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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Destiny 2 and battleye?
« on: 12:00 PM - 08/25/21 »
BattlEye works by monitoring your game state in memory and observing your overall process list. It's not analyzing heuristics.

General Discussion / Re: Best bang for my buck
« on: 08:34 AM - 07/19/21 »
I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts.

Don't take this the wrong way, but some marriage counseling might actually be the best bang for your buck. If you're having to do stuff under cloak of night to avoid your wife's wrath and having to keep secrets from her, you guys should probably invest in developing a healthier relationship.

Here's the first rule of being happy and successful at life: Don't care what anyone on Reddit says.

I've never seen or heard of anyone banned for XIM usage.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex as PC BT Dongle
« on: 02:20 PM - 12/20/18 »

If you're on Xbox, you're not going to get a lot out of a 144hz monitor. There's nary a game in the land that goes above 60fps on console.

Logitech Options is for their non-gaming products. You can't even use it for the G series products.

General Discussion / Re: Streaming w/ XIM - Question
« on: 04:38 PM - 11/19/18 »
DrLupo did it for years on Destiny 1. He'd occassionally get some trashlord coming to his stream to smack talk about it, but it was rare.

Yeah, Microsoft has not demonstrated that once. They've claimed they have an API developers can use. But no developer is using it and no real results have ever been shown.

A lot of people don't know much about how USB communication works and just assume "anything is possible." But it isn't. The XIM cannot be seen directly. All you can do is look for tells, like what Fortnite did. And, as with Fortnite, relying on those tells is going to ensnare a lot of other people who aren't using XIMs.

This isn't a cheat or exploit forum. Get out of here with this.

General Discussion / Re: XIM APEX - Question
« on: 05:01 PM - 10/29/18 »
It depends what the control scheme of the game is. You can bind the scroll wheel in the XIM. Basically, each button on your controller can be bound to mouse or keyboard with XIM. You canít make the buttons any different than what the controller can express. You just get to bind them however you want.

General Discussion / Re: keyboard with blue yet
« on: 07:58 PM - 10/26/18 »
Make sure your Yeti is on the cardioid pattern and that you're actually pointing it at yourself correctly - many people do the wrong thing with the Yeti. You should be talking into the side of it, not the top of it.

Then, make sure your keyboard is well behind the Yeti. Ideally you'd have the Yeti on some kind of stand or boom. Then adjust the gain so that you pick up your voice well but not so much the keyboard. You can also use a digital noise gate.

Ok, great, go play on PC and tell us how it goes. Bring video. Iíll bring the popcorn.

Sorry, dude, you will get thumped hard on PC. The competition on PC is much tougher. And while you may have AA disabled, that's only disabling the sticky aim part of AA. It's not disabling the bullet magnetism that OW on console has in spades. On PC you actually need to be able to aim very precisely. Try running McCree on console without AA and then see what it feels like on PC. I bet on PC you wouldn't be able to hit even 50% of the shots you hit on console.

Yeah, it's not feasible (and possibly not possible) for XIM to play the role of synapse. Even if it is possible, the effort to develop and maintain such functionality in the XIM firmware and XIM manager basically makes it out of the question.

As antithesis mentioned, your best bet is to play with XIM Link so that you can be connected to a PC and run Synapse. Your alternative is to go buy a keyboard with onboard memory.

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