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Hardware Compatibility / Re: Love my XIME hate my mouse!
« on: 12:47 PM - 07/19/12 »
Crap, I just read that the G600 is working with XIME, is this correct?

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Love my XIME hate my mouse!
« on: 12:19 PM - 07/19/12 »
Can a moderator please move this thread to the XIME discussion board, sry I put it under HC by accident.


Hardware Compatibility / Re: XIM Edge Hardware Roundup
« on: 12:14 PM - 07/19/12 »
OBsIV, so far I haven't found a way to make the Aimon XB Elite work with the XIME. I know you're probably snickering right now lol... But you can probably add it to the NOT COMPATIBLE list. I'll let you know if I fig. something out though. By the way I truly enjoy your product and I hope there are no hard feelings because I own a competitors product as well.


Hardware Compatibility / Love my XIME hate my mouse!
« on: 12:07 PM - 07/19/12 »
Well finally got some time to play with the XIM last night. For those of you waiting to hear my comments about XIM vs. Aimon Elite you'll have to wait a bit longer sry. Anyways, I bought the G700 because it's so highly toted on here and loved it at first until I started playing games with it. It looks and feels great the 5700 dpi is awesome but the button configuration is just horid! The buttons on the side of the mouse are too close together, too high up and very odly shaped. I wouldn't suggest this mouse for gaming with a Nav controller maybe a keyboard but not a Nunchuck (my opinion). This mouse is going to the computer and I'm in search of a better one for the XIME. Something with side buttons that are spaced out a little and actually shaped like buttons. One thing I will say about Aimon vs. XIME, so far I haven't found a way to make the Aimon work with the XIME. Every time I plug the Aimon Dongle into the XIME it crashes. I tried the center and right side and with the Aimon configured for PC, doesn't work. Kind of sucks because if there's 1 thing the Aimon has over the EDGE it's thier mouse (with very conveinent button layout) and thier Nunchuck. Off to find another $80.00 mouse ugh..........

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: I'm Sold!
« on: 05:04 AM - 07/16/12 »
I just wanted to chime in and say that the community helped sell my XIM E as well. I was hesitant at first to shell out the cash, but after seeing how ridiculously helpful this community tries to be I decided to go for it. Still waiting on it to get here but I'm sure it'll be worth it!

Like I said, this community is helping XIM sell their products. YES, XIM has a great product but still it's awesome to see all the buzz around here and it's making a huge difference in XIM sells I guarantee it. I work in marketing and this board = priceless to OBsIV and team!

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: Just bought the G700.
« on: 04:52 AM - 07/16/12 »
I guess my question really isn't about button configs but more about where should I set my dpi speed? should I use more then 1 dpi speed? What are your pointer and scroller speeds set at and how do I use Macros?

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: Just bought the G700.
« on: 04:38 AM - 07/16/12 »
Yea I think the battery weighs it down a little. But I actually like the feel, maybe the weight will keep it on my pad when someone catches me by surprise lol....

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: Just bought the G700.
« on: 04:18 AM - 07/16/12 »
Right on, thanks Roads! This is what I love about this board, what did that take like two minutes for a reply, AWESOME! Anyone else care to share? I'd love to hear what you have to say about this mouse. I'm just getting started with it but man it's already the best mouse I've ever owned! But I'm mostly a console gaming guy so what do I know?  :o

XIM EDGE Discussions / Just bought the G700.
« on: 04:05 AM - 07/16/12 »
I just bought the G700 and I have to say this thing feels GREAT on my computer. Can anyone give me a link for best setup with the XIME? Or anyone out there with this mouse that cares to share? Thanks

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: I'm Sold!
« on: 01:50 PM - 07/15/12 »
I'm cracking up right now @ young padawan! The comedians on this board alone make XIM the right choice! Thanks for that! I know that you're both right about the EDGE based on what I've read. But I don't think I'll be blown away as much as you think. Right now I completely own gamepad users even with the Aimon Elite. Obviously there are things that are very attractive about the EDGE to me or I wouldn't be buying it with an Aimon in hand. I would be happy to lay it all out there for you guys and maybe I will do a side by side comparison once I get my EDGE. But frankly I don't want to piss anyone off (OBsIV and team) by posting that kind of stuff in their forum. I'm fortunate that money isn't a huge issue for me, now it doesn't grow on tree's around here but I can buy things as long as the Mrs. is happy. But you know she has to have the latest and greatest too, Iphone, Ipad, computer, etc,etc,etc lol....

