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Any word on this? Mine stopped working out of nowhere on the new map.
After I reboot everything itíll work just fine navigating my xbox series s, and fine on the warzone/cod menus. Once I get in a game on caldera it says switch input to mouse and keyboard as soon as I move,  then wonít work again til I back out to the xbox menu.
Can they detect them now?

Uh oh, that's not good.  I have xim4 so I don't believe I can change my level of SAB either...

Game Support / Re: Warzone Pacific might need its own ST
« on: 10:39 PM - 12/09/21 »
I'm like 5 weeks in of not even really being able to play vanguard since we're still waiting for an ST

Support for Vanguard has been out for awhile. We even released an update to it today based on lots of fee
dback from community members.

The first one didn't work for me so I've bee patiently waiting for the update. This is the one trained on 1.0 right? Excited to have it for the weekend!

Game Support / Re: Warzone Pacific might need its own ST
« on: 09:09 PM - 12/09/21 »
mw 2019 is no god vanguard is closest for me but still not perfect

If that's true this is going to be frustrating, I'm like 5 weeks in of not even really being able to play vanguard since we're still waiting for an ST, If I now can't play warzone then I have nothing left until this stuff is sorted out. 

On a separate note, lots of bugs with this release seems like.  As in more than usual as each updates breaks things lol

Lol ya, I had to figure out how to make mw19 work after the update, like every other time. I keep it around for gunfight and every update you have to add or delete random files and then sometimes 2/3 the maps won't load until you figure that out too. I don't get how this can happen more then once, there is prob so many people out there that csnt even play cus they haven't spent the time on reddit and messing around with stuff just to get their game to work again

Game Support / Re: Warzone Pacific might need its own ST
« on: 08:10 PM - 12/09/21 »
Has anyone played much with the mw19 ST? I haven't played yet but I've watched a few streamers play and they all say the movement feels the same and they've come out and said it's the same mechanics, so id assume the mw19 ST should feel just fine/the same. I wouldn't imagine you'd want to use the vanguard ST.

I just loaded in to test after reading this, got into a map of caldera and everything worked fine in the pre game lobby. Shot a few people and left before the game started.  Seems fine. 

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: Vanguard ST - Rework?
« on: 08:39 PM - 12/05/21 »
Any update on this?

Leave the mouse at 1000Hz, the XIM will filter out the overhead.

I think I understand twitchy now. Even at the same dpi and sens, my new mouse didn't feel right after my first night of actual gaming. It felt like I couldmt keep on target, as if Sens was higher but wasn't. Hard to explain. I thought word twitchy was like skipping. O guess 1000hz poll on this way newer sensor is giving me that feeling whne it didn't on the really old DA. Dropped it down to 500h and it feels much like my old mouse did as for as throwing around the gun.

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: Vanguard ST - Rework?
« on: 05:21 PM - 12/02/21 »
I was hoping to have it by this weekend.   I only have like 9 hours played... a month in.  :'(

For clarity, XIM 4 is 125Hz.

In regards to your mouse, the old DA probably has a laser sensor with acceleration. The new one is likely optical without acceleration and should feel more accurate and responsive, so you may need to change XIM sensitivity at the same DPI & polling rate.

Picked up the v2 pro tonight and played two quick games of rebirth, keeping the same dpi and Sens as before  and it does feel more accurate (don't think it was placebo), it doesn't appear like I need to make any slight ht changes - although I'll know for sure after more play this weekend. I left the new one at 1000hz (which I believe my old one would have been stuck at) and I don't notice anything feeling weird. Is there any reason why I might want to lower the hz to closer match the 125hz if I don't seem to have any negative effects?

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: Vanguard ST - Rework?
« on: 12:33 AM - 12/02/21 »
ShaneN-Deactivation delays,there is no such thing on XIM4.

@#$%! I wonder if the people who are still having issues are on xim4 then, although it seems like about 90% of us agree on the rework so that can't be it. 

Hey, no need for that! He was only expressing his opinion.
And I agree that CoDís MP franchise is in a bad place now. Activision has put so much emphasis on making sure that n00bs get kills that it has taken too much of the skill (and fun) away from seasoned players: sbmm, poor map design, OP weapons, bloom, badly thought out challenges, poor player progression, lacklustre kill streaks, unrewarding objective play, etc. etc.).

I gave the free weekend a go. And although I felt it was much better than MW 2019 (the worst CoD ever made, IMO) it was nowhere near as engrossing or entertaining as the OG CoDs, or even the jet pack iterations (which I also enjoyed).
Unfortunately, until peeps stop buying the game (or another Dev (Respawn?) comes up with a CoD challenger) weíre going to keep getting the same type of game each year. One that I really donít like and wonít be buying).

I couldn't have said that better. mw19 is the first year of cod I couldn't even enjoy, i literally stopped playing it fairly earl and played a second year of bo4, but this cod might not be far behind for me - although I hope it's not the case.  even cold war last year was a lot more fun (so far).  I just feel so average of a player in this one for some reason and I'm used to being first in my lobbies most the time.  And dont even get me started in the pacings, it's so broken and a stupid idea.  Just give me all maps or MAYBE 8v8 in some of the larger ones.  Hardcore already has a limited pool of people to play against, why split that amount of people into 3 smaller categories.  I HATE the blitz maps. 

I only play hardcore and I'm usually a mid 2 kd run and gun smg player and i'm stuck around 1.5kd in HC right now.  I find it hard to see people that are just laying down and actually camping.  There is also long periods of time where I see the guy as he sees me and he has time to stop running, aim, miss a few shots and hit me before I even get my gun ads'd (connection). It's been like that for a while but seems worse in this game.  Plus the nades and score streaks are so broken in HC, if you get the flame suite guy you end the game with him . And a thrown gammon (?) bomb is a guaranteed kill every time.  On top of it all, xbox's are still stuck on moderate for some reason when the rest of my cod games are open.  I think it needs a solid update and some balancing but I'm not sure why it's taken so long to get one. 

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: Vanguard ST - Rework?
« on: 12:20 AM - 12/02/21 »
yup change to gradual and add 224 delay on both activation and deactivation and works perfect for me.

wait... DE-activation delay!?  is this on xim4?  I always load up my new configs on a new cod game and leave the ads delay to the default 224. but I don't see any place for a deactivation delay? Where do I find this? Attached pic is what I see on xim4 when i go over to aim down sights and go to activation..

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Razer viper ultimate
« on: 10:41 PM - 12/01/21 »
I just scooped the deathadder v2 pro, cznt believe via much lighter it is than my old wired one from like 12 years ago. Might still get a viper ultimate to try a diffent shape

Edit: sooo just set up my new deathadder v2 pro to 3500 dpi like my old 10+ hear old deathadder and and playes two rounds of rebirth  i swear it feels more accurate/responsive/crisp. It's that just  the difference of a better sensor or placebo? Lol

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