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Tutorials / Building a new gaming setup/ desk
« on: 06:51 AM - 05/24/21 »
Hello everyone!

I'm currently working on building a new gaming setup in my living room. My old desk isn't very big and its not in the best shape anymore. Thats why I need a new desk. Because of Lockdown I thought I should maybe try and build one myself. I'm quite handy and it would be great fun I assume.
Anyways I'm currently struggling with the layout. I already planned the sizing, now I'm unsure about the legs. I've read that maybe using legs in an x-shape might be a good choice for a desk (I've read it in this article https://www.sternefood.de/tischbeine-test/ - its in German since that's my native language but you can easily translate it online if you're interested). But then I'm also wondering about which material I should use.

So I wanted to ask what kind of desks do you use for gaming? And did you already build one yourself? I'd love to hear your experience, maybe you can share some pictures too!

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