PS - I already said "I'm Sold" and I haven't even played with the EDGE yet, Good Grief, what else can I say!  :)

And yes you're correct Publix you did only say "and I've never even tried the aimon" sry bout that.

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: I'm Sold!
« on: 12:43 PM - 07/15/12 »
But seriously XIM owes all of you a great deal of gratitude for all your dedication and support of thier product through these forums.

Nope, it's simply because of all the other BAD products out there! That is the main reason a lot of us, especially the ones here from the begging are always praising this product and OBsIV's and his TEAM's hard work and dedication. There isn't much he wont try to implement into the product if you explain it properly.

And they all strive for perfection. When you get a full days worth of gaming when you have found the right set up for you post back and then tell us what you think of your aimon product :D

Then you will know why we build up the XIM3/EDGE so much.

Hell you should try the XIM1 and i'd bet my bank balance you'd be more impressed with it than the AimON and i've never even tried the aimON.

Thanks for the feedback Publix but based off your comments there are a few things that I want to be sure to clear up. 1st of all by no means am I on this board trying to promote the Aimon products. I respect what XIM is doing here and I respect the fact that all of you so boldly stand behind thier products. I originally choose the Aimon because I liked the layout (thier own mouse with buttons and the nunchuck) and lets face it, that's cheaper then having to buy all the peripheals. I had never used a mouse with an Xbox and had serious concerns about it. I also didn't realize you could use the sony nav. with XIM (something they should probably promote more or come up with thier own nunchuck) I hate using a keyboard. I also didn't come on here to bash the Aimon. I also respect what they're trying to accomplish but you're right based off everything I know now, the XIM is superior for several reasons. But as you said you've never used anything else so it's not really fair for you to say that all the other products out there are BAD. Competition is good for everyone including XIM, only makes them more focused! Thanks.

Od1n, What can I say "I like buttons"!  ;D But ur probably right the G700 will surfice, I just don't care for the layout of some of the buttons on it, can't really wrap my head around how I will incorporate them quite yet.

naga mmo doesnt work, does it?
only the regular naga does
epic and mmo dont from what i know

Well I guess that settles it......... G700 it is! Watch now they'll find a way to make the G600 work and I'll cry like a 2yr. old!

XIM EDGE Discussions / Logitech G700 VS. Razor Naga 2012
« on: 09:09 AM - 07/15/12 »
As much as I would like to buy the G600 it appears to not be compatible! So I've narrowed it down to the G700 and the Razor Naga MMO 2012. Any thoughts from users out there, my EDGE will be here in a couple days and I need a MOUSE!

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: I'm Sold!
« on: 09:05 AM - 07/15/12 »
Congrats, and just out of curiosity does aimon work well with games that are not cod? You wont regret the xim purchase and there is a wealth of knowledge on these forums.

Thanks, and I use the Aimon mostly for BF3,MOH and Gears 3 believe it or not. I'm not a big COD fan sry. Gears 3 is a challenge for sure but it's do-able. I've read before that Gears 3 is the one game that a gamepad trumps a mouse. I have to disagree, it's a challenge and you have to stick to it but I'm actually better now with the mouse especially at snipeing! Was it a frustrating learning curve though? Absolutely! I've seen a few Gears guys on here and just a heads up, I'll be stealing your configs lol.... Also I'll be trying out the Aimon with the Edge (hope it doesn't crash!) I'll post the results later, I'm especially curious if the nunchuck is compatible?

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