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I'm an idiot, I see why you guys didn't understand what I'm asking now, because even if I don't update firmware I'm still able to select warzone for seriex x.  For some reason I thought the new firmware update was the only way to download a new ST if it's for series x. My bad.

Oh nevermind I can select it but it won't let me make one unless I update. So what's the verdict on this, old controllers works after new firmware for everyone except the dude I linked above?

I don't understand how this game can be 2 months old and they still haven't fixef what is a very obvious problem and that is grenades and explosives in hardcore.  I'll die 8 times in a gsme and 6 will be gammn bombs. It's unplayable like this. The eod perk only reduces 15 percent damage which is nothing when you only have 30 health. Then since they're so over powered and everyone has them (can't opt out for another attachment or perk like pick 10) now the whole map is just a cloud of thick smoke and excessive explosions and booms and other loud noise the whole time making it hard to see and harder to hear any kind of sound ques, in a game that already gives you almost no audio to work with.

I'm an idiot, I see why you guys didn't understand what I'm asking now, because even if I don't update firmware I'm still able to select warzone for seriex x.  For some reason I thought the new firmware update was the only way to download a new ST if it's for series x. My bad.


As far as I know, Xbox controllers are backwards compatible. Meaning Xbox One controllers should continue to work on XIM4 after the firmware update.

The thread I linked appears to say otherwise, but if that's not the case then I'll just do the update.  Me giving away my seriex x controller and stockpiling one x controllers is why I made the thread (after seeing the linked thread).

PC control schemes are much more complex than console controllers. Consoles use context-sensitive actions like "tap" vs "hold", or in-game prompts to define the context of the buttons. PC controls tend to bind separate keys or buttons for each action, which can get unwieldy very quickly.

Compact controller bindings is a large part of why I prefer to play on console, or to use a XIM for PC gaming. I hate using the "Esc" key to back out of PC menus when a quick Circle / B controller tap does the same thing...that's reason enough for me to use a XIM over native m/kb.

This is exactly what I was trying to explain /ask, it's too bad there isn't a similar way to do this. I was hoping, as an example, I could have R be reload AND exit vehicle, like it is on xim or controller. Whether it be having to hold the R key to perform the exit vehicle rather than tap/reload, or whether it only worked as an exit vehicle in a scenario where you're in a vehicle. I was hoping there was a way to do it that I wasn't seeing. I just don't think I could remeber and retrain the muscle memory to add on and change another bunch of binds.


What is different is the translation of mouse input to controller output, which is coded into the ST. If you’re on Series X, use the Series X ST with your Xbox One controller. You are NOT required to use a Series X controller.

This is literally what I'm trying to find out about this whole thread, and I feel like I'm explaining it clearly. What I want to know is, is the mechanic in both st's the same for warzone?  Mistt had literally commented on a past cod having the exact same mechanic no matter which ST you used, so it didn't matter what you picked (if I recall it was cold war). I want to know if this is the case here, because if not ill continue using the one x ST because... \/ \/

In another thread someone commented that when he did the latest xim4 firmware update, that his controller stopped working. In that thread obsiv said try the seriex controller and the dude replied that it does work only on the new controller. This is the only reason a controller is being brought up.

The thread ;


I assume this isn't possible?

I get that, but I'm still looking for the answer of: is the mechanic in new warzone ST different between one x and seriex x. In the past you've said it's the same for a particular cod between each (cold war I think) so it didn't matter which you used. The reason im asking is I gave away my seriex x controller and went out and sourced 3 brand new one x controllers, as I was under the understanding the seriex controller wouldn't ever work - so I don't want to update firmware and be required to use a seriex x controller to have it work.

General Discussion / Native mk/b binds on Xbox question
« on: 07:45 PM - 12/31/21 »
This might be hard to explain but using my xim in warzone, as an example, jump and pull parachute are on the same button. Then change weapon/open door (I think)bis one button and reload/ exit vehicle is one button. And more.

If I set up native kb/m  natively will I literally have to create double the binds for every example like this? Like will I have to now have exit vehicle it's own button separate from reload? Or is there a way to somehow make a bind have a secondary function so I csn keep it as close to what I'm used to as possible. I had a quick look the other week and it appears that you can combine duck/laydown but I couldn't seem to figure out how to do any other ones. If you can't, how do pc players even remember a sepeate button for every single fumction, let alone reach them around their WASD?

They fit their platforms mechanic. Choose the version of your console.

I can't, as I don't have a series x controller for my seriex x.  So they're not the same like you said one of the recent cods was (I think cold war)?

This brings me to another question, before this firmware update I was able to pick vanguard series x but now when I go into edit it shows vanguard and being Xbox one, even tho when it came out I selected seriex x. 

Is there a difference between the ST on series x vs the one x? I don't really want to bother updating my xim4 firmware because I gave away by seriex x controller (which I read I might need if i do), so if I create a config using the Xbox one ST for warzone (onky one available to me) will it be exact same on my series x?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 on warzone atm
« on: 07:49 PM - 12/28/21 »
Okay so if I want to update to latest xim4 firmware to get this new warzone specific ST, I now have to use the seriex x controller? I thought xim didn't work with the new controller?  So will my current one x saved configs that I currently use for mw19 mp, cold war and the current vanguard(downloaded from old firmware but listed as a seriex x gsme), will those still all work if I do this firmware update AND work using the seriex x controller?   Also which st should I be using for mw19 mp now?  And if I do this update will my configs get erased?

If I don't want to update firmware so I don't have to mess with what I have setup and change controllers, can I find this st using 4.00.2020.02.03 still?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Whats up with these changes?
« on: 02:11 AM - 12/18/21 »
XIM4 was just updated to use XIM NEXUS' game database system (so you'll see an Xbox Series" platform button now). As you are using a "Series X" Xbox One Config, this doesn't exist in the new system. It'll continue to work the same as is though.

Thanks, I jsit panicked cuz it looked like I lost my configs.

If I update to latest manager and firmware, will I lose my configs? I guess there is no need for me to do it until next year's cod if i don't play any other games?

Game Support / Re: Warzone Pacific might need its own ST
« on: 01:13 AM - 12/18/21 »
Caldera is still 100% absolutely inarguably the MW2019 engine, so either in adding the additional DZ and ADS values they messed something up, or the differences people are feeling are just placebo. Either way, they definitely did not port WZ to the Vanguard engine, anyone who has spent any amount of time playing WZ should be able to tell the subjective “feel” of the movement and animations is still clearly MW2019.

Same config (mw19) as verdansk on caldera and I had to turn down my ads hip and ads a couple points. So if. else, thar for sure changed. Has to lower ewsch by 1 number for each. Same feeling in mw19 mp.

XIM 4 Discussions / Whats up with these changes?
« on: 01:05 AM - 12/18/21 »
Just fired ip the xim4 app and it gave me a message saying continue or exit, hit continue. My vanguard config has no pic and when I go into edit, things look different  it appears like I have my config still. Will everything work as it did last weekend? What happened?  I'm on firmware version 4.00.2020.02.03

Edit: launched into warzone and it appears to work normal but maybe feel weird. Can't tell is it's cus mw19 ST isn't perfect for Pacific or if something got changes

Edit 2: if I'm correct, it appears my old firmware should work exactly the same and my seriex x vanguard config should still work (even tho it's missing the pic), I jist have to update the manager if/when I want to an an additional ST using series x?

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