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Although it has indeed become pretty quiet in this thread, I can tell you that apex_vip is very actively developing PSRC. Beta testers are currently testing V0.7.2. I can also confirm what adhpl9 wrote a few posts above: PSRC is working pretty much flawlessly. I have tested PSRC extensively with 1000 Hz on a Pi3 Model B+. But there is more to it than that because apex_vip is working on even more functionalities for PSRC. Of course, I have to leave it to him to announce these features publicly. And since he is pretty much a perfectionist, he only wants to release his software once it has the core features he wants and it is bugfree (I know: game developers and the gaming industry usually do it the other way around ;-). My advice if you are thinking about spending your money on a different "solution" (you know what I mean): Wait! - He already announced that it won't take that much longer anymore.

Back with some good news. I have sucessfull optimized some parts with low level language and gain lots of performance.
So we can run now on pi1 :)
Awesome!! :) I cant wait to try it out... Personally, I played around with some different setups for my Pi 1 Model B: With Bullseye I got it working pretty decently (but only in 125 Hz mode) - despite the high CPU load caused by the video/audio processing. Unfortunately, you cannot disable the video/audio processing in the Chiaki fork from Fredrum without losing the gamepad functionality.

And for Buster (Legacy) I compiled a custom kernel (4.19.71-rt24+ RT PREEMPT) to gain 1000 Hz. With the EVHZ tool I finally measured values close to 1000 Hz. Indeed, no purple flashing or flickering while my XIM Apex + DS4 controller was attached. :P But unfortunately, Chiaki crashed after a few minutes.  >:(

For some reason I didn't get the 1000 Hz to work with Bullseye on a patched 5.16 RT kernel. I am really curious how you accomplished that.

Good to know that I can stop fiddling around now ;)

By the way: I found it pretty convenient to use iSH Shell to shutdown (sudo shutdown now) my Pi remotely with my iPhone when running in "headless" mode...

... I'm just wondering what that is supposed to be: https://www.beloader.com/products/beloader-6925.html

USD $5.00 ?!?

I am also pretty excited about this new Software and the functionalities added (Webinterface, use of a 2nd Controller on the same input for controlling vehicles etc.) and whether it will work on legacy devices like the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B (with 512 MB). Btw, I just got mine for about 10 € on eBay :-)
Currently, I'm testing the "Chiaki for the Raspberry Pi" fork from Fredrum on it. What interests me the most is how you got rid of the annoying "purple flicker" problem. I did a little bit of research and found that the Linux usbhid driver can be manually configured to define the polling interval (for mice (usbhid.mousepoll), joysticks (usbhid.jspoll), and keyboards (usbhid.kbpoll)).

Unfortunately, appending either of these settings to /boot/cmdline.txt didn't do the trick for me...
usbhid.jspoll=0 (auto detect polling rate of the Joystick/Gampad)
usbhid.jspoll=1 (setting 1000 Hz forced polling rate)

Chiaki compiled fine and somehow runs on my Raspberry Pi 1, but I still haven't got it running anywhere near perfect. Although I disabled the decoder in Chiaki's settings, it still causes a high CPU load. The controls via XIM Apex run, but after a while the connection is lost (missing heartbeat).

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 01:08 PM - 12/22/21 »
But as soon as I connect to Remote Play the DualSense turns off. When I restart the DualSense the PS5 asks who's logged in, I select my only user and when it logs in I get disconnected from Remote Play. Rinse and repeat.

For me this sounds like a device draws too much power. When you get a prompt from the PS5 to log in and then it disconnects, it seems that a connection is established directly with the PS5 (via Bluetooth). In this case Remote Play disconnects.

You could still try to power the XIM USB Hub (3.5 mm x 1.35 mm, center-positive) as well if you haven't already ... But I doubt that this will solve the problem.

What I'm wondering is, why the following solution wasn't discussed in the forum more intensively. Personally, I think this Android Phone-Remote Play solution is way more convenient than booting up the PC any time you want to play:

I am currently playing with my iPhone/iPad together with a cheap OTG adapter (~ 15 €) and a Dualshock 4 ;-) You just have to set the XIM to 250 Hz otherwise it will get the "purple flicker problem". But this seems to be a common problem.

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 12:44 PM - 12/03/21 »
After a lot of testing and a lot of tries I found a solution for me.

1. start PS5
2. Connect Xim with mouse+tastatur to pc
3. start Remote Play but don't connect
4. connect DualSense to Xim
5. Connect Remote Play to PS5 and play

This works 9/10 for me

Maybe just to add on the DualSense issue and Remote Play via PC as I had similar problems getting the DualSense detected by my PC and Remote Play: The DualSense wouldn't get detected either plugged directly into my PC or behind the XIM USB hub.

