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It's the original quake but just released on xbox

General Discussion / Re: Longtime xim/pc users
« on: 04:03 PM - 08/03/21 »
The controller bindings for Xbox and PC when using an Xbox controller should be the same. You won’t be able to use PC bindings with a XIM as it will detect as your Xbox controller.

So I can't edit my keybinds to the pc layout while using a xim on xbox? The layout on xim is weird and has u cycle through your inventory with the arrow keys but I key moment u have to simultaneously cycle and use items.

Manager will download updates as needed automatically when the app fully restarts. When you manually force a library update it does this in a literal sense, it downloads the last available update.

I keep having to manually download the same updates over and over again under forced downloads.

So I'm on the beta firmware and everyday when I go to check the force download it lists the same games that need updated. Why is this happening and is there anyway to fix it?

General Discussion / Re: Longtime xim/pc users
« on: 06:55 AM - 07/31/21 »
PC controller keybinds will either be for Xbox One or DualShock 4. They’re the same keybinds already on XIM, so nothing would need to change.

The reason I ask this mainly is because I play rust on xbox and the configuration on xbox and pc is different and eventually I plan on switching to pc so idk if playing on the xims profile would be best or if I should manually configure the keybinds to pcs config

General Discussion / The ascent
« on: 08:14 AM - 07/30/21 »
Anyone have a xim cobfig for this game?

General Discussion / Re: Longtime xim/pc users
« on: 03:23 PM - 07/28/21 »
PC is not a supported XIM gaming platform. PC detects XIM as the controller connected to it, so there are no PC bindings on XIM.

I think he meant should he use the same default keybinds the PC version of a game uses with XIM on Console.

I think Mist4fun already set's the ST's up like that.

That's exactly what I ment. Like for example I play rust on console so should I set my keybinds to the rust pc keybinds?

General Discussion / Longtime xim/pc users
« on: 01:24 PM - 07/28/21 »
So.ive been a console gamer my entire life and recently just got a xim and was curious what ganes would you play to get used to MNK? And would u reccomend switching games keybinds to pc keybinds on the xim

You dont use it at all in ADS, see the recoil video for the setup steps. The core idea is that the XYRatio is only active when you shoot to not disrupt your general ADS aiming.

I'll just create the 2 sub pages and follow the rest of the video instructions from the video I posted above of yours. Thank you for your help


im not sure what you mean by that but the steps are
1) create a dedicated ADS sub config
2) create another sub config = recoil config with 1:1 ADS settings, activation left mouse click and the XYRatio.

Oh my yeah that's way simpler than I thought. Do the X/Y value have to be the same on both the ADS and recoil page right

I havent watched the recoil video in a while but i assume i was refering to copying your ADS settings into your new sub config. The translator doesnt matter as Rust seems to use one mechanic for HIP and ADS, but you can pick ADS if you want to follow each step of the video.
The XYRatio has to be dialed in by yourself, theres no best value as its mainly personal preference.

Ok ill make a ADS auxiliary page and set the amount you did in siege for the x/y values as a starting point and make the firing button my activation button for it to work. Everything from there is just the X/Y value on both the "ADS" auxiliary page and the HIP page correct since both have to be the exact same number?

General Discussion / Re: New XIM product reveal?
« on: 07:53 AM - 07/25/21 »
So is it more controller oriented?

General Discussion / Re: New XIM product reveal?
« on: 04:03 AM - 07/25/21 »
XIM APEX won't be obsolete and will continue to get game updates like XIM4. This new product is not a mouse and keyboard adapter.

Oh ok what is it? Is it a controller or something for console players but with mods on it?

So i would recommend you to at least try the trick. If you frequently shoot from the HIP in Rust use the category B solution, if you only shoot when in ADS use the category A one.

The setup will be the following.
First create a dedicated ADS sub config so you can dial in your ADS sensitivity. After that this will act 1:1 as the ADS config shown in the recoil video. You can then follow 1:1 the tutorial, though always keep in mind that your Auxiliary 1 sub config = your ADS config :).

I might do a Rust config tutorial at one point, but right now im busy with other videos that i have to priorize! :)

Ok awesome and lastly i have a few questions..

1.when you say copy your settings do I copy my ingame sensitivity in those boxes?
2. What translators do I use in each box?
3. Would you reccomend using 1.52 in the xy value so I can have 0 recoil on the AK, LR, and Tommy and Mp5 in rust?
4. Do I make the "ads" page the same as the HIP page since there's no smart translators for ads in rust?

Sorry once again I just wanna perfect this

You need to swipe one more time to the right once you see the ADS page ;).

Ok and now I have no idea what else to do lol should I do what you did in your tutorial when you were using rainbow six siege as an example? And use the auxiliary page as the "ADS" page and the auxiliary 2 as the no recoil page? Here's how it's setup right now


And also can you do a tutorial page for rust for no recoil? I wanna have no recoil like this guy has here.


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