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I was playing normal rainbow six when suddenly my mouse became rough and linear movements in addition to blocking since it did not detect them (mouse works fine outside of xim apex), I read in a comment that if you chose the factory reset option in the firmware it would be solved and no, please I need help. I paid a lot of money for this product and I don't want it to be wasted. I tried using them at 1000hz, 500hz and more but this error had never happened to me.

nesesito ayuda porque no me conecta la aplicacion al xim apex, estoy usando la misma red wifi, el bluetooth activado y la locacion gps activada, lo raro es que ya e configurado el xim apex con el mismo celular de siempre desde hace tiempo pero hoy de la nada no me conecta aunque pulse el boton del xim o lo mantenga pulsado mientras la app esta buscando el dispositivo.

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