Here is what did the trick for me: I attached a regular USB hub to my PC and to this I attached the XIM with XIM's own USB Hub and the DualSense. It worked instantly and got detected by my Windows 10 machine running with Remote Play. I tested this with two different USB hubs (one was a cheap no name USB hub and the other is the one I mentioned in my previous posts). So maybe this helps others who currently struggle to get their DualSense getting detected ;-)

PC > some regular USB Hub > XIM > XIM USB Hub > DualSense + Mouse + Nav Controller

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 11:05 AM - 12/03/21 »
For what it's worth: I have just tested PSPad on the FTVS. And I must say it doesn't perform so bad actually. From what Od1n wrote, I would have expected a way worse experience. Honestly, I must admit that it feels a little different compared to Chiaki. When playing via Chiaki I didn't notice any difference compared to playing through the XIM directly connected to the console.

However, in PSPad the PS button and the touchpad button are also not working (Share and Options on the other hand are both working). This is unfortunate, especially since the touchpad button is a crucial one in many games (in Warzone for instance it opens up the map). But this shouldn't be much a a problem since you can remap your buttons within most of your game (e.g. Warzone) anyways. Even the PS5 itself has such an option (Settings -> Accessibility -> Controllers -> Custom Button Assignments). On top of that PSPad offers the possibility to map 2 button presses to one button.

In the settings dialog for PSPad there are certain sliders to configure the Analog stick for sensitivity, hiss threshold and for the stick dead zone. The dead zone setting for both sticks is "2" by default. This dialog would be pretty pointless if you were not able to configure these settings, at least on mobile devices. For me it seems that these settings can be adjusted and it is just a problem of interoperability between the App and the FTSV due to the lack of having a touchscreen. I'm looking forward to the new version of PSPad mentioned by Od1n.

Maybe the problem with the Share and Options button is something the author from Chiaki could easily fix as PSPad works for these two buttons. Although from what I've read, he considers Chiaki as finshed and in maintenance mode only: https://twitter.com/thestr4ng3r/status/1350210090629001216. Probably nothing related to the button problem, but he recently applied a small fix to Chiaki: https://git.sr.ht/~thestr4ng3r/chiaki/

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 07:30 AM - 12/02/21 »
Adding to my previous post: I would assume that rooting the FTVS to add a custom keylayout for the DS V2 might fix the issue with the 4 buttons. Unfortunately, it seems that only older FTVSs are currently rootable AFAIK. So I guess I am done with my testing for now. Maybe in the future Amazon releases an updated Fire OS with Android 10 or higher. IMO Android 12 (that provides native DualSense support) is just wishful thinking as Amazon "usually" skips one Android version for a higher Fire OS version.


In the meantime I am curious testing the very promising Pi method from apex_vip if he accepts me as a tester ;-) IMO buying a Beloader device is just way too boring...

Indeed, this sounds like an interesting project :) In a few weeks I can get my hands on a rather old model of the Pi: Raspberry Pi 1 Model B (512 MB). Does this make sense testing it on this device or are the specs too low for this?

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 06:01 PM - 12/01/21 »
After some extensive testing here are my results …

The official PS Remote Play App using a wired Dual Shock V2 controller didn’t work either. It gave me the exact same error, I posted above.

However, the Fire TV Stick (FTVS) and Chiaki + Dual Shock V2 worked surprisingly well with the XIM. Actually, I don’t know how or what tools you need to measure the input lag precisely. At least in my subjective opinion there is no noticeable lag at all. PS5 and FTVS are both connected to the router via Ethernet.

Now for the downside: The Share, Options, PS, and Touchpad button are not working correctly. When pressing the PS button, you are being thrown to the FTVSs main menu. The Share button leads you back to Chiaki´s settings. And the Options and Touchpad buttons are doing nothing at all. I’m wondering whether these buttons can be remapped somehow. I found this thread where people seem to have similar issues with some buttons: https://github.com/thestr4ng3r/chiaki/issues/169.

Even the author of Chiaki states:
The following features however are yet to be implemented:
Touchpad support (Triggering the Touchpad Button is currently possible from the keyboard though)

Just in case anyone else wants to give it a shot, here is my current setup: I used this Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K MAX, this USB Hub and this OTG cable.

For the installation process I sideloaded Chiaki (current version is V 2.1.1) like described in this YouTube video.

