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XIM NEXUS Discussions / Gyro Sensitivity options
« on: 01:10 PM - 10/14/21 »
I play with Gyro mapped to R stick using DS4 Windows which works very well as there are many filter options.  There gyro to right stick is very smooth, almost as precise as a true mouse controlled gyro where reWASD suffers a bit in the gyro mapped to R stick department.    Also i like to keep the gyro very sensitive in order to rarely touch the R stick(only for corrections here and there).  Will the Nexus allow for considerable sensitivity and filter adjustability?  With enough practice  it is possible to have the gyro take on nearly all camera functions, even in BRs where there is elevation and tons of angles.. 

Another possibility is to have multiple shift layers so layer one gyro is very sensitive for looking around with minimal y axis activity to minimize jitters.  Then, you can jump to another mapping layer when you ADS  and need y axis sensitivity to control recoil.
Just curious on your thoughts.  I am a Gyro junkie and cant wait to see how the nexus functions  !! Thanks so much

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