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Putting the aesthetic choices aside, my only other gripe with it is not having both wired and wireless modes, like the Logitech G700 and similar mice have... I think they should have given us that option instead of making it wired only. Other than that, I quite like it.

I don't know if it'll help, but... maybe check out The Official XIM "Post Your Setup Pics" Thread if you want some ideas to improve your battle station.

General Discussion / Re: K&M support for Xbox One
« on: 10:57 PM - 06/16/16 »
This would be amazing if they forced it. Scorpio with mandatory mouse and keyboard support. Crossplay can suck it. I don't want to play with pc users.
Why, because you don't want to get mixed in with arse hats that resort to using hacks? Then just stick to private lobbies when you do cross-play. It's not hard to set them up, and all you need to do is stick with people you know without a doubt are not playing with any kind of hacks to give them a ridiculously unfair advantage.

In the event that you do come across a random in pubs that you believe is using hacks (and have evidence to back it) then just report them, spread the word to everyone you know... though it doesn't matter where you go, you're always likely to run into people that get a kick out of being total dicks and just want to ruin other people's day.

Saying that I can't/shouldn't play the same game on my PC with friends who're on a different platform because some people don't like PC's for whatever reason, is like saying I can't/shouldn't make calls or txt from my Android phone to anyone that has (for example) an iPhone because some people don't like Android. Do you see how dumb that sounds?

General Discussion / Re: K&M support for Xbox One
« on: 05:41 PM - 06/15/16 »
At the very least, it will make typing msgs a breeze with our keyboards.

Game Support / Re: Halo 5 ads toggle
« on: 02:27 AM - 06/04/16 »
This is easily one of the worst ideas 343i have conjured up for H5, along with many other things (sprint in particular). Why are they separating hold and toggle functions for zoom? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Well I won't blame you for not seeing the practicality... but at least have a toggle option for the walk function. Having only "Hold to walk" just isn't good enough.

I'm not saying "try to boost normal speed above what the game allows" because I already know that's impossible... I'm saying have an option to throttle base movement to 50% by default, and then bind a key (hold/toggle) to enable 100% base movement. Think of it as sprint but without the animation that stops you firing your gun. This would be intended for certain modes that don't utilize the in-game sprint action to still have two movement speeds.

Ok, put aside the games sprint action because this has nothing to do with it. What I mean is to essentially throttle the base movement speed to what XIM makes it when holding the key you assign to "Walk" in the Keyboard menu. Then instead of "Walk" have "Run", so you bind a key to hold/toggle top speed on base movement.

Wouldn't that mean not having the default middle speed?
The "middle" speed would be the pseudo top-speed, then toggle/hold key to switch between middle and actual top-speed.

Hold / Toggle to Run is already possible
Not talking about in-game sprint mechanics...

as is Hold to Walk
I'm aware that "hold to Walk" is possible...

But move "normally" is not bindable to anything if you over-ride that speed with Walk.
Not sure where you're going with that last sentence, but going back to the whole point of this discussion... think of the existing "walk" bind as being inverted. What I desire is a sprint action that behaves much like how was back on the original Doom, because Gameplay > Immersion.

In the config settings, we can bind a key to (when held) make us "walk", so to speak.

Now, could we have the option to set this walk speed as default, and bind a key to make us "run" instead? Having a "hold/toggle" option would be fantastic as well toggle walk? I think there would need to be some minor adjustments to player speed in custom game mode options to make this more effective, but this isn't much of a problem.

The reason I bring this up is mainly because I'm fed up with how sprinting mechanics behave in arena shooters these days (sacrificing shooting guns for faster movement)... the biggest offender (I believe) is Halo. I can see this being an excellent feature, allowing us to switch between slow and fast movement on shooters with arena gameplay (Doom, Halo etc.) especially when using keyboard-type peripherals.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech G700s and G900
« on: 09:34 PM - 05/27/16 »
If you do go with the g700s make sure to replace it with one of the newer eneloop batteries, the old stock ones they ship with suck.
How does one get their hands on these newer batteries?

Hmmm... yep..... I think I'm done with xbox now.


Game Support / Re: Halo 5's Aiming System (UPDATED)
« on: 01:20 AM - 04/20/16 »

Well, aiming for body shots to drop shields, followed by the headshot will likely be more consistent. You will have a larger target area when aiming for the body, so it makes sense doing this.

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