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It's the original quake but just released on xbox

So I'm on the beta firmware and everyday when I go to check the force download it lists the same games that need updated. Why is this happening and is there anyway to fix it?

General Discussion / The ascent
« on: 08:14 AM - 07/30/21 »
Anyone have a xim cobfig for this game?

General Discussion / Longtime xim/pc users
« on: 01:24 PM - 07/28/21 »
So.ive been a console gamer my entire life and recently just got a xim and was curious what ganes would you play to get used to MNK? And would u reccomend switching games keybinds to pc keybinds on the xim

The rust config is nice and all but why doesn't it support ADS? rust literally has the hardest recoil to learn and a majority of it is all ADS. Is there anyway to manually turn this on or does any other config from.another game work with rust? It's a decent starter config but it definitely needs an update with something for ads configuration

What button layout is easiest to play on for rust for a person new to MNK? The layout on the xim apex for xbox or the actual rust pc button layout?

The xim configuration for xbox: https://ibb.co/dpdmwt4

Or the configuration for rust pc which I can change the layout to on my xim: https://ibb.co/YQL6D7x

Would you reccomend configuring the xim to the pc buttons for rust or stick to the button configuration thats on the xim?

General Discussion / Odin if you see this I need your help
« on: 05:03 AM - 07/24/21 »
So im watching your tutorial here on anti recoil trick but in the rust configuration there's no ADS option even though in rust you do ADS so is there anyway to configure this so I can have anti recoil in rust?

The tutorial of yours here: https://youtu.be/6-mQQEofNXo

I'm trying to edit my configuration more Indepth on rust and on apex legends but I can't scroll to the right more like Odin does here on the tutorial. I'm on the beta for series x on the manager and firmware is there something I'm doing wrong?


General Discussion / I need help
« on: 02:06 AM - 07/24/21 »
So im a new user to xim and im watching a xim tutorial by Odin aka xim central and im trying to setup my configuration for rust but it won't let me edit the configuration like he does here for rust or even for apex legends. I'm currently on the beta firmware for series x on both the manager and firmware.


And here's a screen recording of my issue. I can't scroll right like he does on the manager for more indepth configurations.


Support / [Q/A] Question about updating my xim apex
« on: 03:23 PM - 07/23/21 »
So im a brand new xim apex user and going to be using it on my xbox series x and was curious do I need to update it to the latest beta firmware only or should I also update it for  the latest official firmware update ontop of the beta firmware update before officially using it on my console?

As you can see he has absolutely 0 recoil at all with any gun. Is this on a xim apex?


So im looking at buying a xim apex but I'm confused when I search it up to purchase it takes me to flashback limited but I also see this site has a store so which one is the "legit" site or are they both legit. I don't wanna get scammed so just thought I'd post and ask before I purchase

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