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General Discussion / Re: Best Picture / Movie 2014
« on: 05:39 PM - 01/22/14 »
American hustle was a bit slow in the start but was good, but my vote goes to The wolf of wall street. It was from start to end intense . If you like money,drugs, or females it is a must watch.

I believe Killzone shadow fall on PS4 has no aim assist in game what so ever.

I think there's a little aim assist in Killzone, but that's perfectly fine, it still requires you to have some skill to kill people not like in BF4 where it's basically auto-aim... -.-

Bf4 aim assist isn't that bad, cod on the other hand is ridiculous! Ads fire, ads fire, ads fire done!

Bf4 has really high aim assist(higher then any bf game) it even pulls the aim for equipment on the ground (i.e. Tugs sensor).

The Xim4 or whatever it named should be optimized to 99.99% precision of mouse and keyboard. If this is possible, I would like to pay more money to get Xim4 (Even US$1,000 or more). I think Xim4 should have monthly paid subscription to encourage Xim4 developer to work harder to maintain 99.99% precision of mouse and keyboard to all games in Xbox One and PS4.

.. Is this a troll or what... U r willing to spend two times the worth of the console on a adapter? Must be nice to not understand the value of money.

If the dpi (cpi) goes up , you will want to lower the xim sensitivity . If you double the dpi try half the sense you use now and adjust as needed

Drop the ads and hip sensitivity its seems to be to high for that dpi. Try turning it down to 0 and increase it until it feels right.

Gonna try this , thanks in advance

Release Candidates / Re: Bf4 ST - RELEASED
« on: 12:12 PM - 11/09/13 »
Feels amazing, dare i say better then cod. Thanks a lot mist keep up the great work

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: CPI and sensitivity
« on: 01:31 PM - 10/11/13 »
I use a sensei i use about 4500 dpi and it runs better on my xim then on my pc.

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: XIM Edge Input Lag Question
« on: 02:54 PM - 10/04/13 »
I had a tv from the same brand , it crapped out in under a year , i can say almost 100% its the tv, they are made like crap. Then again this is just my two cents base on what i have seen .

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Whatcha using?
« on: 12:46 PM - 10/04/13 »
Im also using the logitech k120 got mine for 8$ at a small computer store near my house.
For a mouse i use steelseries sensei  but i would say go with what fits in your hand and has a good sensor. The best mice for xim are logitech g400 and razer abyssus. Hope this helps you out

Release Candidates / Re: Saints Row IV ST Feedback
« on: 07:49 PM - 09/27/13 »
I just played beat saints row the third using this st, after u play around with your sensitivity it works flawless, going to hit up saints row 4 soon , i hope the story is as crazy as the previous games

Game Support / Re: Dust 514
« on: 04:39 PM - 09/27/13 »
How long do you think before we get a finshed product?

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: I've made a transition
« on: 04:33 PM - 09/23/13 »
I'm playing on a PC using hack programs, it's fun ;D.
 I can not leave Xbox because there I get to play fair.
sounds like your a good player.

it it possible to use WASD and arrow keys for controlling a jet or a helicopter using the Xim edge.

I haven't found any clear answers. Simples yes or no. Is it possible to do, to use WASD and ARROW keys for jets in BF3.
This is what he asked. My setup gives him what he is asking for.

As for being able to get frags, i do not see or have any problems.  Been playing bf3 about a year and a half and had the heli and jets set this way for months, i have friends who only play on pc , come to my house and they had no problems.

In the game options change your jet setup to south paw.. This is how i fly and it works well
I use wasd for banking and up/down , space bar is throttle up ,left shift for throttle down ,left control for boost,i also have turn assits bound to mouse forward to help with the left and right. But this works very well . Gl hope this helps

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