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Beta / Re: Did you get the sample?
« on: 10:31 AM - 11/16/21 »

Beta / Re: Did you get the sample?
« on: 03:29 PM - 11/04/21 »
If Sonys dualsense requirement is for players getting the best "game feeling" and it was just a coincidence that it stopped xim,cronus atd., Then i dont think that they will require dualsense for remote play. Remote play was made to let people play from anywhere with anything. But this is just my opinion. Noone knows what Is the real Sonys purpose.

Beta / Re: Did you get the sample?
« on: 03:12 PM - 11/04/21 »
I really hope it has a low latency, Im using chiaki right now, the latency isn't extremely high, but noticable in FPS games, also when spamming one button not every button Is registered. So im really looking foward to use this new device!

I think that he talks about the Asian Guy from Coovelite

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 2 configs
« on: 02:47 PM - 10/14/21 »
I dont know why, but the PVE version feels way better in Battle royale than these two configs created for PVP

XIM APEX Discussions / 2 configs
« on: 09:47 AM - 10/14/21 »
Whats the diference between these two configs? https://pasteboard.co/0DjaW7WlXzCl.jpg

XIM APEX Discussions / Remote play on PS4/PC
« on: 06:08 AM - 10/10/21 »
Should i use remote play on my PS4 or PC? (for the workaround to play PS5 games with xim)

Beta / Chiaki vs Sony Remote play
« on: 08:59 AM - 09/20/21 »
Hi, has someone measured the input lag between these two remote play programs?

I have my cloud II plugged into PS5, but after starting remote play, I have to unplug them and replug, to make the mic work

Search up CooVelite P5Booter, i dont understand much these geniuses behind xim and these adapters. But they are in contact with OBsIV, working on PS5 compatibility. Im super excited and hope that we Will play with Apex on PS5 soon.

XIM Link / What Is xim link for
« on: 02:41 AM - 09/16/21 »
Hi, I recently found xim link And im just furious what Is it for And why should/shouldnt i use it?

I just set up chiaki and as I was not expecting, there is basically no input delay, the only problem is that Spotify doesnt work :))

Sorry, i mean on PS5 for PS5 games, PS4 games on PS5 work fine

Xim Now doesnt work on PS5, you can bypass that by using remote play on PC

Updated PS5 games Are not longer working with xim apex, there is a small chance that xim devs Will fix this in future, but now the only workaround Is using remote play with PC, this might be end of xim+ps5

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