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I literally haven't been excited about a COD game since MW2. It's been a steady decline in interest ever since and I've really only enjoyed (somewhat) BO3 since then.

But now, after seeing the trailer and the interview on Blackout. I'm actually getting pumped up for this game. So much so that it literally, instantly sky rocketed to the top of my wish list so fast I decided to preorder. I've never preordered a COD game before, EVER!

So I'll be seeing you guys in Blackout! If you're a Battle Royale enthusiast hit me up! (Just don't ask me to play common multiplayer modes, not happening, Boring @#$% @#$%!)


So this is a thread primarily aimed at players that are new to XIM, but of course, everyone should feel free to chime in. This thread is based on facts, however it will be heavily opinionated by yours truly (and probably others).

I've seen a lot of questions, concerns and have received many PM's on the forum in regards to the "Flashing Red Lights!" So I really just wanted to create a thread that if nothing else, I could direct others to without having to explain the same thing over and over. So here we are. Please feel free to ask any questions, express concerns or offer your personal opinion in regards to this topic.

I'll start by answering some very basic questions.
Q.) Why is my XIM flashing red when I move my mouse?
A.) Every game made for console has a turn speed cap built into the look mechanic by the games developer. The turn speed cap determines the max turn speed allowed by the game. XIM ST's (Smart Translators) are limited by this turn speed limit and cannot exceed it. Therefore, OBsIV added what I'm going to call an "Acknowledgement light". This acknowledgement light simply tells you that you're reaching the max turn speed in game by flashing a red light on your XIM.

Q.) Is the flashing red light a bad, bad thing... should I be scared?
A.) No, it isn't a bad, bad thing so please, relax, it's ok, I promise! However, as with most things that flash red, our brains immediately see this as a warning, a sign of danger, "STOP" or some kind of impending doom awaits! This is exactly why I didn't refer to the red flashing red light as a warning, but rather an acknowledgement. The reality for most games is that we XIMHeads want to get the highest turn speed possible with our mouse. If you're not seeing the red light flash, then you're not reaching the max turn speed allowed by the game. And, well, in most cases, that's just blasphemy! There are very few games that have such a high max turn speed that you wouldn't want to reach it. Battlefield and COD are the only two possible exceptions that I can think of. And even with these two franchises, I occasionally red light, especially in ADS mode. So, I want you to stop thinking of the light as a STOP sign and start thinking of it as more of a Base Line.

Q.) Ok RML, so how do I use the red light as a base line?
A.) Great question! You'll see many people go to great lengths to establish a type of turning system. Most of which are popular when it comes to PC gaming. Tricks such as busting out a ruler, measuring their mouse pad, etc. etc. I'm not going to discredit this process and it can be effective if done right. All I'm going to say is, it doesn't have to be that complicated and we're not playing on PC. Unlike PC, you ALWAYS have to keep the turn speed limit in mind no matter what system you wish to use to build muscle memory and consistency with your XIM. No system matters if you don't learn how to manage the turn speed limit effectively. This is what I mean by establishing a baseline. So Here's my advice and how I establish a base line to maximize the turn speed limit in every game. I'm sure you're expecting some complex system with lots of measurables and other mumbo jumbo that requires lots of time and effort. If you are, then you should stop reading now and count your losses, I'm sorry to disappoint. But what can I say, It's really not that difficult, sorry! Alright, Alright.. finally, here's what I do!

1. Assume your gaming posture. The last thing you want to do is set up at attention, adjust all your settings and then go slump over on the couch or in your chair to play. Get comfy and then start adjusting your settings, not the other way around.

2. STOP trying to play like you're on PC! Absolutely NO twitch aiming allowed! Twitch aiming (very fast movements) will not completely register most of the time due to console gaming's turn speed limitations. Very quick movement equates to wasted movement. Wasted movement, is any mouse movement that doesn't register on your screen. If your hand/mouse speed is exceeding your cursor speed on screen, then you're wasting movement. Wasted movement equates to an inability to build muscle memory. So stop it!

3. START learning to use slower consistent movements with your mouse to reach the games MAX turn speed limit. IMO - This is the only way to build muscle memory with your XIM and maximize your turn speed. So find a good consistent hand/mouse speed that you can easily replicate over and over (it has to feel comfortable to you, kind of a natural feel, everyone is slightly different) and then adjust your XIM sensitivity so that the red light is flashing with your movement. You should now be moving your mouse back and forth across your mouse pad causing your XIM to flash red, however, no movement should feel wasted. Your cursor movement should feel like it's matching your mouse movement. If you feel like they don't match, then lower or raise your XIM sensitivity until they do. If it seems impossible to achieve this via XIM sensitivity adjustment then you'll have to slow your hand/mouse speed. Once you've achieved this synchronization between hand/mouse speed, cursor speed on screen and you're seeing your XIM flash red, then you sir or madam have just achieved your baseline setup! Congratulations! See that was easy right? Well hold on there Tonto, that's the simple part. The hard part is that key word I used earlier, "Consistency!" Consistency only comes through practice, only through practice can you retrain your brain, build muscle memory and eliminate those PC gaming tactics that don't work well with XIM. And just to make things even more interesting, every game is going to be different because every game on console has a different look mechanic with a different turn speed cap. But if you achieve a consistent hand/mouse speed, you will be able to carry that across every game you play and compensate for the look mechanic via XIM sensitivity, allowing you to easily create your baseline setup.

