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Any thought? Am I missing something? Anyone else have this problem? I canít get it to connect at all now.

Shared Configs / Re: PUBG Setup (20200125)
« on: 10:29 AM - 05/27/20 »
Hi RML, are these your up-to-date settings as of March 2020?

This is what Iím currently using.


Hip - 13 (Curve and 100 boost, optional)
Ads - 5.5 (curve and 200 boost)
OTS - 6  (curve and 200 boost)

What is OTS configuration? hip ads know these but what is ots used for?

OTS - Over the shoulder aiming.

Also, for my latest PUBG settings, please click on the PUBG helmet in my signature.


Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20200526)
« on: 10:24 AM - 05/27/20 »
So I tried your new config+curve, and also tried combining "long range" and "hold breath" into a single button for a few games.

The config and curve are great!  Very responsive and precise.

I still have mixed feelings about combining the actions but it seems to work well in practice.  I will try it for a few more games and maybe I'll come around to it.

One a side note, as is usual with your configs, I generally have to more than double your sensitivity (even though we're both at 12K DPI) but that's a personal thing.

On the whole, excellent work!!

Thanks jake5m,

Iíd suggest you use long range in a way that best suits you. As for the sensitivity, I use approx. 12in of mouse pad to do a 360 with hip if that helps. It feels to uncontrollable to me if I go any higher. I try to set all of my games like this, 12in = 360 hip and 180 ads.

As for the curve, I definitely like it with Hip and OTS, Iím still on the fence for Ads but it helps so much with recoil that Iíll probably keep it.

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20200524)
« on: 05:08 PM - 05/26/20 »

Thanks for the updated config.

The long range addition is fantastic. However, I found that I prefer seperating "long range" and "hold breath", thus having the option of triggering them independently. I use a keyboard, so there are more than enough keys to achieve this, although I suspect that it might be trickier on a NAV.  Have you tried it?


Iím good with it as is. I generally only use long range within seconds of pulling off the shot so it works well for me. And yeah.. I donít have a lot of extra buttons too, for sure. Iím definitely playing better then ever though with this setup, pulling off a lot of shots I struggled with before at all ranges. The long range compliments higher sensitivity overall for normal combat. Iím never stuck feeling like my crosshairs are too slow because Iíve scaled down for longer range shots. Iím not just talking snipers Iím talking red dot sights at all ranges, hit some really ridiculous shots.

Iíve also created a new curve that helps balance movements and controls recoil. Iíll add the curve to the op. But here it is. I remove all boost values when using the curve.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20200518)
« on: 06:15 AM - 05/24/20 »
I canít quite get the long range working with standard mouse and keyboard. Is there anyway you can provide a practical example for long range for a user not using the NAV? Iím not sure why, but what you wrote is confusing me since my configuration is much different. My A key is spacebar and when I use that Or another key for long range activation it doesnít let me ADS or when I hit the activation key, it stops ADS. My ADS is right mouse button.  Not sure what Iím doing wrong.

Iíve updated the OP with quite a bit of new stuff. I also added a better explanation of long range settings. Let me know if itís still not working for you.

As the title states, my IPad Pro doesnít like to connect to Apex. Blue tooth isnít finding it 90% of the time.

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20200518)
« on: 06:29 PM - 05/19/20 »
No curve?

Not for now, but Iíd never rule it out. The long range addition is working magic for me.

Shared Configs / Re: MW Advanced Setup (5172020)
« on: 06:27 PM - 05/19/20 »
I wouldnít call it placebo, and if it works for you thatís all that really matters. Iím still up in the air on final smoothing Settings as well. I may go lower then 4. Iím bouncing between 2-4 on ADS.

Shared Configs / Re: MW Advanced Setup (5172020)
« on: 02:56 PM - 05/19/20 »
@RML "IF YOURE USING A KB DONT FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR ADS ACTIVATION KEY (Iím a Nav user)." whats the ads activation/ deactivation for KB users ?

Whatever you want it to be, most use RC.

Shared Configs / Re: MW Advanced Setup (5172020)
« on: 08:59 AM - 05/19/20 »

1st of all I appreciate the advice about the MJFame config. After looking at it, I remembered it and I did trial it out long time ago. But I went a head and spent a few hours with it today in FFA and TDM.

Long story short it didnít work overall for me but did help me realize something I had previously thought differently about. But 1st what didnít work.

I couldnít get used to the smoothing at such high values. I had two real issues with it
- Ads starting feeling floaty (over aiming) at values above 5-7.
- I also had problems with micro movements feeling floaty and blocky with high smoothing values.
- Hip Also felt floaty to me and when I compensated by turning turning sensitivity down slightly then movements didnít feel on par for at Iím used to, less responsive.

There was a pro though that came out of this. You made me realize that Smoothing actually does cut through AA. I had previously believed this had the opposite effect on AA.

Granted I did not try this at 800 dpi. I played at 20000 dpi like you recommended and 1000hz.

My recommendation:
Iíd suggest using 500hz. And lower smoothing values. By using those settings I was able to fix the issues I was having with this setup. I personally liked no smoothing on Hip and a value of 7 on ADS.

