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Hello KosMachine, I trying to understand which gadget to buy for PS4/PS5 usage for Hunt showdown and after can try to test your preferences/configuration, but I am only in the beginning of the way, so looking for advice and tips :)

Hello, any chance to discuss on Skype, discord or any other platform? I play same game, but some info would be useful via microphone. Just trying to figure out what the gadget to buy for PS4 and PS5 and if I will be able to get used to all these after using the dual shock for long time :)
Thanks for your time.
My PSN is : Nosce_Te_Ipsum__

My PSN: Nosce_Te_Ipsum__
I don`t have yet XIM, but would like to speak with somebody who using it already.
Plan to play with it in Hunt Showdown and other games.
Have PS4 and PS5.
Thanks in advance.
Live in Ireland.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 08:24 PM - 03/27/21 »
Hunt Showdown?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Hello. Hunt Showdown on PS4/PS5.
« on: 07:57 PM - 03/27/21 »
I also read a bit about second thing you have APEX, give me to know if it`s best choice for my case (Hunt Showdown PS4/PS5 consoles) Thanks again.

XIM 4 Discussions / Hello. Hunt Showdown on PS4/PS5.
« on: 07:55 PM - 03/27/21 »
I plan to buy XIM4 for PS4 game Hunt Showdown, but have few questions about it, cause never used such things.
Hunt Showdown game:
Does this game supported by the Xim4 game list or do I need to put/adjust buttons myself and does Xim4 allows to do it, is it easy to do if need/have to adjust them?
I have 2 consoled PS4/PS5  - will XIM4 work on PS5 too with Hunt Showdown or it`s a problem, if it will work do I need to have PS4 controller for it?
Do I need to know anything else before I buy XIM4 for PS4/PS5?
Thanks for your time.

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