4. Maximize your aim! Now that you have your Baseline setup and you're practicing your movement consistency. Don't be afraid to tweak your sensitivity a little up or down to help you be more consistent and accurate. For example, you may find yourself still panicking in the heat of battle and moving your hand too fast which is causing your mouse movement to exceed your cursor movement. In this case you may want to slightly lower your XIM sensitivity to help accelerate the learning curve and maximize your accuracy.

5. Remember, it's ok to make the XIM flash red, in fact, it's a Really good thing IMO. It acknowledges that you're reaching the max turn speed the game offers. The key to maximizing your turn speed is to ride the Red Flashing light without feeling like you're wasting movement. Also please note that this only pertains to when you're trying to turn as fast as possible. You obviously are going to move your mouse much slower for fine aiming micro movements.

6. A few tips and pointers. Most games have a lower ADS turn speed cap then they do Hip turn speed cap. So you're typically going to have to use a different sensitivity for Hip then you will ADS. DONOT compensate for this difference by changing your hand/mouse speed. Instead, change your XIM sensitivity. (I'm sure I'll add more tips here as they come to me, or when I have time, for now GOTOGO).

Hope this helps some newer members out there. And Like I stated earlier, feel free to express your thoughts and opinions.


Game Support / PUBG PTS Server?
« on: 08:56 PM - 08/13/18 »
Anyone else having an issue with the PTS Server. My turn speed keeps glitching and gets stuck really @#$% slow! Wth?

Game Support / PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20190801)
« on: 07:43 AM - 08/13/18 »
As promised here's my latest settings for PUBG. This games never going to be perfect. But after quite the test. I'm confident that this is about as good as it gets and is definitely the best PUBG has ever felt for me personally.

I had Four goals with this setup.
- Balance the sensitivity across multiple weapons and scopes.
- Improve over the shoulder aiming for CQC.
- Improve the driving experience and Skydiving experience.
- And... most notably, Fix the troublesome issue with Ads where it felt like it was really difficult to track targets alot of the time. Kind of like there was a dead spot on bith sides of the target. Then youd try to overcome it and way over aim. Ever experienced that issue? Yeah me too!!

So theres a few key points to this setup that are done within the game settings. This is subjective, however i spent quite a bit of time dialing in these settings. So id suggest atleast following the guideline. Im talking about scope sensitivities, and things like that.

I don't have time right now. But if you're struggling with balancing CQC with Long Range encounters then I've created a setup to fix this problem for you.

For now - if this sounds appealing to you, then follow the guide I've created for Apex Legends here.

This isn't as important with PUBG as it is with Apex due to the Sensitivity adjustments allowed for different scopes in PUBG.



Type B
RS 8
LS 20
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier 100
General Sensitivity 20
Vehicles Sensitivity 7
Aim Acceleration Off
Over the Shoulder 20
1x 20
2x 19
3x 18
4x 15
6x 15
8x 15
15x 20

Mouse 12000 DPI, 1000 Polling
Apex 1000hz, Sync Off 20190702 or 19 Beta Firmware and Manager.
HIP 64
ADS 36 - 1.25 x/y ratio - Smoothing 4
OTS 36 - 1.25 x/y ratio - Smoothing 4
I also use a ballistic Curve with Hip, Ads and OTS for added Response.

Full Setup Code:
Code: [Select]

Ballistic Curve Code Only, this curve is for Hip,Ads and OTS.:
Code: [Select]
  >>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Code: [Select]
  >>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>


General Discussion / Best Gamer Tags...
« on: 08:10 PM - 08/07/18 »
I'll add Tags to the poll as good one's come up. If you see a good one that I haven't added please nudge me to do so. I'll leave voting open so you can change your vote at anytime. I'll start with a few of my own, here's my top 5!

#1 - QRGASMATRON (this one cracks me up and is actually a friend of mine. A little back story, yes "Orgasmatron" was actually a machine used in a sci fi movie from the 70's that did have sexual intent. However, his tag was actually taken from a song published by Motorhead and refers to the god of war and has nothing to do with sex). Either way, great tag!

#2 - Alpha Male (Name says it all, I came across this guy in gears many years ago, with a name like that you'd better be able to back it up. He did, so kudo's to you Alpha Male).

#3 - SPLiTTiN WiGS (Just a great tag and made me laugh).

#4 - Chief SlapAHo (Sorry, but that's funny and I've never forgot about that guy lol..)

#5 - TuFFrabit (Just a great tag and a moderator in this community.. so there's that!) Yes I made it pink on purpose, obviously lol...

Let us know some of your favs. and happy voting! You must VOTE to see the voting results. You can change your vote at any time.


