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General Discussion / Re: My BO3 Beta Impressions
« on: 12:51 PM - 09/14/15 »
Drow, i think you and COD arent a good match, you should try dance revolution. Maybe change your tag to Mr.Fogle.

Or maybe, just maybe, i have seen the BS that we've been fed for years and woke up? Maybe if others did too they would finally put in the effort to fix the series.

General Discussion / Re: My BO3 Beta Impressions
« on: 02:12 PM - 09/10/15 »
Didn't like it. Same lag. Lagged to the point of having to reboot the Xbox multiple times. And then the game issues of completely freezing? I know it's the beta so I may rent it but when there's an afk and i dump 8 rounds into him/her ( the game only reg 5) with a 3 hk weapon?? I think it's another pass for me.

General Discussion / Re: BO3 Beta XIM XIMMER
« on: 05:00 PM - 08/16/15 »
We Need a Dream team rekt lobby after lobby

It's fun, then gets old fast. You find that you and you team mates are fighting for kills most of the time. 2 or 3 max XIM players in a lobby is just about right unless you are going for ground war. Then no more than 4-5.

It will never feel the same. If you search my old posts the answers I got were deal with it and get use to the new feel or you are SOL. Im a standard config player and for the life of me can't get the translators to feel anything close to what I like. Just try like I did and get with tuffrabit for some ballistics curves. Still not anywhere near close to what I like and the slow down during max turn isnt as noticeable. But its playable. And for anyone that wants to keep on playing on consoles with a m/kb this is still the best option

General Discussion / Re: May make an Xbone comeback
« on: 05:15 PM - 08/10/15 »
Have you tried BFH?

It's not really like previous BF games at all.

See I tried to play the beta for it. Well it would not let me sign into the EA serverBS where i had to sign up. That killed the game for me right there. I had to sign up to an external site that would not work. That pisses me off to no end. I wanna pop the game in and play. Not create 30 different accounts to play one game.....to me it's just like duuuude F this.

General Discussion / Re: May make an Xbone comeback
« on: 05:13 PM - 08/10/15 »
For personal reasons I am also looking to go back to console gaming and aim to get a XIM4 in the autumn. I still prefer PC gaming but circumstances dictate I go back to console.

I played Sunset Overdrive on a controller and had a blast. I tried Halo and it was awful. It made me realise how much I missed it though.

Does Destiny have any half decent kind of competitive multiplayer? Is Advanced Warfare as bad as the PC version? Just looking at what games to get.

Gabba i havent seen you in a while, mostly due to me not being on here that much too LOL. As far as the Destiny question i have no idea man. Looked like Halo 2.0 so I didn't pick it up.

Looks like a lot of the old regs still around.
Holy Shrimp sauce. Dude you have to add me back on the Xbox. It's been waaaay to long.

General Discussion / Re: Finally i'm back!!!! Online :)
« on: 06:27 PM - 08/09/15 »
Dude I took like a month off. Actually forgot all about that :P get skype so i can send them to you. Would be a hell of a lot easier

General Discussion / May make an Xbone comeback
« on: 02:47 AM - 08/09/15 »
Have been taking a break from the Xbone, and the XIM is packed away due to not having great interwebs and just sick of CoD. Before you say Battlefield, Imma say no. Haven't liked the series since BF2. If I do play the Xbox its usually something goofy or a RPG/fighter/something weird. With Windows 10 new Xbox to PC functions and now upgrading my nets to fiber. I think I may try it one more time. Been on PC for almost a year and the community is, well, lacking. There's really no communication and when there is it's usually me and thats just kind of a buzz kill when trying to play a game that requires team work. So I play a good bit of Minecraft. If anyone wants to play I will dig out the XIM in about a week and my GT is in my sig. Send me a FR and maybe we can get something going.

I agree with Dale, this is never going to be a thing. Never going to be implemented on Xbone save maybe a few Titles. Remember that game that the PS released that did it? Yeah me either. The thing here is the cap on console vs PC. Just because it works on PC the same script cant be put in the Xbone and it just works. So that will mean it will have to be coded for, PC, PS4, Xbox one controller and Xbox One MK/B support. Think of it from a devs standpoint. More time in the boiler room = more money out of their pockets and the longer a delay for a game to come out.

On top of that, the MLGs already whined about not getting kills when a player gets to cover...enter the wanted bullet we all @#$% about now. If they can break a game like that. Do you really think they will willingly play against a player that has better aiming tools, in their minds at least. No never going to happen.

General Discussion / Re: Finally i'm back!!!! Online :)
« on: 10:32 PM - 08/07/15 »
Welcome back Newb!!! Need to get together for some of that CoD sniping love soon ;)

The way I understand this and may have gotten bad info is you will not see a difference in cables until your connection exceeds the cables capabilities. So if you are over 100 megs get a cat 6. A gig go for the 7. All you are doing is spending more money for no reason. Think of it like a drinking straw. You can only suck so much through it because of the size of your mouth and suction. The bigger mouth and suction applied, the bigger the straw needs to be to get more beer into your mouth faster.

General Discussion / Re: Youtube Banner
« on: 11:24 PM - 08/01/15 »
Anyone else wanna take a stab at this?

General Discussion / Re: Youtube Banner
« on: 04:48 PM - 06/21/15 »
@stinkypete I sent you a dm

I will gladly take Fallout 4 mods "free to play" over COD timed releases and tourneys any day!

All MS needs to do is take Battlefront to MLG.

Fallout 4 mod support will be on PS4 also.
But did you play/see Fallout on PS3. Have fun with that.

And that has what to do with PS4 lol?  Same x86 architecture for both consoles now.  No Cell games (get it?).  And like Phil said, the more powerful x86 implementation is on Sony's side so... yeah... not worried. 

Probably gonna play it on PC in any event, but I digress.
I dont care either way LOL. Been back on PC for a while now. I just remembered all the crap on the PS side. Didnt know they upgraded, dont really follow Sony tbh. Nothing against them I just prefer the Xbox controller when I have to use it.

I will gladly take Fallout 4 mods "free to play" over COD timed releases and tourneys any day!

All MS needs to do is take Battlefront to MLG.

Fallout 4 mod support will be on PS4 also.
But did you play/see Fallout on PS3. Have fun with that.

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