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Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Xim Apex not working
« on: 02:15 PM - 10/12/21 »
Hello, I have had a xim for a while now and used it mainly on rainbow 6. Iíve took a few month break, and when I come back to use my xim it wonít work. I have everything connected, powered on, and the app says Iím connected aswell. My controller works in the game, but the mnk have no response. My controller does turn on when I connect it, and I have tried all my ports. I just tried a hard restart with no result. Iíve tried everything Iíve ever done to fix it, and no resolution. Only thing I might believe is the problem, is never flashes green when I connect it, but it has never done that for me. I have also tried 3 different cords that connect my controller. Any help would be great, thanks

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