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Kiss battery life goodbye.

Thatís why I said 1000hz polling on wired connection.

Please consider having 1000hz polling on the Nexus controller. Or at least allow that high of polling when the controller is plugged in or as a software option.

1. Uses the max Xbox poll rate the USB port can handle
2. Uses default PC USB polling
3. Recommended rate of most good gaming mouse
4. Potential better mouse translation if used with MnK
5. Boost your sales because more than controller only players would want it.

Because most current controllers out have a max rate of 125hz, if we enable the 1000hz polling software option, jitter is introduced. If 1000 hz controller polling works then maybe the jitter will go away and there will be no need for using Sync settings as raw input would be 1:1. Also reliance of smoothing, which introduces a small ms worth of delay, wouldnít be needed.

Please consider this for MnK players as well as controller players. Imagine playing a fighting game and your controller has Xbox max polling rate used (1000hz) while the rest of people are stuck on 125hz polling.

Technical Support / Re: No Series S|X or PS5 Icon problem
« on: 03:09 PM - 08/21/21 »
Welcome to the community. PUBG doesn't have a Series X|S version. You should use an Xbox One config.

Do you mean Apex Legends?
I use the Xbox one ST and to me thereís a different feel to it and I do worse on the Series X compared to my old Xbox 1 X.

Is there an ST update in the works? Side note, is apex legends the most popular Xim game played? Donít know if there stats anywhere but the form seems to be more flooded with Apex Legends stuff than the other games.

Thank you very much.

Also, Iím not very new to the community. Just a new account because I forgot my old login.

Technical Support / Re: No Series S|X or PS5 Icon problem
« on: 12:04 PM - 08/21/21 »
Is it Possible that one of the most popular games to play on Xim just hasnít added a series X ST yet? I find that hard to believe but I can be wrong.

I have a series x and want to make sure the ST Iím using isnít for the Xbox one.
No matter what I do I only see the Xbox one and a grayed out Xbox 360 icon on the game select.

Iíve tried,
Downloading the latest beta pc firmware and factory resetting the Xim Apex.
Series X reformat and updated the console/controller to latest firmware.
Tried the beta TestFlight Xim app and tried Android Xim app.
Did a ďforce games downloadĒ.
Tried 3 different usb cables.

Nothing worked and Iím using only the new series x console, controller, and nothing else.

I read in another post by a mod that there IS an s|x icon for the new console.

I would like to have it be distinguished so when I switch between my series X and my one X Iíll have the correct ST for each and Iíll be able to tell which one is which in my config.

I play Apex Legends and donít see a s|x on the Apex Legends icon either.

Pictures of what Iím referring to.


Thank you

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