I downloaded Chiaki from its original source:

Chiaki - Open Source PlayStation Remote Play (metallic)
Here is a shortened URL for easily putting it in the FTVSs Downloader App: https://bit.ly/3Ed5Ypi

The script for getting your Account ID: https://git.sr.ht/~thestr4ng3r/chiaki/blob/master/scripts/psn-account-id.py (File --> Save As). As I’m on a Windows machine, I downloaded the “Windows installer (64-bit)” version of Python:

After registering the console with Chiaka (entering the account ID and linking the device to the PS5) you are good to go. Just in terms of saving bandwidth, I set the resolution for the stream in Chiaki to 360p.

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 04:30 PM - 11/30/21 »
No, I did not try the official Ethernet adapter. I ordered this one here (https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07NPGVRYV) which claimed that it would work with the Fire TV stick.

As far as I understand you can't connect any USB devices when using the official adapter. // edit: Or at least you also need an OTG cable for this as well.


I now ordered this USB Hub (https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00LLUEJFU/) and this OTG cable (https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00EJP5XR2/).

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 04:10 PM - 11/30/21 »
This is just a quick heads up from the Fire TV front. Sideloading the APK (V 4.6.0) indeed worked and the connection with the PS5 could be established. However, the USB Hub I ordered is not working with the Fire TV stick (neither ethernet nor USB devices are recognized). Therefore, I could only verify what I assumed already: Although the DS V2 can be paired with the Fire TV Stick via Bluetooth (and browsing the Fire TV stick menu works fine), the Dual Shock is not recognized by the PS Remote App:
Wireless controller cannot be used. Your device does not support this wireless controller. Therefore, you cannot use it with remote play
I am going to test a different USB Hub together with an OTG cable in the coming days. I still want to know wether the App refuses to recognize the controller even when it is wired to the stick. :P

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 04:43 AM - 11/28/21 »
True!  8) In any case I have a new and cool tech gadget to play around with.

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 04:22 AM - 11/28/21 »
First of all, thank you all very much for your feedback to this point. You are right, antithesis. This could indeed be the bottleneck here.

I just found out that the Fire TV Stick 4K is based on Android 7.1 and the 4K MAX is based on Android 9. To be on the "safer" side, I changed my Amazon order to the 4K MAX version now. This might change the odds that the wired solution will then be supported earlier if the stick gets a version bump. Anyways I will test this. Who knows, maybe it is working.


PS Remote Play
• Use the DUALSHOCKⓇ4 wireless controller on mobile devices with Android 10 or later installed.
• Use the DualSense™ wireless controller on mobile devices with Android 12 or later installed.

My shipment should arrive end of next week. I will definitely provide an update here.

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 02:41 AM - 11/27/21 »
Thank you for giving this a try, antithesis! :) Actually, I have ordered the Fire TV Stick 4K (https://www.amazon.de/dp/B08XW4FDJV/) and a compatible USB Hub with ethernet adapter (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07NPGVRYV/ //edit: does not seem to work) to try this out myself as well :D If it doesn't work, I still have some pretty neat hardware 8)

I would suggest trying the official PS Remote Play App. Unfortunatley, it is not directly available via the Fire TV stick. There is only a third party software that costs 4,99 € (PSPlay: Unlimited PS Remote Play (PS5/ PS4)) but this is directly available through Fire TV`s app store.

I was thinking of sideloading the official APK like described in this video here: https://youtu.be/gIEMKOOCSd4?t=278

The official App should be this here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playstation.remoteplay&hl

There are some APK downloader sites that allow you to download the latest version:

I have also found these two here:

I downloaded the APK from apkpure (this should be the lastest version 4.6.0) and uploaded it to Mediafire, so it can be easily downloaded through the Fire TV sticks Downloader app (see above YouTube video: 5:20). Here it is: https://bit.ly/3nToNrQ Personally, I am always concerned about security. So you might want to do this step by yourself. //edit: Or use the short URL to apkpure: https://bit.ly/3cQISbS

I actually don't get my hopes up too high because I have read this here (esp. the last post):
https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/amazon-fire-tv-stick.2146/fire-tv-stick-4k-bei-psn-anmelden-fuer-ps4-remote-play.931055.html#post-11961828 - In case you can't read German: https://www-android--hilfe-de.translate.goog/forum/amazon-fire-tv-stick.2146/fire-tv-stick-4k-bei-psn-anmelden-fuer-ps4-remote-play.931055.html?_x_tr_sl=de&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=de&_x_tr_pto=nui#post-11961828

//edit2: Maybe something also worth testing
PSPad: Mobile PS5/ PS4 Gamepad

Maybe Chromecast is also a viable option someone may want to test:


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