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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM3 color vote!!!!!!
« on: 06:24 PM - 03/04/10 »
LCD on a XIM....man I leave for a few months come back and XIM is all fancy pants!

General Discussion / Re: How do you..
« on: 05:07 PM - 12/29/09 »

The net coding on WAW is lame. There is no fail over of any kind should a connection to a host go down. I never play WAW anyway as I never really liked it. I much prefer COD 4 over WAW anyday.

I have not been on here in months. I need to re work all my configs since the new software is out, or do I? If it's automatic then maybe not? Hmm.

turn out it was my ximconfiguration. i was able to run that app and not it plays a LOT better but I now see what you guys are saying about this acceleration!!! gggrrrrrr  i hate how you slide your mouse at a steady pace but it speeds up on its own :(

Yes, this is a plague with alot of games. L4D is typical of what alot of xb360 games do, some are worse than others. L4d is much much better to play with than say, Far Cry 2. Some games feel great like COD4/WAW and other games like Halo 3 feel really good too, although not as good as COD.

I swear, if every dev just used COD as a template for controls, I would be in heaven.

lol nooo it got taken down

What happened? Why? Why?

General Discussion / Re: Meet Your Soulmate!
« on: 12:00 PM - 03/18/09 »
That was pretty lame.

General Discussion / Re: Anyone here into cars?
« on: 11:59 AM - 03/18/09 »
Vette engine in a miata. Talk about a sleeper car on the line. "Hey you want to race?" Then you turn on the car and it sounds like a 4000 pound cougar purring. Oh ya who wants some!

General Discussion / Re: Got into USC Film School!
« on: 11:56 AM - 03/18/09 »

Thought I'd share the good news.  I'm gonna be going to USC for my MFA in Film Production (assuming I don't get into the others or don't choose one of them instead).  Yay!

Awesome. I attended UCLA so that means we are sworn enemies now lol.

Thank you,
but I've been done differently.
I have the program "MoveInactiveWin.exe" download.
so that each window can be moved wherever you want,
 for example outside of the screen

Yes, you could do that. Back in my day when I was dealing with Xim 1, I loved the notepad and I could be very fast with it. I still prefer the notepad even on the xim 360, but slowly I am warming up to the GUI of Xim 360 config.


My advice is, you should connect the 2 USB cables DIRECTLY to your PC during installation.  If that didnt work, try to use other ports. If that still didnt work, try using another PC or laptop.

I cannot count how many times I have said this when they have issues with Xim 360 being recognized or having other issues (such as yours) with connection. It defies logic why things work the way they do, but I always recommend going directly into the USB port (unless of course you only have ONE usb port, then that is just not very r0xors) for those reasons.

Good to know this advice is still valid, I haven't noticed anyone else having issues lately, so the word is getting out. Enjoy the xim 360 man, have fun.

XIM 2 Discussions / Re: Bind The Mouse - Squeak Squeak !
« on: 07:56 PM - 03/11/09 »
I'll try at making one for AHK since I'm already attempting one that makes radial menus able to be used with a mouse wheel. You'll have to adjust the sleep times yourself, but that is easy.

Now that would be cool. I hate the weapon wheel in games that have it, be nice to just use the mouse wheel. The idea of the aim down the scope is a good idea too while shooting, but on some weapons it's slower than others so that would be hard to have a blanket setting that does it all.

I just tried playing COD 3 on a friends console, of course I was playing with a controller over there cuz he ain't got no xim 2! I could tell right away it was different in terms of COD4/WAW feel. Acceleration and some wierd behavior allowed me to give it one thumb up and one thumb down. It's better than most games, but it ain't no COD 4 I tell you that.

Xbox / Re: COD5:WaW - Tanks removed from hard core
« on: 09:47 PM - 03/10/09 »
I prefer COD 4 over WAW, just the feel of the game is better for me.

Xbox / Re: Looking for some Halo fans
« on: 09:46 PM - 03/10/09 »
I'd play but I need to know you guys aren't gonna run around like n00bs.  There needs to be a solid XIM MLG team.

LOL so true my friend, so true. I really like the team aspect of gaming, especially when pre set roles are defined and people stick to them unless they die of course :(. Games like CTF need heavy heavy heavy team work for the protection squad and the carrier plus others who are not exactly nearby but are recieving communication on where everyone is.

I haven't played Halo 3 in months now, but I remember all the call out spots. Hmm, maybe I have to hop on again.

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