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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Are turn keys possible?
« on: 02:43 AM - 04/22/12 »
Ok, so I just tested out the theory of binding the right thumbstick to "keyboard" whilst piloting a Banshee in Reach. This achieved constant turning flawlessly... however, it still left me with the desire to use the mouse for precision aiming which was disappointing, so I believe having the addition of turn+tilt keys will be more practical.

Maybe this could be achieved by a way of binding the mouse & keyboard to a single thumbstick simultaneously.  This would allow us to assign "turn" keys, while keeping aim control with the mouse as well.

Does that sound plausible?

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: mouse ,what one do you use ?
« on: 12:11 AM - 04/22/12 »
I'm rock'n the Cooler Master Storm Sentinel (Z3RO-G model)... works beautifully with the XIM3. I didn't have to change any of the settings on the software to get it working properly either, it's just plug-&-play baby!

I'd recommend getting yourself either a Storm Sentinel, or the Logitech G700 <- They look pretty sexy.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Are turn keys possible?
« on: 04:47 AM - 04/20/12 »
Have you guys voted yet for this feature to be added?

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Are turn keys possible?
« on: 06:38 AM - 04/19/12 »
Nice idea. I could definitely see myself using "turn keys" very frequently in Halo, especially when driving/piloting vehicles. It would definitely make things much easier.

Also, being able to switch between configs for changing sensitivities is nice... but I believe turn keys will be better in the long run, as you won't feel the need to move your mouse around as often.

If this hasn't yet been implemented, I would love to see it done soon.

The Logitech G510 keyboard & Cooler Master Storm Sentinel mouse are both excellent choices. I've been using these on my PC for a while now, and I'm very happy with them... they also go well with the XIM3.

If you're looking for a decent keyboard & mouse at a reasonable price, I'd recommend getting these.

If you're after a decent screen for gaming, BenQ is your friend.
You can pick one up for a reasonable price if you know where to look.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Hurry up Mr FEDEX!
« on: 05:24 AM - 04/12/12 »
Hello & welcome...

You made the right choice in buying the XIM3, I have no doubt that you're gonna have loads of fun when you get it.

Hope you enjoy it here at the XIM community.

General Discussion / Re: Excited to get XIM3!
« on: 06:46 PM - 04/08/12 »
Hello & welcome...

I'm a new member myself, and just got my XIM3 recently. Been playing around with it a bit, and I must say it's absolutely brilliant. I was a little puzzled with a few things at first, but with the help of some instruction videos I picked it up pretty quickly. When yours arrives in the mail, I'd suggest doing the same (watching the videos) as they do help.

Although if you're still having some trouble with it, just ask around on the forums... I'm sure someone here is willing to assist you, and even I am more than happy to lend a helping hand. Anyway, hope you enjoy it here, and have fun with your XIM3 when you get it.


General Discussion / Re: New here...
« on: 04:32 PM - 04/04/12 »
Ah, Fifth Element... one of the most memorable films I've seen (Leeloo's so cute).

New here as well btw, hope we get along. Got my XIM3 as well, works brilliantly with my G510 keyboard & CM Storm Sentinel Mouse :)

General Discussion / Re: New member
« on: 11:50 PM - 04/02/12 »
Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

General Discussion / Re: Nexuiz!
« on: 05:46 PM - 04/02/12 »
Got my preorder on Steam for $9, but it doesn't unlock until next month... I'll have to play some other games in the meantime.

XBL Gamertag & Steam ID added.

General Discussion / New member
« on: 08:33 AM - 04/02/12 »
Hey everyone,

Not sure which section intros belongs in, so I'm just gonna post it here and hope I made the right choice.

I've joined the XIM community after purchasing a XIM3 recently which I'm very happy with (big thanks to OBsIV for inventing such a fantastic device), and decided it was best to introduce myself to you all. Name's Adam, but Pfeuff will do just fine. I've been gaming for quite a while now, both on Xbox and PC. Ever since the days of the original xbox, I've developed a passion for the Halo series and I have also enjoyed many other games, both singleplayer & multiplayer.

When I bought my first desktop computer I gained an appreciation for PC games as well, which I guess was the main reason why I decided to buy the XIM3. I've played games using both mice/keyboard and console controllers, so I can say from experience that the former is much more superior in terms of precision, though you probably all know that buy now anyway lol. Now that I have one of these, I don't have to worry about crappy controllers holding me back any more. :)

I've also grown a love for anime (and anything related), and have even started a collection of my own. I just wish I had the money to buy more though... T_T

Well I guess that about does it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
See you on the forums.

- Pfeuff

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