Game Support / So... about Fortnite.
« on: 11:06 AM - 07/30/18 »
I'm here to admit something that I thought I would never say. "I played Fortnite this weekend and ... I enjoyed it!" I have to admit, I've been a bit prejudice towards this game simply because I've had bad relations with an individual that works at Epic Studios. But I have to give credit where credit is due. There's more to this game then just it's cartoony exterior. It actually quite fun and is a nice change of pace game.

Yeah, I know... I'm EXTREMELY late to the party. But lucky for me it's a huge party with no end in sight! I'll tell you guys what. Now that I'm actually enjoying this game, I'm totally hooked on the BR genre. I'm really going to struggle playing any multiplayer game that doesn't include a BR mode.

That being said, this is the "Game Support" section of the forum. So I have a question for you folks. I'm good with the game, turn speed, Aim Assist, settings, etc. I'm good and I'll probably share my settings pretty soon (this week). Where I'm struggling is probably where every noob struggles with this game. BUILDING!

Any tips would be appreciated. I have some idea's but I'd like to know what you guys are doing. Seems that Pro Builder makes the most sense, maybe a few macro's for quick builds?

Keep in mind, I use a Nav and not a KB. So input from other Nav users would be great! But all input is appreciated.

Yes, I've searched the forum, but honestly I don't have time to read through every Fortnite thread to find my answer.


Game Support / PUBG game mech glitch.
« on: 07:15 AM - 06/12/18 »
I'll post a video when I get a chance. But is anyone else experiencing a glitch where the character won't turn after looting or returning from the menu screen. The camera will rotate around my character but he occasionally won't turn. I have to either ADS or chg the camera from TP to FP to unlock it.

Of all the devs out there that I personally hoped would jump on the BR hype train, Dice was at the top of my list!

Battlefied "Battle Royale" just sounds right. I certainly hope they don't let me down.

This game could and should be Amazing!


Game Support / PUBG Official ST discussion thread!
« on: 12:48 PM - 02/16/18 »
As the title states. Bring your discussion here. Iíll be posting my Apex settings here over the weekend.

Want to put out a HUGE shout to Mist for getting this ST done! We are very fortunate and a bit Lucky to be honest that he was able to make this happen. And @#$% it feels soo good!

Please see Mist's ST recommendations here (there is currently a DZ bug in the games look mech).

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you!!

Here`s my personal setup as of 3/25/18.

Full config.
Code: [Select]
    >>> XIM APEX [PUBG 120] START COPY >>>

Curves are to help control aim acceleration and smooth out turning/aiming.

1000 Hz. 3/21 BETA firmware and manager.
4000 dpi.

In game settings.
20 dz
10 Everything (you can adjust scopes to your preference).
0 Aim Acceleration

General Discussion / PUBG Player count?
« on: 02:19 PM - 01/05/18 »
Anyone know of a link for player count on Xbox for this game? It's pretty amazing how fast 100 player lobbies fill up. The games got to be doing very well overall. 

As many have said though, the potential is Awesome. For a game to be this broke it's Insane how fun it is to play.

If I could just find a @#$% vehicle I'd be Golden!  :P

PUBG 60fps on XXX... Psych

Thanks for the link breedmachine!

Get COD out of my Face!!

Game Support / In regards to COD WWII's look mech.
« on: 11:48 AM - 11/28/17 »
I'm having a hard time understanding what the issues are here. My AAA curve set works perfectly for this game, all you have to do is read and understand how to use it. You want less AA, turn up your sensitivity! You want more AA turn down your sensitivity!

If that curve set is too complex for you then take a basic acceleration curve (as mist has mentioned) like this.

It's very simple, just follow the same rule set. Raise sens = less AA, Lower sens = more AA.

Here's another very simple curve to make and use to help with AA. This is literally the grandfather of all Anti AA curves and has been used by many for Years and is very easy to reproduce. Thanks to Tuff, Toys and Three wheels on this one.

This is getting waaaay more complicated then it needs to be IMHO. There are some really strange curves popping up that literally make zero sense to me.



There's alot of concern about whether this game will be supported or not, which isn't mist fault it's on the Dev.

However, I will not rest until a working ST is found and this game is playable. We will take our rightful place as the GODS of Xbox Live and this game will be no different!

Follow the link above for my input on PUBG gameplay and please, come and join me at The Known Outlaws.


Xbox / Come... Join me!!
« on: 03:43 PM - 11/25/17 »
Dear fellow Xbox Input Machine Enthusiasts. I invite you to a simple club on Xbox Live created by yours truly.

"KO" aka - The Known Outlaws

All the popular games will be on the table. However, HOWEVER, The focus will be on PUBG which comes out on Dec 12th. I personally will not be playing the game until late Dec or early Jan (because I'm moving across the country people, that's why!). But, I would like to start building a solid group of Ximmers to wreak havok and destruction across live servers far and wide.

So come one, come all... join me and many other Known Outlaws across the land. Besides the day you bought your Xim you put on the jacket. You're a Known Outlaw to every one that knows you play with M&KB! To every one else, you're a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Send a request to The Known Outlaws or my personal gamer tag RockyMtn Legend. KO baby!  8)

See you on the Battleground!

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