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Game Support / Re: Deathloop config for Xbox
« on: 06:42 AM - 10/12/22 »
I am also curious which config works and when there will be an official one. I am only waiting for that to begin the game :)

Game Support / Re: Elden Ring support please!
« on: 11:48 AM - 03/10/22 »
Upvote from my side!

The Halo Infinite Config does work better than the one for Cyberpunk but still not really playable. Call of Duty 4 modern warfare works a bit better, but still looking around is very stuttering.

Edit: Thanks for the updated CP2077 Config. Works like charm now!

Any news yet? :)

Do you have any estimation when you will have the new game config list ready to download?
We've been waiting for this update so long, I'm on fire playing it finally :)

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