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Game Support / Share: MW2 ST and your custom config
« on: 09:01 AM - 11/10/22 »
Hey guys!

so the mw2 st finally dropped. thanks to everyone involved!

i opened this thread to share each others experience in the different setting

currently i have tried the Mw2 ST with the Matuteiki setting. i cant seem to find the sweet spot for AA,.

mouse: 800 dpi 1000hz
apex: 125 hz, + matuteiken setting with the custom curve m no sab or smooth

ingame setting. like adviced in the mw2 st. however i tried cycling through all the different AA setting, from default to black ops with dynamic. .

need to play around more with it.
and i am on ps5 btw

General Discussion / COD: Modern Warfare II & Xim Apex
« on: 01:18 AM - 06/10/22 »
So, finally the COD MW II was revealed yesterday, and it got me thinking.

and hoping that the beta access will work with the PS remote trick, unlike last year where it didn work.untill the final game rls came out.

and regarding Xim apex, i guess beloader/beloader pro + xim apex ( remote trick ) is still the way to go.

Hi guys
So I recently got my xim apex to be used with my ps5 and cod cold war.
Currently I'm using venom x mouse which is from a smililar kb mouse adapter. The mouse has 8000 dpi at 1000 hz Pollen. (not consistent)
However I Configured my apex to be the same as xim central showing on YouTube for cod cold War. However the feeling is not there yet. 
So now i found a logitech g502 hero mouse cheap. Getting it next week. I see this mouse is very popular. 
Now my question is :

1. Should I upgrade the mouse fw so it supports 25k dpi?  I've seen a YouTube use it with apex on cod cold War.

2. Should I get a mouse pad? If yes which one?  Currently I use my table, it's very precise with my venom x mouse.


XIM APEX Discussions / Moving from Venom x v2 to Xim Apex
« on: 08:58 AM - 02/18/21 »
Hi Guys!

So currently i have Ps5, venom x v2 adapter, and playing COD coldwar ps4 version on the ps5.

I just ordered my hori mini pad controller, and soon looking for a xim apex too, to transition to. Because i want to play cod the ps5 version with kb n mouse.

I have been using Venom x v2, since ps4 got rlsed, and i love the kb n mouse feeling in it and gotten very much used to it.
I have trid playing with nativ kb n mouse on the ps5, it was hard, and weird. couldnt find the right feeling.

So, does anyone have any experience going from venom x adapter to xim? i mean does it feel the same? or is it more " free feel " like on a pc.


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