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XIM 3 Discussions / Using Keyboard to Write msgs ?
« on: 12:13 AM - 07/31/13 »
Hi curious to know if there is anyway you can msg someone via Xbox Live using the Keyboard that is hooked into your xim ?

Like how you get the option " Push to talk " for your mic is there an option like this but for your Keyboard to be able to write msgs ? instead of either having to un hook from xim straight into your xbox or have to type with your controller ? hope you can understand what im trying to say lol....

General Discussion / Logitech g27
« on: 02:41 AM - 02/05/13 »
Hi this has probably been posted

i just brought a logitech g27 i tryed plugging it into my xim3 to play forza but it keept showing up as a "?" so i was wondering can you use the g27 on the xim3 or no? and if yes How ?
 thanks in advance

General Discussion / Quick question ?
« on: 04:58 PM - 01/08/13 »
could i use a wired ps3 controller to play on xbox instead of a xbox 360 controller ?

General Discussion / 360 macros for MW's
« on: 03:22 AM - 01/08/13 »
Hey was just wondering if there are any 360 macros out there ? and if so can some one help me out setting it all up ?

General Discussion / Razer Arctosa question
« on: 12:18 AM - 01/07/13 »
Does the razer arctosa come with a on-board-memory ?

General Discussion / halo vehicle sensitivity
« on: 04:23 AM - 11/08/12 »
Hey every1 so im alil new to the xim and its great so far but when i jump on a warthog and be a gunner i have to pick my controller up because when im the gunner it turns really slow with the mouse is there some kind of setting im missing or is this just how it is ? ( halo 3 )

General Discussion / Halo 4 Question
« on: 03:56 PM - 10/31/12 »
Hi i was just wondering if there are going to be any game translations made for halo 4 and also all the newer games that are going to be released ?

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