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I don't know with X box but try conect spare controller to you console if not try to change on cronus zen in (Device settings) emulation controller ON -OFF

Hi I find some solutions for xim4 and ps5 games with my xim4 I try today different way it is the same configuration like on pictures and video on my previous post but now with BELOADER front USB - then CRONUS ZEN - then XIM4 - DS4 - M&K it was stil not working M&K not responding but today I connected dual snes on the back usb( and still have ds4 on xim4)and is working perfect. Before I play only Battlefield 2042 ps4 version on my PS5 with xim4 + cronus zen but I have every few minutes disconnections so was needed unplug xim4 and plug again.  Today I play 2h Battlefield 2042 with no problems I have xim4 best mouse translation setup by xim apk and cronus zen scripts . DUAL SNES on the back usb help but xim4 still not working self without cronus zen I trying more
tomorrow with usb powered hub.

P.S. so if you have any disconect problems try ad extra dualsense on the back usb I start console then use other hardware

P.S. I have 3 hours test now no disconnections

P.S. my configuration : Razer tartarus v2 - logitech g502 wired

Hi I have the same problem xim4 M&K not working but both controller ds4 dual snes are detected and on application show keyboard buttons,  now I use cronus zen works perfect no disconnection all day but I prefer xim 4 mouse translation make more control and easy button setup by app. Only question is why xim4 not working but apex work where is the problem if they are similar product.

ds4 controller (battlefield 2042 ps5 versions) playstation 5 show this is wrong controller conect dual snes

For me cronus zen works with xim4 I don't know with apex all games p4 on ps5 works with xim4 precision and cronus zen no recoil ect.... was no problem but I was upgraded firmware bought after that I have problem with frez M&K random minutes I don't remember with firmware I have before but before upgrading was ok, for sure new beta xim4 makes me problem when I setup on apk flash white if I downgrade is ok I have beloader as well works with cronus zen and dual snes no problem but I whit xim4 don't  xim4 detect push button in apk but M&k not working  with dual snes I hope is some firmware issue.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: beloader
« on: 09:01 AM - 01/07/22 »
Hi I get my beloader few days ago I tried with cronus zen works very good but with xim4 don't I use all firmware beta etc... won't help I tried ps4 controller,  dual snes,  hori mini pad nothing M&K no response I send messages to beloader chat for any better firmware and I get answers :

   Hello, this requires the firmware of xim4, but according to the feedback of Xim, only some xim4 can be used, and some Xim cannot be used 

Is the cronus zen required to get a PS5 working with xim4?
I read somewhere on the forum you just need a ps4 controller together with xim4 to play "PS4 games" on the PS5...

hi right you don't need coronus zen only ps4 controller I only show how they works together xim4 have great precision mouse control easy setup by app on the phone, cronus zen is not really good with mouse control and you must used PC to setup mapping buttons take some time but have (no recoil rapid fire etc ..... ) both together working well on PS5 but only in the games supported ps4 controller , I use cronus zen separately with 3rd controller hori mini pad and xim4 with ps4 controller on ps5 for ps4 games and don't have any problem.

Hi I tested today xim4 + cronus zen and is working well on my ps5 console but only games support ps4 controller I send pictures how I connected:

POST UPDATE 15.01.2022  : BELOADER + CRONUS ZEN + XIM4 + M&K + DS4 and extra DUAL SNES controller on back USB it working with PS5 GAMES but only with cronus zen so you have then xim4 mouse translation button mapping by xim apk and cronus zen scripts

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