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General Discussion / A qustion for anyone who plays bf3
« on: 06:27 PM - 03/18/13 »
Does anyone know about the no gun glitch and how to fix it. Its been a pain in the butt for about a week, everytime i join a game i have no arms , only a crosshair and i cant shoot or use any weapon. Even if i turn the system off , it comes back. I have reset my system to factory default and downloaded everything again but still the glitch comes back...i know this isnt a xim problem . Im hoping still , somone knows how to fix this. Thanks for your time and help

General Discussion / blops 2 codtv..
« on: 12:25 PM - 11/25/12 »
Takes forever to upload stuff to youtube.. anyone else getting this ?

XIM EDGE Discussions / New firm ware?
« on: 04:24 PM - 11/19/12 »
I was just wondering if the new firmware will come with any new features (i.e. Being able to bind your your aim and movement to a keyboard)

Just wondering what elese this update will do. Thanks for your time . And i can understand if this is underwraps untill full release.

PlayStation / Calling all bf3 players!
« on: 04:44 PM - 11/04/12 »
Hey im looking for more people to play bf3 with and who better to ask they fellow xim users, its not that i suck its because bf3 is a team first kinda game and every server i join seems to be stacked, im just looking for some people to help level the playing field and im sure if your having the same problem we can help each other out.
My psn is daylaroach send me a friend request saying u seen this post and i will add you. Thanks for your time sorry about the long read

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