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Hi everybody,

I made a thread some months ago regardng wanting to buy a new headset and DAC/AMP and the advice I was happiest with was to buy the SB X7 and the Philips Fiedlio X2 headphones.

Everything for the most part is sweet, for music and movies I'm hearing things I never heard before from my favs.

When it comes to games and BO3 in particular no matter what I do I just cannot hear footsteps, well wthout using "Awareness" (Perk 3), but I do not want to use that because I'm confident most X7 users do not need to rely on Awareness when guys using an Astro A40 + Mixamp can without awareness already.

I Google searched settings for the X7 and it actually led me to these forums where a user shared some settings but the thread was in German/Dutch, I'm not too sure but it wasn't English.

I followed those settings and have shots I've taken to show what I configured, not in the photo's but a step I took was to set the Cinematic to Full (Maximum) for the SB X7. I am also using DD and SBX.

I was hoping some of you with the X7 could help me out, please, it would mean a great deal.

Here's what I had set up.

Thank you for any help or advice in advance.

Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a new headset only really for gaming, movies and music are not important here. A new AMP too if it's needed.

I currently have an Astro Mixamp and the AudioTechnica ATH-ADG1 but I want something better, that can allow me to hear enemy footsteps from further distances, reloads and even when claymores are set...

I had a few I was looking at but have no idea if my current Astro Mixamp would be able to drive the headsets I'm looking at, I'm all ears/eyes for recommendations and price would be based around the same prices of the items I have in mind, I can't give a figure because every country sells these headsets at different prices and these are affordable for me.

The headset I'm really liking is the Sennheiser PC363D but I'm not sure if my AStro Mixamp will drive the headset correctly/loud enough.

One of the other headsets were the; AudioTechnica ATH-AD500X (no mic but it's not the most important factor).

I just want something that would be better than those Astro's, TurtleBeach's and my current AudioTechnica.

I appreciate anyone who can help me out, clarity for FPS games really is what I want here. I'd love a headset and AMP combo that could even allow me to hear enemy footsteps in COD:AW and I know that would be hard but not impossible.

I'm all ears, thank you.

Hi guys,

I use an Astro mixamp with the AudioTechnica ATH-ADG1 open air gaming headset but without using the Awareness perk, I cannot hear footsteps even with "Highboost" audio settings for the game.

Considering there are many tech savy people in here I'm wondering of how I could hear footsteps but also not have to use awareness. I hear Treyarch and AStro have some kind of partnership going on and the last time Treyarch teamed up with a headset manufacturer they created a headset that allowed footsteps to be heard in BO2 even without awareness.

I'd love some feedback/insight.

Thank you. :)


I do want to ask and in hope I'd love to see these two features come to fruition in the XIM4's not too distant future. Of course if they are theoretically impossible for the XIM4 then that's obviously understandable but at least one of these features has been discussed and I've even been attacked for requesting it before but I see a new direction developers are taking with core XIM games (COD/BF) and I feel we the XIM users are at a disadvantage to be honest with you.

To begin, and if I understand this correctly, the XIM4 communicates with our gaming consoles at 8ms (correct me if I'm wrong) for all consoles except the PS3 which is 10ms?

What I'm unaware of is if that 8ms is additional to the 8ms the controller already takes for the XB1 and the 4ms the controller takes for the PS4?

If they are addditional (meaning 16ms-12ms respectively) then wouldn't it be in everybodies best interest that we try to lower that additional latency? 16ms is 1 frame if not mistaken, in a twitch based game that can make a difference (imo).

The other question I was hoping to discuss and see what your take on this was, Call of Duty since the start of Advanced Warfare has adopted a boost in aim assistance for controller players, so much so that using the keyboard and mouse has become more of a struggle than it ever was with the older Call of Duty titles.

Considering the XIM is sold to a majority of COD gamers and as we can already see from the BO3 beta on the PS4 that aim assistance is even stronger now than it ever was with AW, this works great for those controller users, not forgetting Microsoft will be selling those "elite" scuf like controllers to a larger scale of Xbox gamers but it will put us at a greater disadvantage.

I was wondering if instead of "Steady Aim" which is a great addition for COD and BF gamers, that a slider be made that can allow us XIM4 users crank the aim assist to crazy levels, as in have that advantage that controller users will have as well?

I'm not asking for a "anti recoil" tab or anything, as I could see how that would truly be unfair even against other keyboard and mouse users lol.

If you think I'm being unreasonable then I'm willing to cop an earload to hear what you have to say on the two matters and as a long time consumer and someone who believes in you and the team's hard work I only want this device to be the best it can be...

I'm sure some individuals who gave me a hard time about the first request will come back and tell me how the feature isn't needed, but I'm not asking for their opinions, I want to get this across to OBsIV and him alone right now. I feel the XIM4 has matured and these features should be on a "to do" list someday.

Thank you.

Hardware Compatibility / Corsair K70 RGB & Nexus 7 (2013).
« on: 12:49 AM - 02/09/15 »
After checking the XIM4 Official Hardware Compatibility List I noticed the Corsair K65 RGB and the Nexus 7 (2013) are listed as not working...

I wanted to know if the Corsair K70 RGB was compatible as I'm contemplating on buying one.

I also wanted to confirm that my Asus Nexus 7 (2013) running Android 5.02 works perfectly fine with the XIM4.

Basically as the topic title asks.

I'm coming to a cross roads with the XIM4 right now and am being told on Twitter that the ST V2 will be the saving grace of the device, why is that?


