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Yes, Iíve edited my post. Thanks a lot 🙏🏼

Hi thanks for your reply,

Everything in the link as already be done. Iíve been using the Xim since a year of two and never had issues with the color.
Iíve disabled the notification of max rotation in the xim manager but it doesnít change anything. Every time I move the mouse or press a key itís changing color (from red to purple).

Edit: Iíve tried to put it on 250Hz response rate and it doesnít flash anymore.
Feels a bit different but it works. Thanks a lot 🙏🏼👌🏼

Hi every one,

Iíve received my beloader yesterday and it works fine.
But Iím having a flashing issue while playing with de color.
My config as a red color and every time I touch my mouse or keyboard I got a purple color. Itís irritating my eyes.

Have you any solution for me?

Sorry for English, Iím juste a Frenchman 🤣



Il te suffit de dťsactiver la notification de vitesse et de rotation Max dans ton xim manager.

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