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Finally got this thing tweaked and running. You must use the Belkin transfer cable. I tried with the dynex brand and it did not work. This is on win7 64bit fyi. Both pedals work 100% with full brake and gas range. Wheel deadzone can be tuned to your liking by changing the leftstickx number. Copy and rename the default config and add the following:

bind joy1 .leftbumper;
bind joy2 .a;
bind joy3 .back;
bind joy4 .start;
bind joy5 .up;
bind joy6 .rightstickpositivey;
bind joy7 .y;
bind joy8 .guide;
bind joy9 .x;
bind joy10 .b;
bind joyx leftstickx 7800;
bind joyy righttrigger -invert;
bind joyrz lefttrigger -invert;

edit: spring tension can be adjusted by going into control panel, hardware, right click "logitech wheel" advanced properties and set the spring center strength as desired.

Remap the buttons to your liking and here is a pic with what each (joy) button mapping is.

This weekend I will be working on getting my Saitek Hotas X52 flight stick working too...I hope :P

Holy thread resurrection Batman.
I  just copied your config file into mine and have managed to get my Logitech Driving force pro working for the most part. The only thing i cant get working is most of the buttons dont seem to work.  mainly all i need would be the dpad for navigation inside the game does anyone know anything of how the buttons would be numbered on the wheel?. Ive tried naming it the same as the logitech gaming software .
How did you figure out what the buttons where on the momo?

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