However, I personally found that the best settings for myself was to add 4 ADS smoothing to my current setup on page one. This has improved my setup so I thank you for that. 4 smoothing gives me the perfect AA cut through that I like. I could also achieve that by slightly raising my sensitivity. But the smoothing allows for the same cut through with lower sensitivity, which improves my overall aim and micro movements.

OP is updated.


Hi bro! Whatís in game setting?

I use what mist recommends in the game settings thread.

Shared Configs / Re: MW Advanced Setup (5172020)
« on: 06:30 AM - 05/19/20 »
Yessir maybe itís not quite jitter but itís just sorta unsmooth I guess, still an awesome config but the smoothness I would say is superior on RMlís setup but I like the aim on this one

Itís probably the 1000hz on Xim thatís creating this for you. You can probably replicate the config but at 500hz. Or try my hip settings with MJs ADS 1000hz is best for AA cut through, but it comes at the price of jitter for some folks. But with MJ using 20 smoothing I wouldnít think jitter would be an issue. Thatís like some strong Angle Snapping effect there. Which is kind of what smoothing is, glorified Angle Snapping.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 1&2: Advanced Setups (20190801)
« on: 06:25 AM - 05/19/20 »
Brand new setup here with a new curve for better movements and better AA cut through.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Destiny 2] START COPY >>>

Iíd suggest you copy/paste this full Config then take from it what you want and add it to your setup. Or... do a lot of button remapping.

Fresh, you havenít seen this yet. Itís even better!


Hey RML, would you rate this over the setup you created a while back which had a ballistic curve that took mini steps up if you see what I mean. I remember you and I were raving about that one as it felt PERFECT in hip fire, as in like a PC setup almost. These new ballistic curves are an improvement on that you reckon?

EDIT: Found the curve I'm talking about - Curve 4 here: https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=39989.msg771973#msg771973

Honestly, if this setup has room for improvement itís with Hip and Sprint. I forgot all about that previous curve. I rarely play the game anymore, I usually just play it when I want to try and improve the gameplay, itís a challenge. I would definitely change the ADS curve though, go with my new one or most recent one. I still need to update the OP here at some point as itís nothing even close to whatís being used currently.

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20200518)
« on: 04:02 PM - 05/18/20 »

Shared Configs / Re: MW Advanced Setup (5172020)
« on: 03:36 PM - 05/18/20 »
This is intended for RML to test because he is an alpha tester. I want him to experience what I am experiencing and want his theory on the following. Test this please before making assumptions on settings when you have time kind sir.  ;)

I have stored your latest settings for future use since I am a firm believer. I appreciate all your hard work RML and wanted to bring this to your attention. I was getting frustrated with all the inconsistencies with this game Modern Warfare not settings. The game is still shot and needs many bugs fixed.

 I was browsing the forum and read up on MJ Fames config. I decided to give it a shot. I am not a fan of low DPI. I ran it for quite a while and it felt really good. It was consistent. I must admit there are no flaws with movement,micro movements aiming etc. Depending on how you set the curve can help manage AA, even at 800 dpi. I think this has something to do with the smoothing being set to 20. I mean there was very little AA. I can manage my shots easily and carry over to multiple enemies. You can increase and decrease AA simply by adjusting the curve in ADS. This works so well I am afraid to change it. I told myself, what if I can implement this into a higher dpi?

Very simple, I managed to recreate this config into 20k dpi and feels identical hence the dpi.

MJFAME 800 DPI  1000hz XIM/1000hz Mouse
HIP: 500
ADS: 500
Smoothing 20
Adjust sensitivity via ballistic curve editor

Using a mouse dpi Calc I converted the sensitivity
20k Dpi 1000hz XIM/1000hz
Smoothing 20
Adjust sensitivity via ballistic curve editor

Adjust curve to your liking in Hip. I started at the 60 notch "horizontal line" and decreased the value to increase sensitivity.

MULTIPLAYER I have this set to HIP 50/100 and ADS 60/100
WARZONE  HIP 52/100 ADS 60/100 For whatever reason when i carry over my settings from MP to Warzone they are slightly faster that is why my sensitivity is different.

I wanted to point out the smoothing. Why at 20 does it feel the way the way it does. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO FLAWS. For whatever weird reason at 20 smoothing it does not add AA or maybe it's due to how the curve is adjusted from HIP to ADS. I was never a fan of smoothing. I am not a XIM guru but what i see and feel in game is PRISTINE. Something I have never felt before.

I think people need to try this before they knock it.
Now this can be implented with any DPI
Using this Calc


Set your current dpi at 800 and sensitivity 500 and use this to set your DPI of choice. SET your sensitivity the same on HIP and ADS then adjust sensitivity via ballistic editor.
Make sure you set smoothing to 20. Important
This can be used on any mouse and any dpi

Note: I still use RML parachute config however with this setup no need for long range sub config.

I just moved on and back to PUBG lol... I'll give it a go though. Probably not till this weekend. I know the Alpha testers kinda debunked the whole MJ fame thing a few years ago when it surfaced. The theory being 50/100 was the same as doubling your sensitivity. I must admit though, there seems to be some variations between running such a curve at say 20 sensitivity when compared to no curve at 40 sensitivity. As for the 20 smoothing, I've heard the stories about it acting strange in the past, but I've never tried it TBH. I should have some time this weekend. I'm playing PUBG with some friends this week though.

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