Ok so a friend on Twitter posted the following link: http://majornelson.com/2015/01/26/xbox-preview-program-xbox-one-controller-firmware-update/?linkId=11969566

New firmware for the Xbox One controller for those in the Xbox Preview Program (which I am), could this mean there are some changes to how the XIM4 and ST's will work?

Should I update the controller?

•Quick Connect – previous controller connections to an Xbox One took 4-5 seconds when powering on a controller, now they should occur in ~2 seconds

•Stability improvements
– the firmware also provides a number of fixes that address issues submitted by customers and preview participants

To update your controller firmware:

    Connect a controller to your Xbox One with a USB cable.  Keep any headsets connected to the controller.
    Connect to Xbox Live.
    Press the Menu
    Go to Settings > Devices & accessories.  Select the controller.
        If you have multiple controllers attached, you can select Buzz – which will cause the selected controller to vibrate.
    Then select Update to download the new firmware to the controller attached via the USB cable, and the screen will show the Updating controller … progress screen
    When you see the Controller updated screen, press ‘B’ to go back to the Devices & accessories main page
    Reselect the controller, the Firmware version, should now be: 1.2.2236.0

Hardware Compatibility / Dual Shock 4 Question [OBsIV]
« on: 09:57 PM - 11/11/14 »
I always have my DS4 controller plugged into my XIM4 but am annoyed at the controller needing to be fully charged factor.

I was wondering, if I opened the controller up and cut the wire that connects to the battery, would the XIM4 and the DS4 work, would it stop me needing to have the controller charged or would it work negatively?

My XIM4 came via FedEx a few hours ago, was very happy to see it arrive, came from NV USA to VIC AU in 5 days (over a w/end), not too shabby.

Only really had a chance with it about an hour ago and there is something very wrong with this individual unit.

Open it out of the box and plug in everything as described with the attached paper, that is the controller is plugged into the back USB port, the Mouse on the front left port and the Keyboard on the front right....

Now I own and still use both the XIM3 and XIM Edge (it's still running as a XIM4e Gold f/w) and all my hardware works perfectly with those two XIM devices.

So I have everything plugged in as mentioned and I follow all the steps here: http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=34021.0

Get it all configured and everything looks like it's working fine, Android app has saved all my settings for the game and I start Call of Duty Ghosts.

When I get into the game, the headset goes nuts (static and other sounds) and the display just points upward and to the left and does not allow me to use anything, the XIM4 now starts making a rainbow sequence of Red, Green, Blue and it just continues to do that over and over without allowing me to do anything with the controller, mouse and/or keyboard...

So I thought, "I'll update the XIM4" and follow the steps from the 20140824 BETA thread. Not sure if I'm allowed to provide the link to that RC but I follow all steps and make sure as I connect cable to XIM4 that I hold the 'P' button down and the XIM4 displays a blue LED and I first Factory Reset the device and then it updates... The device LED turns yellow as it updated, is that normal?

So next I think to be safe I better unpair the XIM and my Android device and follow the steps from here again as I did at first.

Now I went ahead and set everything up again, had to create a new profile for the game on my XIM app (Nexus 7 Android tablet) and I start up a game again, now the audio on the headset seems fixed and I'm thinking everything's going to be alright, but again as I select a loadout in COD Ghosts, the mouse again points upward and to the left like before and nothing can be controlled, also like the first time, I have rainbow LEDs non stop and nothing can be done (no control of anything).

I unplug everything whilst in game and replug starting with controller (and it works), mouse (and it lights up) and keyboard (which also lights up) but the XIM4 itself is now running a White LED.

What's actually happening, can someone help me out please?

XIM 4 Discussions / Advanced Warfare XIM4 Question
« on: 06:39 AM - 08/17/14 »

Taken from settings screen in COD:AW, notice the ‘Aim Assist Rotation’ and ‘Aim Assist Slowdown’, any idea what this could be and will it effect those using XIM4 does anyone think?

Any ideas OBsIV?

Beta / PS4 - BF HARDLINE BETA Reommendations?
« on: 01:30 AM - 06/12/14 »
Was wondering if anyone can help with a ST I can use and tweak with the XIM4e?


Beta / My only current issue with Beta (XB1)
« on: 05:06 AM - 03/31/14 »
When I want to shut off the console I hold down the ESC (guide) key but the prompt to Turn off Controller and/or Turn off Console do not appear, the guide button feature works but will not prompt to turn off controller/console.

Also if I try on the XB1 controller by holding down the guide button, it also will not prompt me to turn off console.

OBsIV and TEAM XIM, like the title asks, will there be a time where the XIM4 may reduce input lag to lower than the current 8ms it takes for the device to communicate/translate input via mouse and keyboard?

Perhaps it's something that could be worked on later in time once everything else is sorted?

Beta / Any news on XIM4E Beta 20140217?
« on: 08:44 AM - 02/17/14 »
I'm desperate for chat pass thru.

Beta / My XIM4e Feedback
« on: 12:29 PM - 02/16/14 »
I got myself the Orico BTA-403 BT adapter and XIM4 Manager works perfectly on my Windows 8.1 Pro w/ WMC Edition PC.

Ironically it's an Asus P9X79Pro motherboard with embedded Asus BT and the Orico in the Edge works fine, no issues at all, not a single issue.

Of course, problems like the guide button not registering and chat pass thru are universal and not tied to our hardware but all is sweet right now.

Using the Steelseries Rival Mouse (all buttons work), Logitech G105 keyboard (supposedly not supported by XIM3 or Edge but always worked for me) and XB1 controller. USB Hub is a ghetto 3 port I took from a laptop cooler unit that had an embedded USB hub lol

Whilst I may not have followed the guidelines, everything is working perfectly.

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