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General Discussion / Respect for Mods
« on: 12:01 PM - 12/08/12 »
Just wanted to say you guys are doing a nice job on this site. It's got to be quite a load trying to keep up with this site now adays. It's pretty amazing that you guys get it done with just the 4 of you. Or atleast I think there's only four of you.



^ I say that cause I work for a beer company, not because I'm Aussie  ;D

(No disrespect intended to the Aussie's) The only guy I ever worry about my wife cheating with is that Outback manager with his cool @#$% accent lol... Wait that's not really funny is it?   ;)

Just curious if people are using this or similar features with thier mouse. I remember reading somewhere when I first got my XIM not to use it. But then I saw it mentioned in another thread and decided to try it. I've actually noticed a pretty big difference. With it on I can definetly follow straight lines much easier in game. Try it with a red dot scope and see what I mean!

General Discussion / Far Cry 3 IMO...
« on: 09:34 AM - 12/07/12 »
Here's my opinion and some facts about this game. I've spent most of my time with the Multiplayer because probably like most of you that's what interests me the most (longevity).

My opinion of this game is simple. If you don't like BO2 or AC3 or Dishonored or Borderlands 2 or you just have money to blow, then Maybe this game is for you!

I've spent about 12hrs. with this game and it's been a bit of a mixed bag for me. The Campaign or "Story" as they refer to it, is entertaining and fun. But it's also a little repetitive at times and at other times it is down right boring unless you like doing things like harvesting plants and hunting Boar. But overall so far the "Story" has been a fun ride, not Amazing, but fun.

On to Multiplayer. The first thing you should probably know about Multiplayer is there's only about 1000 people playing this game at any given time. Which is a problem but not the BIGGEST problem. The Bigger problem is the way their match making works. Here's an example for you. Say you want to play "Domination" it will say there are currently 800 people playing Domination, problem is there are currently 200 matches going on! You do the math, add it up and here's what you get - Really hard to find a full room to play in! And right now Domination is the only game type I've even been able to play. I can't even connect to a TDM. Probably because There are 300 people playing, 80+ matches and I still end up hosting a rm with NOONE in it and NOONE coming anytime soon.

Sooo.... when you do finally find a room here's what you get.

To put it simple this game is a rip-off from ALOT of other games, this sounds bad but really most of it is a good thing! There are similarities to COD with similar weapons AK47, MP5, etc. You have weapon attachments and perks or "Mods" as they're called. You can choose from the usual classes, Assault, Run N Gun, Snipe. You can earn ScoreStreaks although your choices are very limited. Some of them are fun like dropping poison cannisters on 'B' and watching the enemy choke to death lol... Then you have A version of UAV called "Scouts" which is actually more like VATS cause it shows you which direction they're pointing as well. The maps (I believe there are 8-9maps, which is more then I expected at launch) are all pretty similar, you're either running through small towns with very few buildings you can enter, running through the jungle or running through a cave or washed up boat. That being said they're relatively fun to play on and the Zip lines are a fun addition to multiplayer that can get you from point A to point B a little faster if you use them correctly. It's also hilarious to shoot people off the zip line or to shoot people as you're on the zip line. Spawns have been reasonable and I've never had someone spawn right behind me. However, like I said all I've been able to play is Domination. One thing I really enjoy is how they stole the knife kills from the likes of BF3 and Killzone. Knife kills take longer as you impale your enemy with your machete, either through the chest or directly in the face (which feels pretty awesome actually). Another thing they took from the likes of those two games is reviving your teammates. Thing is anyone can revive there own teammate so it isn't class related which I really like and It gives you alot of points for doing so. Basically, if you're downed you can mash the A button to slow down your death to give a teammate time to revive you or you can do nothing and die faster. You can always see where your teammates are on the mini-map to help you make your decision. The good thing here is Downed enemies can't SHOOT you. So really you can use them as bait for more enemies or you can simply Tea-bag them if that's your thing lol... You can also heal yourself if you're lucky enough to survive an encounter and be on the brink of death "Literally". If you're not on the brink of death then you will slowly regain your health. An example of this is I jumped for a zip line, had an epic failure and completely missed, fell to the ground which if it doesn't kill you causes you to fall to your hands and knees in a stumbling manner before standing up. I was nearly dead as the screen was completely red but had an option to hold the Y button to heal. I did so and my character holds up this mangled looking arm and twists it back into place, lol... Sounds a little cheesy but it was an interesting addition that made me chuckle a little.

