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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: shipping turn around time
« on: 10:24 AM - 02/04/11 »
Yes, we need to know so we dont waste $30 for overnight for no reason. It would not make sense . We would really aprecciate an answer on this.

Why does it matter? If it doesn't make it by Saturday then it makes it by Monday whereas if you choose ground shipping you probably won't get it till the end of next week. So it's not a waste of money. Faster shipping is faster shipping.

Yeah, I'm the guy who left Camel Spit negative feedback on eBay. Seems like he has a lot on Amazon. I HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT buy from this guy.

He had Yobo's when I ordered it. His auction said it ships in 2-5 days (which is ridiculous to begin with). Eight business days later, he still hadn't sent anything and wasn't replaying to emails. So I filed a PayPal complaint. As you can see in his response to my negative feedback, he's extremely immature and rude. He then sent the item despite the Paypal claim against him, by that time (2 weeks later), I'd gotten another adapter and told him not to send it. So, I explained the situation to PayPal, they agreed with me and ordered him to issue a refund and asked me to send the item back. So I did. Then he tried filing an eBay complaint saying I "fraudulently charged back the money" and threatened to "take me to collections." I strongly recommend that to keep your life simple and easy, you never buy from Camel Spit/Games Plus in Arizona. He's rude, immature, and unreliable.

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