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General Discussion / Re: Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Support
« on: 09:59 AM - 10/22/18 »
I can't promise the long term support schedule of the XIM team. That said, Apex is out and XIM4 is still receiving full support. So, history is pretty indicative that the team will continue to support their products as long as it makes sense to do so.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Support
« on: 09:22 AM - 10/22/18 »
Native support on Fortnite and console doesn't feel *anything* like true native mouse and keyboard. That's part of why people are still using XIM in Fortnite, the console-native MnK feels horrible.

You're not going to get banned, and XIM has been going for over a decade at this point. It's not getting discontinued.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Support
« on: 04:05 PM - 10/21/18 »
If you’re on PC and use a XIM you still get the controller look mechanic and control scheme. True native mouse and keyboard on PC will always be meaningfully better.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Support
« on: 12:31 PM - 10/21/18 »
If a PC friend invites you to a group then you’ll play with them on PC servers. You will have AA but you’ll mostly get slapped by PC players. Regardless of AA good players on PC will still have better aim. They’ll also be able to build a good bit more effectively and rapidly.

General Discussion / Re: Xbox Keyboard and Mouse Support
« on: 12:18 PM - 10/21/18 »
Native support will be up to individual developers to implement. When it is implemented, expect segmented lobbies. Fortnite, for example, will drop you in PC lobbies, and the console mouse on Fortnite does not behave like PC. So, you’ll have a better experience playing with a XIM in console lobbies.

How do you have this much time to complain about a game?

Maybe if Souver spent as much time getting good as he spends ranting about BO4, he’d actually like it better.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim 4> Xim apex on bo4 amazing
« on: 03:19 PM - 10/20/18 »
I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to express, but XIM4 and XIM Apex have exactly the same input translation system. With identical settings, they will perform identically. Anything you're feeling otherwise is placebo.

Where Apex is different is when you're running at 1000Hz.

Best COD ever. Hands down. Easy.

Beta / Re: XIM APEX BETA [Firmware 20181018] (**LATEST**)
« on: 09:42 AM - 10/19/18 »
Epic's detection method definitely roped in other devices, like the Hori Tac Pro. I wouldn't be surprised if it also nabbed some controller players with certain movement styles. Epic was never able to specifically detect XIM. They were just doing some heuristic analysis to see if they thought player movement looked like it was a keyboard versus an analog stick.

Well, it definitely affected the Hori Tac Pro, which is a Sony-licensed product.

Interesting. I wonder if they got slapped by Sony for affecting licensed devices.

Beta / Re: XIM APEX BETA [Firmware 20181016] (**LATEST**)
« on: 08:53 AM - 10/17/18 »
Although i have seen many around looking and trying to help I WOULD RECOMMEND to XIM TEAM :

NOT TO SHARE ANY TECH INFO BEHIND THE HACK , as there are many EPIC people looking and trying to revert this fix with any leads that may be leaked. JUST FYI.

OBsIV knows it's not a good idea to explain the countermeasures XIM has put in place. However, please don't call it a "hack" as that very much implies something that this is not.

I just bought apex an received it yesterday did the update on it first worked for hours an. Hours then i did update at like 2 or 3 in morning tried getting back on with few mins of being in game now gettin kicked about input device.

Edit: Have a feeling this is going to never stop with epic games dont see them just quiting an letting it go

Regardless of whether Epic wants to let it go, there is a limit to how far they can push this before they start having tons of false positives where they're kicking controller players. Even this first version of their detection methodology is already really ham fisted.

Beta / Re: XIM APEX BETA [Firmware 20181014] (**LATEST**)
« on: 12:30 PM - 10/16/18 »
I was kicked last night with build 11. Installed build 14 played 2 games and was not kicked. however the aiming doesnt feel smoothe. I am using G502. If anyone has suggestions how to fix aiming issues let me know. I know some people have already got a good setting with the g502 so maybe someone can suggest what to put in ballistics curve or smoothing rate. thanks....

Placebo effect. Nothing has changed about the aiming. The changes are purely around player movement.

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