As far as the look and feel of multiplayer goes. It actually plays pretty well with the BO2 config. I agree with something Mouse and Keyboard said. BO2 is great for Hip but takes a little getting used to for ADS, not bad though. As far as graphics go, well it definetley isn't up to par with BO2. Although the graphics are very good, the texturing definetely has it's issues. For example you will notice quite a bit of textures have blotchy white outlines that make you feel semi nauseated when making quick turns and such. It's not a HUGE problem but it is a bit of a distraction IMO. Also several maps playout in kind of a DUSK type setting which can make it difficult to see hiding enemies even on my 24" monitor. The caves are pretty dark as well which kind of messes with your vision when running in and out of them. There's a little too much contrast between light and dark areas in these maps IMO.

One thing that's kind of fun is choosing to punish or have mercy on your enemy at the end of the match. There are Alot of presets you can unlock to apply for the "After Match" party. It works like this. The top three performers on the winning team have an interaction with the top performer of the losing team after every match. The top performer of the winning team gets to decide whether to "Punish" or have "Mercy" on the "Prisoner". It's kind of a unique twist and can be quite enjoyable at times. For example we completely annihilated another team and everyone quit except one guy. So me being the Good guy that I am I choose to have mercy on him just to show respect for not being a doosch bag quiter. Then there are other people that are fun to Punish after the match (you know who I'm talking about). The only thing I wish they would've added to this is the ability to choose whom you wanted from the other team instead of just there best player. That would've been really cool and made it more Personal!  ;D

All in all Multiplayer is an enjoyable experience. Once you unlock the Bow and Arrow for silent kills it gets even better! The biggest problem is the obvious lack of people playing the game. Hopefully, they will fix the matchmaking so that you can't have 1/2 as many matches as you do people playing. If you have a party to play with then it would probably make this less of an issue so if any of you would like to team up, let me know.

I'm sure there are plenty of things I didn't cover so if anyone has questions please feel free to shout and I'll give you as many facts as I can and my honest opinion.

General Discussion / BO2 Theatre Mode fixed?
« on: 12:39 PM - 12/04/12 »
Heard there might be a patch today to fix this. Unfortunatley I have to work for a living so I'm not at home. Anyone know if it's been patched or when it will be? Here's all I've heard (or read).


General Discussion / The "ANTI" SMG setup for BO2!
« on: 11:25 AM - 11/26/12 »
Granted I only play FFA and TDM but this is the best setup I've found for me in BO2. I just Prestiged for the second time, which by the way I've never even prestiged once before in any other COD game and my current K/D is 1.42 in TDM. That may seem a little low to alot of you but I will say the last few days I've been rockin a 2+ KD with this new setup. For someone like me that's AMAZING in COD because I'm not a die hard COD player and I'm basically a Noob when it comes to this franchise. Anyways, if I can do this well with this setup I'm sure some of you can do ALOT better! Believe it or not I actaully came up with this setup partially based on what I used to carry into battle when clearing blocks and buildings in IRAQ. So here goes. I will explain why I believe this is a superior setup to the SMG at the end.

