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Shared Configs / Re: PUBG 4000
« on: 10:51 AM - 02/23/20 »
What about sab on hip ads and ots..and what about the delay on ads smooth trans and etc?

I use a Nav therefore SAB is off.

This game doesnít have a transition delay between look mechanics, therefore there should be no ads delay.

I do use an Ads deactivation delay, this is only because I use Right Click to jump in hip and right click to hold breath in ads. I put the delay in so I wouldnít jump accidentally after transitioning from ads to hip.

Shared Configs / PUBG 4000
« on: 07:43 AM - 02/23/20 »
For those that wanted it.

PUBG 4000 dpi setup.

M: Razor Viper Ultimate
DPI: X - 4000, Y - 6000 (bye,bye recoil)
Polling: 1000hz.

Common Sync

In Game Settings:
Type B
RS - 10
LS - 40 (Nav only, KB 10)
FRS - 0
MS - 0
VSM - 100 (140 if you donít have the Viper Ultimate)
GS - 20
VDS - 8
AA - Disabled
AAR - 0
OTS - 20

1x - 20
2x - 15
3x - 15
4x - 13
6x - 9
8x - 9
15x - 20

XIM Manager:
Sens - 16 (Hip translator)
Response Curve
100 Boost

Sens - 7.5 (Ads translator)
Response Curve
200 Boost

Response Curve:
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Full Config:
Code: [Select]

Q: Why the Response Curve and Boost?
A: Really helps with Looting and CQC without sacrificing micro movements for long range shots!

Q: Iíve tried so many setups, why try this one?
A: Because itís Amazing... Duh! (Seriously, If you like lower DPI, this is for you).


20000 dpi  :)

I looked into the swiftpoint z back when it 1st came out. I thought all the extra buttons would be great with XIM but at 4.1 ounces the mouse is practically a tank. I've since adapted my playstyle though to the point where I can use pretty much any mouse with the Nav. So the lighter and better grip mice are preferred.

Thanks for the mention though.

How do I edit  this mouse lol

The editing software is really easy once you get used to it. Itís just a lot diffent then LGS.

Bro just playing on this mouse I'm [email protected]@ raping ppl lmfaoo on my other game I play but haven't tired pubg yet

It should improve your performance across all games ďaiming wiseĒ comfort and control are a big part of the experience.

Also Iíve made the switch to a generic soft pad, I wanted to save my Vipers little feetsies as much as possible. Itís not even a name brand pad, my viper doesnít care, tracking feels flawless.

Game Support / Re: G Pro Wireless or Viper Ultimate?
« on: 04:33 PM - 02/10/20 »
Yes, the macros work perfectly on XIM. But make sure you are not connecting it wired for the macros to work properly. 
If you are looking for rapid fire,  there is an option to assign 'turbo mode' clicks, you don't even need a macro.

I haven't messed with it much because I usually don't use macros, but how did you get them to work?

I seen that in the settings too, but I never messed with it! I play apex legends, what increment should I increase Y value to combat recoil?!

I increase it by about 15-20% for PUBG. Every game is different though. Maybe use 5% increments until recoil feels manageable for you. Just make sure it doesn't effect your aim, at some point you'll start making eggs instead of circles. I found 20% is as high as I liked to go.

Shared Configs / Re: PUBG Ultimate Setup
« on: 04:24 PM - 02/10/20 »
So if someone hasnt this mouse we dont use it?cause i see Y 14k and X 12k..so what we are doing?

Settings are still Golden just compensate for recoil with in game settings or Xim instead.
Ok so i got a win..but i feel it strange with the tecoil not working with 1.00 and etc

Change in game vertical sensitivity until recoil feels manageable to you. I know Meteor uses 1.43

It's just a dock the mouse sets on.


Alright the wireless one do u have problems with the battery life??

Rated at 80 hours on full charge and comes with a really cool charging dock. Iíve never had any concerns with the battery.

Shared Configs / Re: PUBG Ultimate Setup
« on: 12:28 PM - 02/09/20 »
So if someone hasnt this mouse we dont use it?cause i see Y 14k and X 12k..so what we are doing?

Settings are still Golden just compensate for recoil with in game settings or Xim instead.

Shared Configs / PUBG Ultimate Setup
« on: 10:35 AM - 02/09/20 »
Iíve recently converted to the Razor Viper Ultimate. If youíre a competitive gamer, Then this mouse is worth every penny!

This mouse has improved my gameplay across the board, Im not the greatest PUBG player (I have no patience and constantly push). My KD has gone from 2.0 to 3.5 with this setup.

Hereís my PUBG setup and itís Fantastico!

Razor Viper - 1000hz. Y - 14000 dpi, X - 12000 dpi
XIM - 500hz
Sync - Common
Hip - 1.2 (ADS Translator)
ADS - 1.7
OTS - 2.0

Response curve added to All
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Aim Acceleration OFF
Sens - 20
Vehicle - 9
OTS - 20
1x - 20
2x - 16
3x - 16
4x - 12
6x - 10
8x - 10
15x - 20

Full code that includes Deceleration, Acceleration curves and Inventory Config.
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [PUBG Ultimate Setup] START COPY >>>


I loved the G502 button layout. However, with the G Pro wireless and the Razor viper out now, I just can't ignore the aiming benefits of these two mice. They are so freakin Awesome I rearranged my button layout, switched to a soft pad (just to save their precious little feet) and created an Inventory config just to use these mice. The G502 feels like a brick attached to a wire to me now. These new wireless mice truly are exceptional!

On a side note.. Here's what Arial combat looks like in PUBG, LMAO!


But what does the G Pro or the Razor Viper Ultimate have that the G502 Lightspeed doesnt? I'm not talking about the wired G502 Hero. I'm talking about the wireless G502 Lightspeed. Sorry I worded that wrong. The G Pro and the G502 Lightspeed have the same dpi and the same Hero sensor both with 1ms response time. Only difference I see is I like the G502 button layout better and you get more buttons. Or is there something I'm missing?

Forget about the Gpro, What does the Viper offer? The absolutely best thing about it is the Grip, weight and Y,X dpi independent settings. It feels perfect in your hand no matter the grip style. Itís a lot more comfortable then any other mouse Iíve used, especially the g502. Yes I miss the extra buttons, but Iíve adapted and itís worth it for the added comfort and aim accuracy.

Game Support / Re: G Pro Wireless or Viper Ultimate?
« on: 08:10 PM - 02/07/20 »
I just gave my Gpro to my daughter. I wonít be needing it any longer.

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