - 02/19/14 »
Any plans to allow XIM Commander to work with with the XIM4E?

I was just curious to see if it would work with the XIM4E, but when I click the connect button on XIMCommander.NET, the XIM4E shows a solid white/light purple light and appears to just freeze up.

So according to several sources on Twitter, the February update has begun rolling out on Xbox One consoles. As you might have read already, a part of this patch is Microsoft "making the controllers more precise".

Just thought a thread would be nice where people who have tried out the new patch can give their feedback and see if the patch has made a difference in how the XIM4E behaves. I still have yet to receive the update but will post my findings when I do.

Beta / Next-gen ST's are improved?
« on: 07:38 PM - 02/11/14 »
Just wondering what kind of improvements were made, if any, on the next gen smart translators?

After playing COD Ghosts on both 360 and XBONE, I can say that the One ST feels REALLY good and much better than it's 360 counterpart.

Beta / Xbox 360 controller shuts off if mic is removed.
« on: 10:47 PM - 02/09/14 »
Since there is no mute button for my setup I am used to just removing the mic cable from my controller when I want to mute.

Whenever the mic cable is removed from the 360 controller, the controller immediately shuts off and does not turn back on unless the XIM is reset by pulling the micro USB. Funny thing is, even though the controller ceases to function, the XIM itself remains working and keyboard and mouse still respond. It's just the controller that turns off (and mic chat ceases to work as well).

I think I used to have this problem with the regular XIM Edge as well, but it was pretty rare. On XIM4E the controller will shut off 100% of the time when removing the mic cable from the bottom.

Beta / Improved USB Stack?
« on: 02:25 AM - 02/07/14 »
Just wondering about the improved USB stack. Does this help with having more devices be compatible with XIM?

I can report that the mouse wheel scroll function still doesn't work on the Zowie line of mice (it didn't work on the XIM3 or XIM Edge either).

Not really a big deal or anything, but was just curious about whether or not the improved USB stack been implemented in the beta test or will it be implemented in the XIM 4 final product only?

Has anyone noticed that people die a lot faster on the Xbox One? Playing Core on the Xbox One feels like you are playing Hardcore on Xbox 360, people just drop so @#$% fast. I went back and played on the 360 and the connection felt like crap and people were once again eating bullets.

Anyone experience the same? Is it just because the connections are better on the Xbox One and the "dedicated cloud servers"?

And the graphics on Ghosts 360 are so freaking ugly... it's crazy. Everything is so blurry and jagged.

I'm trying to make a config for Black Ops 2 where I simply use my HIP speed for both HIP and ADS.

Basically, I don't want the ADS secondary speed to activate whenever I aim down the sights using my right mouse button, I just want a single speed for both (like with Halo 4)

If I remember, we used to be able to uncheck the ADS checkbox... why is it locked now? How would I go about disabling it? Really annoying.

Just wondering if dedicated servers on COD Ghosts is going to help any with this problem?

New season on BO2 and already getting DDOS'd. Same sh*t, different day.  >:(

General Discussion / Post pictures of your setup!
« on: 11:05 PM - 08/29/13 »
Not sure if there is a dedicated thread for this already... I looked around and couldn't find one. But I think it'd be nice to see everyone else's XIM setup.

Here's mine (basically pics of my PC setup as well because this the area where all my XIM'ing happens)  :P

There's my beloved XIM Edge on the left :P

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