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XIM 3 Discussions / XIM3 worth trying to sell?
« on: 01:26 PM - 09/15/14 »
I have two XIM3s that I purchased a couple years ago sitting around collecting dust. Is there still people interested in buying them, if so how much could I get for them? They both worked great last time I used them.

Xim4 should be here tomorrow... I'm giddy  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Gaming set-up pictures
« on: 11:59 AM - 09/15/14 »
Thanks. I broke the first rule of posting.... ;D

General Discussion / Gaming set-up pictures
« on: 11:54 AM - 09/15/14 »
Hello Ximmers, long time Xim3 supporter that just ordered the Xim4. I'm interested in seeing where everyone else is getting their "game on", post up some pictures of your gaming setup.

General Discussion / Re: COD: Ghost
« on: 09:58 AM - 11/06/13 »
I don't mind the kill feed so much, but I wish it would show at the bottom of the screen if you killed someone. If it would just flash across the bottom of the screen real quick it would be so much better in HC modes especially, sometimes its hard to tell if I got the kill or just a hit marker.

General Discussion / Re: COD: Ghost
« on: 07:57 AM - 11/06/13 »
How about host advantage/disadvantage, has anyone noticed anything? I wish they would give us a better hardcore game selection also.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Call of Duty Ghost
« on: 08:59 AM - 11/05/13 »
Do they have the wonderful 25 kill streak back? I love me some MOABs.

15-20 minutes? Jesus you're going to develop blood clots.

5000 cops and a lonely housewife finds the guy. Ha

Configurations and Requests / Battlefield 3
« on: 05:56 PM - 04/14/13 »
Thx od1n.

Configurations and Requests / Battlefield 3
« on: 04:04 PM - 04/14/13 »
I finally got bored with Blops:2 and picked up BF3 and now I'm in search of good standard config. I've searched the forums but can't find any. Post what you use. Thanks

General Discussion / Can Anyone Identify This Gun?
« on: 11:14 AM - 04/12/13 »
Take it to pawn stars!

General Discussion / Which smart phone 2013??
« on: 01:57 PM - 04/09/13 »
Anyone had hands on the new blackberry Z10?

General Discussion / The Walking Dead Thread
« on: 03:04 PM - 03/25/13 »
Umm you are the one going full retard on practically everything you type.

Focus less on putting spaces on the cursewords and more on putting together a coherent sentence...just sayin.

Coherent sentences or not... he has a valid point. If you see a Walking Dead thread, and the latest reply is today's date, you should automatically assume people are talking about the LATEST episode and should therefore stay out of the thread... not very difficult.

Anyways... my thoughts...

These last few episodes have felt way to dragged out and slow paced... but the ending last night was pretty epic.

One thing I found funny is how they are going around squishing the heads of walkers like they are f'n water balloons. Makes no sense at all.

One second you have a guy using the bones of a walker as a shank, and then next thing you know the walkers don't have a single bone in their body apparently. But for these shows I suppose you just gotta turn your brain off and enjoy the guts flying everywhere.  ;D

Come on man!!! Everyone knows that walkers have a severe calcium deficiency and that has weakened their bones. Sheesh it's called osteoporosis.

General Discussion / 647 meter kill shot
« on: 02:12 PM - 03/25/13 »
Eh I am having huge issues it seems....

I can have a tank..in the open not moving..lined directly up and fire at them 4 times and not get a single hit...its quite irritating.

Lag Comp? Hehe

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