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Support / Re: Question about upcoming games
« on: 09:31 AM - 09/17/18 »
Of course upcoming games will also be supported! :)
if you would like to see a less popular game being supported then suggest it in the forum, popular ones like CoD and BFV will automatically receive support once they are out
(game support is usually added within a week of the games release)

Shared Configs / Re: Fortnite Settings Great Stats
« on: 08:34 AM - 09/17/18 »
sorry but i will not give further instructions on how to abuse this mechanic, it is extremly easy to spot ingame when someone is spectating you and the report function with a matching text is just one controller button away
i wouldnt risk it, this exploit will soon be removed from the game anyway

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Switching from xbox to ps4
« on: 08:28 AM - 09/17/18 »
your sensitivity will probably be similar but not exactly the same
in order to have the same sensitivity measure your cm per 360° turn (slow mouse movements) with a ruler on your mousepad, that way you can adjust your xim sensitivity for the playstation to do a 360° turn with the same cm on your mousepad

if you have a new playstation controller (the one with the horizontal lightbar at the top of the touchpad) then yes, just plug your headset into the controller and set the playstation controller communication method to usb/wired
if you have an "old" playstation controller then either get a new one or use a usb soundcard that you connect your headset to, the creative soundblaster play 2 is what a lot of ximmers use in that case

Xbox / Re: Does it work on XBOX ONE X?
« on: 08:24 AM - 09/17/18 »

you are refering to the XIM right? It works just as well with the Xbox One X as with any other supported console! :)

Some games have practice ranges, eg overwatch, fortnite and battlefield
alternatively the campaign mode of a game will also work

find a relatively wide area with no enemies, then look out for a few object that you can try to aim on by either flicking, turning, while running, jumping and so on
yes the aim aissist on actual targets will make it feel slightly different, but that way you already have the muscle memory on your side which one of the tings that takes the most time to build up

General Discussion / Re: Xim Apex or Iphone XR?
« on: 08:15 AM - 09/17/18 »
the playstation usually only outputs 60hz 1080p so buying a monitor with higher specs is not worth it, you cannot utilize those features then
benq has great console gaming monitors for example

falls dein controller einen horizontalen lichtstreifen am oberen ende des touchpads hat funktioniert dein headset plus adapter ohne probleme, lediglich im playstation menü muss die controller kommunikationsart auf usb/kabel gestellt werden

falls der streifen fehlt und es somit ein "alter" playstation controller ist kannst du dir entweder einen neuen controller besorgen oder dir eine usb soundkarte holen an welche du dann dein headset ansteckst (zb creative soundblaster play 2)

der großteil an spielen unterstützt nur den xbox360 controller, bei neueren spielen ist der xbox one controller aber ähnlich gut

setup ist idr wie folgt
- controller an den pc stecken und spiel starten, testen ob der controller im spielemenü funktioniert
- controller abstecken und mit dem xim verbinden, danach das xim mit allen geräten an den pc anschließen
- falls controller/maus noch nicht funktionieren einmal die ps/xbl taste am controller drücken

nicht jedes pc spiel funktioniert mit dem xim, einige spieleentwickler haben wegen xim nutzern auch den aim assist für controller spieler entfernt

General Discussion / Re: Xim Apex or Iphone XR?
« on: 09:01 AM - 09/16/18 »
the pro hardly has any advantages over the regular playstation, unless its your first playstation 4 then id go with the pro for sure
as for someone who plans to upgrade from a regular playstation pro the biggest difference is the third usb port, the 3-10fps you have more per game due to boost mode, and the additional 500 gigabyte of storage
not many games make use out of the 4K and HDR feature, and then you would need a monitor that atm costs around 2700$ (low inputlag monitor with true HDR and 4K)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Devices for Xim Apex
« on: 08:58 AM - 09/16/18 »

the first hyperx headset will definitely work as you plug it straight into your controller
alternatively you can achieve the same with the sennheiser headset and the cable adapter that i posted

the second hyperx headset is a usb headset, here i have a concern that i cannot fully solve for you:
the playstation can only communicate with one usb soundcard at a time, since you have a playstation pro with a playstation pro controller your xim requires you to set the controller communication method to wired
this means your controller is basically a usb soundcard
there could be a conflict between your hyperx headset and the playstation pro controller in wired mode

if you want to buy the hyperx cloud 2 then i recommend you to create a new topic to ask for user feedback on that headset and how well it works with the playstation

Support / Re: No Connection to PS4
« on: 08:47 AM - 09/16/18 »

does your keyboard and mouse light up at all? (if they have led lights)

also, could you check which icons your xim manager shows in the top icon bar?
there should be your mouse, keyboard and controller logo
also does your xim manager show any key signals at the bottom when you press keys on your keyboard or the mouse?

edit: i got misted!

Game Support / Re: Sony Navigation Controller Support
« on: 08:43 AM - 09/16/18 »

the port 3 of your xim hub is reserved for the controller, which will do the authentification process with your playstation every 8-10 minutes
since the sony nav is also a playstation controller (to some extend), your console might try to do the authentification process with the sony nav instead
since its a ps3 controller this may cause problems

id recommend you to plug the sony nav in port 2 of your xim hub
are you able to bind your sony nav buttons in the xim manager to your prefered controller actions then?

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Sony nav question
« on: 08:38 AM - 09/16/18 »
it uses a usb to mini usb cable, the one you linked looks like the correct one
my sony nav came with the cable

Yh as long as you buy it new and not second hand it should come with the cable, I’m guessing mine was second hand then. Oof.

that could be the case, yes
nowadays the Sony Nav can only be bought on Ebay, but there are usually a few offers in brand new condition

yes that one seems to work, reported by this user:

(in general i dont see why the keyboard shouldnt work with the xim, pretty much all corsair keyboards work)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Devices for Xim Apex
« on: 09:16 AM - 09/15/18 »
Thank you for advise. What about headset with mic?

Depends on your console, in general the xim apex allows you to connect your mic/headset directly to the controller
(on a playstation a ps4 slim controller is needed, which is the latest version of playstation controllers)

if you would like to have a headset then go with sennheiser, eg the game zero or game one
also the playstation gold wireless headset for the playstation is quite decent as well
if you want the best audio then go with a stereo headphone and an external mic
for overall better audio quality i recommend a dolby audio processor for surround sound

Hello Od1n. Always in active, yes? Thank you very much brother. So i am good to buy hyper x alloy elite red or brown, then logitech g502, and sennheiser game one (i heard it so nice, i dont need maximum quality, i think sennheiser more than enough), but i cant understand one think about headset. I need to put it in my ps4 pro controller, i got it, but there is two cables, for mic and for sound, i need to buy soundcard or somethin? How it works? Pls explain

hey, there is no need for a soundcard
the audio port on your playstation pro controller is basically a 2 in 1 connector that combines the two cables of your sennheiser (mic + sound)
so all you need is an adapter that turns your 2x cables into a 1x cable :) (in basic words)

here you have a link to such a cable, there are ofc also cheaper y adapter alternatives:

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