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Firmware beta needs Axis cap, There's even rubber  rings you can buy for analog sticks that do it for you, yet Xim can't do it. EVEN Titan Two was able to do it. input lag, yes, but proof it was really good.

They did all they can for now. They said they are not planning on releasing a new firmware.. What they were able to do is find out Destiny 2 one Xbox One and Series/X needed two seperate Input Translators. It was a nightmare for them I bet. Xim doesn't work on PS5 apparently. This is even worse.

Game Support / Xim Apex Needs Beta Features for Destiny 2
« on: 12:39 AM - 03/05/21 »
Xim Developers aren't looking at how the outer threshold of the analog sticks are affecting the deadzones. The flicking of the wrist is breaking the aim of input translators. Aim acceleration and target aquisition work together in Destiny 2 and EVERY GUN HAS A CUSTOM AIM MECHANIC. Light.gg will show you each gun has its own target aquisition stat. I've done this with Titan Two Console Tuner which is proof that you shouldn't be forced to be slow in Destiny 2 to be accurate. By capping the Y axis in Destiny 2 at 97%, my favorite number. I was able to be extremely accurate with no penalties to flicking my wrist. Axis capping has benefits in too many areas: X/Y ratio, some games make 95%-100% maximum speed and can create disportion between X And Y like Apex Legends creates a floaty feeling that is fixable in the ingame settings. Capping an analog axis for ADS in conjunction with X/Y ratio can actually turn the analog from an oval to circular. by capping an axis, you can be sure one axis X or Y is 100% accurate between transitioning to hip fire to ads fire. Even the newest Destiny 2 configs are flawed with turn movement issues. LISTEN: Everyone forced to choose either speed or accuracy in the Destiny 2 Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X config. Please add an axis cap or force an capped oval shape based on individual X axis or Y axis.

Feedback / Xim Apex Destiny 2 Beta Features Desired
« on: 12:19 AM - 03/05/21 »
The problem I see is the Xim Devlopers know the deadzone, but they don't stand outer stick threshold and how that oval shape is actually what is shapping the deadzone. Xim developers are looking too much at or near the deadzone. What they need to do is understand that some users flick their wirst and momentary hit the 100% limit of the Axis. X/Y Ratio is currently useless because it cant be shaped into a circle by an Axis cap. Some developers have native ingame Axis in the shape of an oval. won't ever help unless Xim Developers create an oval that can clip off the axis y or axis x.

X/Y Ratio is a very bad suggestion. Destiny 2 is based on aim acceleration and counter acceleration. Xim Developers making a big mistakes paying attention to the deadzone shape, and not realizing the Outer stick zone is influencing the deadzone, so you have to look at the Oval shape of the analog stick and shrink it down to a circle and cap the axis. X/Y ratio useless without axis capping

I found a solution to the behaviors of Input Translators. Go through all the games and find one with an Axis that is the same for X and Y. Otherwise, you are going to have problems when you flick your wrist because the input translators will keep going in the other axis when one reaches its hardware cap. I must warn you to test your ballistics curves at 50, if you get disportions, you won't notice problems unless you are at the high hill of the ballistics curves. This is an easy fix if you could just cap the other analog X/Y axis when one gets to maximum analog acis throttle, instead of slowing both, you get erratic aim. I had to use the Gotham City: Imposters Input Translators. Unless Apex Xim supports abnormal X and Y translators a little better and adds features for them, you will continue to see problems at 120fps games and near the peak of ballistics curves. Good luck guys.

I am currently using a Titan Two Tuner with Apex Xim because Apex Xim doesnt have a feature to throttle X and Y axis to a minimum percentage. Why isn't there a single feature that helps with the outer threshold of analog sticks and input translators? A feature that helps keep an axis low when the other x/y axis reaches maximum? lets say the Y percentage goes maximum and the X is still at 83%, why on earth should the 83% allowed to keep going higher? it causes aim inconsistencies. Please fix your product as it doesn't work accurately with all input translators. Don't blame the input translator when I see hardware limitations are being reached.

I finally found a fix for my problem. But I had to use the Titan Two console tuner with Apex Xim which consequently causes noticable input lag. I am just going to wait until Apex Xim Beta Firmware implements a fix for this. Because the firmware shouldn't try to push a Axis at full speed when one axis goes to 100% stick throttle. Current Apex firmware is in a broken state with certain game translators. when using non-proportion axis. the coding of the input translation should NOT assume 100!!! It should assume the last value of ballistic curve, are you understanding? an input translator see's 100 when it should see the last highest peak of ballistic curve. I shouldn't have to use third party hardware for something so simple that could be included in beta firmware for people who appreciate advanced features.

