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Seems like the xim3 is still netting a premium. Might just throw mine on ebay for $100

Anyone still selling the modded DS4s for this? I have a xim3 should I just sell it on ebay and wait for the xim4?

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: CronusMax and xim3
« on: 01:40 PM - 12/24/13 »
So let me get this straight. Rather than let my $162 shipped expensive xim3 become a paperweight I can buy a $60 adapter to allow me to use it on an xbox one rather than buy (and wait) for a xim4 which will cost at least $150 if not more. Don't forget to add the shipping! Wait why is shipping for such a small package $12 again? Who knows.

Obviously the xim3 can be made to work with the xbox one but business is business and they'd rather make us all buy a new product.

So tell me again how using the cronuxmax is just a transition medium? I'd rather save that extra cash and not give my money to the developer who doesn't want to continue to support a product that obviously can be made to work.

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