1.) You need a medium to long ranged weapon as your primary so pick your favorite assualt rifle. This is very important for clearing alleyways/streets/open ground/etc. I use the AN-94 because I struggle with the single shot FAL and I dont want to waste a pick ten on the select fire for it.
2.) You need a close quarters weapon as your secondary so pick your fav Shotgun (I know alot of you might bash me for it but this is probably the most crucial weapon in this game right now!) I roll with the 870 cause it's a one shot kill at close range.
3.) You should've allready guessed this because of my two primary's above but you need the "OVERKILL" perk. I have never used this perk before and never thought I would but now it's my fav.
4.) You need the "Quick hands" perk so you can seemlessly switch between your weapons. I can't stress enough how important this perk is with this setup. Many,MANY times this has saved my life as I immediately switch weapons dependant on the environment I'm in (open or close). It also allows you to keep needed picks as you wont be needing any "fast mag" attachments.
5.) You need the "Light Wieght" perk so you're not crawling around the map like a turtle with a bullseye on your back!
6.) You need the "Engineer" perk, I've read in these forums several times how people are praising the "Flak vest" and "Tac Mask" but why waste two precious picks when the engineer perk is better then both combined! Countless times I've run right past bouncing betty's (which are a @#$% in this game, Right?) and shock charges and stabbed an unsuspecting camper in the back! This perk is also GREAT for finding enemy locations because there are so many people covering thier @#$% with tactical equipment. The only thing you have to worry about without the Tac Mask is stun grenades and such and I would suggest that you don't see very many people using that equipment in this game so it's a wasted pick for the most part.
7.) You need the "Toughness" perk, we all know you're going to have alot of quick encounters in this game, you can't afford to have your aim bounce all over when taking rounds from an SMG (which everyone seems to be carrying around!) this perk gives you an edge in 1v1's and allows you to save precious picks by not needing weapon attachments.
8.) I've covered all the pick's I consider "Neccesary" above for this class which equal's 8 picks. The last 2 I think are discretionary. I really like adding "target finder" to the Assault riffle and "Extended barrell" to the shotty. But I also sometimes use an additional perk (which will cost you 2 picks to unlock and equip obviously) so I'll sometimes use "Dexterity", "Ghost" or the one to get Kill streaks faster (forget what it's called sry).

And here is my setup for Scorestreaks -

1.) "UAV", very important for obvious reasons but even more important in BO2 because you get those bonus points for team kills in TDM.
2.) "Hunter Killer Drone", I know some of you will question this pick so here's my logic. I have two primary reasons for this pick. #1 My logic going into a match is I want to get as many UAV's and Care Packages as possible. Since score streaks start over once your last streak is used I want to get threw them quickly and start working towards another UAV and Care Package. #2 this is the pick just before the care package and 9x's out of 10 you will unlock it at the same time as your care package. Now I can call in my package, equip my Hunter Killer and wait for the next sucker that try's to steal my goods! Several times this has saved my life and my package and I imagine it's scared the crap out of the poor bastard that got an explosive projectile hurled into their face! : ) Ohhh and it makes you smile EVERY SINGLE TIME <--- hey that's important right! Have Fun!
3.) Is obviously a "Care Package"!

Ok so incase it hasn't become obvious to you yet why this setup is superior to the smg, here's why!

When used properly you will always have a superior weapon to the SMG which is the weapon the majorities are using! That's right, I said it, SUPERIOR! At medium to long range the Assault rifle trumps the SMG and at close range the Shotgun Trumps ALL! The secret is "Overkill" and "Quick Hands". You have to get comfortable with switching your weapon for the situation. If done right you will beat the SMG everytime but you have to learn the range of your shotgun.

And incase you forgot the added bonus for this class setup is you have more fire power! Unload your Assualt rifle down range and then quickly switch to your shotty and take out that guy creaping up your @#$%! I do it on a regular basis and once again it brings out the joyful smiles every time! And that's the most important thing right! Have Fun!  ;D

XIM EDGE Discussions / A small Testament to the XIME!!
« on: 08:50 AM - 10/23/12 »
Don't believe that XIME will improve your game? Click on my Sig below and take a look at the History graph for SPM (Score per min) and Skill. If the graph went back even further it would show you that just 2months ago I was a 4000 skill player with an average 1 to 1 KDR while using a controller. Now my skills @ almost 15000 and my KD is up to 1.76 (which is dramatic if you consider in the amount of kills and deaths I had before I got the XIME [around 25D-27K thousand]). For the month my KD is 2.6!

That's Huge and makes gaming soooo much fun!!!

OBsIV = Mr. Awesomeness!!!

Others, please share your success story!

General Discussion / Top 5 banned games of all time!
« on: 09:05 AM - 08/18/12 »

I never realized Mortal Combat was the kicker for the ESRB.

OD1N, ever play "Carmaggeddon"?  ;)

Can someone please explain to me how to use /advanced to backup configs. I know it's not actually supported yet and meant for advanced users which probably doesn't define me, otherwise I wouldn't be asking the question. However, I'm a fast learner I just need a good teacher now.


It would be REALLY nice to be able to Drag and Drop Configs in XIM Manager. Or add something in the edit game settings that would allow you to not only change the color but the order as well. It's just nice to be able to keep certain games side by side. As is, if you delete one then want to add it again later you can't Re align the two without starting over (at least you can't as far as I know). Also, if I want to keep a config for say the menu's. I would like to be able to put it where ever I want in the menu's. It would be very helpful to those of us that don't use a keyboard and have to scroll through configs.

