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Beta / function request: mapping button actions to sticks
« on: 04:01 PM - 06/24/22 »
Many folks who use  high gyro sensitivity for nearly all camera movements(rarely touch R stick) would love the ability to map some button/ trigger functions to the right stick. Foer example, in shooters I push up on the r stick to drop shot, reload, change weapons etc(reWASD).  You can still get away with both motion and button functions simultaneously if you lower y sensitivity or bind it to ADS condition only
Thanks so much for the consideration.

I normally think of this type of action  through of binding "layers" like reWASD or DS4 windows:

What I would like to do:
At baseline my right bumper will perform a slide cancel macro, when I aim down sights with left trigger  the right bumper turns into  a right trigger for firing.  When I release the Left trigger, right bumper goes back to baseline(macro stated above)

Thanks so much for any guidance

B - pause(200-300ms) - B- pause(200-300ms) - A,    produces beautiful slide cancels in reWASD and Ds4 Windows but not here.   The jump isn't really canceling the slide regardless of how long/short the pause is.  Anyone figure this out yet? I have also tried modifying hold or tap but same results.  The figure jumps (gets air) out of the slide
Thanks so much!!

Beta / Can I load different config with L trigger?
« on: 10:09 PM - 05/26/22 »
I would like to load a different config when I ADS with L trigger, using the hold function so when I release the trigger it returns to baseline.  However, I don't see the various Load  Config options(load previous, load config #, Load next) with the triggers. Am I missing something?
Thanks so much!!

Beta / how do we make this work? test flight ios
« on: 06:48 PM - 04/19/22 »
test flight asks for a code?   I cant find directions anywhere?

Performance is awesome but as the title suggests its like my controller and dongle become unpaired after the controller has been off for a while or at least behave that way.  Every morning I have to re-pair.  The dongle just blinks red. It should blink white right?   What's strange is that sometimes (before re-pair) i can connect to the manager but the computer (gamepad tester/ reWASD/ any game) doesn't actually see my controller.  Never had issues like this before the Beta upgrades.  Any tips? thanks

Performance has been great on original firmware thus far for me, should we all be using the Beta versions for controller and dongle?

Gyro sensitivity:
Love the Nexus. I perhaps use gyro differently than most here. My goal with gyro is to never use the right stick, only for corrections(analogues to picking mouse off the pad and repositioning). The other filters on Nexus make super high HIP sensitivity possible without tons of jitters that would normally accompany super high sens.  You can turn and flick effortlessly and lock into ADS when near a target.     My HIP sensitivity is near 300 so takes on nearly all of my "looking" around functions in Warzone.  ADS sensitivity is more reasonable(~100) but with a a lot of Y sensitivity to control recoil.

Trigger mapping:
I am trying to map left trigger(ADS) to activate  right trigger at about 70% but the right trigger (firing) always activates immediately, same time as ADS or even before.  Something about the r trigger is messing things up.  If i want to crouch at 70% (B button) after ADS it works just fine.  Also Quick pull is not active and GUI shows the right trigger becoming active when it should (at 70%)  but in game (vanguard and warzone ) it fires immediately. Could this be an in game problem?
Thanks so much


Hi, I am playing on pc but the first step in the manager asks me to select the type of console i am using.  Do i select anything ?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Bluetooth adapter use with PC?
« on: 11:48 PM - 02/01/22 »
Curious if a relatively high end pc could  have a native Bluetooth adapter superior to the stick adapter provided with the nexus? In essence, is there any reason not to use the stick adapter with pc?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Gyro Sensitivity options
« on: 01:10 PM - 10/14/21 »
I play with Gyro mapped to R stick using DS4 Windows which works very well as there are many filter options.  There gyro to right stick is very smooth, almost as precise as a true mouse controlled gyro where reWASD suffers a bit in the gyro mapped to R stick department.    Also i like to keep the gyro very sensitive in order to rarely touch the R stick(only for corrections here and there).  Will the Nexus allow for considerable sensitivity and filter adjustability?  With enough practice  it is possible to have the gyro take on nearly all camera functions, even in BRs where there is elevation and tons of angles.. 

Another possibility is to have multiple shift layers so layer one gyro is very sensitive for looking around with minimal y axis activity to minimize jitters.  Then, you can jump to another mapping layer when you ADS  and need y axis sensitivity to control recoil.
Just curious on your thoughts.  I am a Gyro junkie and cant wait to see how the nexus functions  !! Thanks so much

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