If there's currently a way to do this please clue me in.


Release Candidates / My Server, please use for testing!
« on: 07:41 AM - 08/05/12 »
I have a Server setup for vehicles and such (conquest maps) on BF3 for my clan. Just search for "Brutal Gamers" and you'll find it. Please feel free to utilize it to get more time on vehicles/heli's etc. for testing 802. If Admins enter the game make sure you tell them you're a friend of "Rocky" or you might get booted for camping vehicles. There hasn't been A LOT of activity on the server lately which ='s great for testing! It is a US (south) server just an FYI.....

I just noticed that if you're adding new configs. (for the first time) they default to a keyboard. So, if you're starting from scratch and using a joystick instead of a keyboard you have to chg. ea. config. to joystick. However, there appears to be a simple work around. After you load your first config. Edit it to reflect that you wish to use a joystick. Now when you load the rest of your configs. they should default to joystick saving you a little precious gaming time.  :)

Support / Problem with XIME
« on: 06:13 AM - 08/04/12 »
I think this is my own stupid fault but I don't believe I've read about this one yet. I accidentally unplugged my XIME while it was connecting to the computer but I've also unplugged multiple things from the XIME while it was connected to the Xbox on several occasions. My point is I'm not sure which caused my problem but here it is.

During game play random ports on the XIME will drop out. I.E the wired controller will disconnect, I unplug the EDGE from the Xbox plug it back in and it reconnects. But then a while later the Nav stick will drop out.

Anyways, pretty sure I corrupted my EDGE so I'm going to restore it to Factory defaults and see what happens. Sucks, but again I'm leading toward it being my fault for accidentally disconnecting during loadup.

I'm posting now for a couple reasons, #1 being I would like some suggestions on what to do next incase the reset doesn't work. And 2. I don't remember reading about this before and it's not covered under XIME faqs.

I'll let you guys know later how the reset goes.

A couple things you should know I suppose. I'm running the latest Firmware (I checked again after reset). I'm using the same setup I've always used, MS wired controller, G700 mouse and Nav stick. I use the cable that came with the XIME to connect to the computer and Xbox.

Wish me luck! and thanks!

Sincerely, The Idiot who unplugged his XIME during loadup!

General Discussion / What mouse pad do you use?
« on: 12:34 PM - 07/31/12 »
Maybe this was discussed in the past not sure but I haven't seen any post about mouse pads since I've been on this board. To me the mouse pad is an essential piece of the puzzle for smooth gameplay and micro movements. However, I'm not a mouse pad expert and I think it would be cool if people would share which one they're using and why. Currently I use 2 I have the "RocketFish" which I like because I use it for gaming and the computer (it has a speed side and a precision side). http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005RF4QK8/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_1?pf_rd_p=486539851&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B001719CMI&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=0RY0HVFD5RJ0527BGSG1

Then I have this little baby which works great for me speed and micro moving wise! http://store.razerzone.com/store/razerusa/en_US/pd/productID.169419500/parentCategoryID.35208900/categoryId.40946300

The thing I like most about both of these is they're very affordable and they work great with optical and laser mice!

General Discussion / EA or Activision?
« on: 03:00 PM - 07/29/12 »
Just out of curiousity, now that EA is actually pushing the COD franchise a little with BF3 which franchise are you leaning toward? I think it will be interesting to hear some thoughts now and then again after MOH Warfighter and BO 2 come out in a few months. I know I'm going to be on the loosing end of the Battle here but I'm pulling for EA. I love what BF3 accomplished and I think that if they get it right this go around with the Medal of Honor game Activision could end up loseing this war within a couple yrs. I think a lot of people would agree with me if I said BF3's gameplay (the look,feel and sound) are superior to COD. I think what really lacks in BF3 for the COD fans is the kill streak rewards. But if MOH Warfighter pulls this off with their combo of basically using "the best of both games" Warfighter could be an amazing game! Of course that's a pretty big if right now. Either way the really cool part is whomever comes out on top we (the consumer) reap the rewards. I love how EA's actually pushing Activision to up the anti though, they've been just cruising along for far too long (in my opinion).

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