I have my controller connected to controller tester apps, and they show that its the Apex Xim disportationately reading X and Y at irregular values. Once one axis reaches 100, it messes up the mouse movement such as under shooting enemies. Now if I take the ballistics curve. I can fix it. But I lose 18% of my maximum X axis throttle. This isnt the Game Translation. The Apex Xim needs a Beta feature that allows us to cap maximum analog movement. In Destiny 2, Aim assist disables at speeds above 97% and Aim assist turns off at below 1% aim. because Destiny 2 has a mechanic by developers that create equal throttle that maximum 97% - 100%. its a no win situation. I have slower speed but am unable to shotgun in destiny 2. Doom 3 Config has the same problem as Destiny 2. Call of Duty has this problem but nobody is EVER gonna notice because there is NO vertical combat in Call of Duty.

This is something I am noticing that nobody is understanding, the input translators are fine, but by capping the X Axis and Y axis, you would be able to achieve better mouse movements. Smoothing would be more smooth, because you wouldnt be snapping into 100% axis  range quickly. which really cause erratic aim. I cap my peak Ballistics Curves and I will release my Destiny 2 shared config and show you what I mean. I could walk you through what happens and how the current features of ballistic curves is limiting and there are features that would benefit ballistic curves greatly such as having axis cap. My Y value goes past 100% when i am at 55% ballistic curve whereas the X value stays below 100%.

We need ballistic curves to work good with input translators and they aren't because its missing this important feature that would benefit them greatly. You can't flick your wrists in games unless you cap the peak curve of ballisics.

its the input translator doing its job but the Apex Xim should be designed where it can stop one axis when lets say the Y axis goes 100%.

I like to set my ballistics curves endpoints at a flat line after the value where my analog movement on one axis hits exactly 50% and want my values to be equally capped at 50% like 50% was the stick's 100%, this is unachievable without a feature that would allow me to do so.

I could send you photos with descriptions of everything with proof on what is happening. But would the programmers of Apex Xim be able to add the feature to cap Axis's for special ballistic curves?? i have 100 at my ballistic curve set to 50%

Technical Support / [Q/A] X and Y values causing problems
« on: 03:45 PM - 01/15/21 »
I am having problem with the Destiny 2 input translator. The X axis is too slow. When you correct it, it has problems maximum sensitivity. It seems like the input translator is the problem itself because a ballistics curve at 50% high has non-equal X and Y values when reaching peak sensivity. That is where the Y value goes maximum speed and the X doesnt want to. I feel the Xim Feature to cap ADS at an Axis like X or Y would fix problems in not just Destiny 2, but many input translators. No one has gotten back to me. Are you guys too busy or do you just not care or understand the logic here. I've seen significant improvements in your beta firmware and I am just trying to help. Thank you.

i would like to add that in some games, you get a floaty feeling when you reach above 97% and the accuracy falls when you flick your wrist.because the maximum movement starts at the 2% from the highest (100% analog movement)

in Destiny 2, when i reach 100% the analog movement using the ballistics curve, my X axis is capped in the 80% range. If I could cap the vertical axis to that same X value. I wouldnt be having the problems. turnspeed problems in Destiny 2 is caused by this.

A simple "Maximum Y Axis" percentage im the beta would solve this problem. The solution seems so simple, I want to know if there a possibility for this to be implemented in the beta.

Also, wouldn't a reverse boost feature (outer deadzone of analog stick) based on X and Y be possible? either switch to X or  Y ar 100 or after a certain percentage or cap that percentage once reached that spefic axis. If a new Xim is being releasee, we need need an advanced setting that allows us to chart x and y ballistics separately. that'd allow us to cap the peak curve values of a specific X Axis or Y axis.

I understand, but an input translator won't respect the change. It will push to 100% (non-equal X and Y values)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ballistic Curve Library
« on: 11:41 AM - 01/14/21 »
You can cap ballistics curves at 90 and flatline them with incredible results. I wish the new Firmware would add a feaure that allowed capping percentage of analog movement on the Axis X and Axis Y basis for ADS. It's a feature I long for. It would help a lot of games like Destiny 2 and Apex Legends.

There should be acknowledgement that limitations of X movement doesn't have to hinder users anymore if that they just add that feature.

What Apex Xim needs is something to help with the end curve. like a Boost X axis outer threshold or Y axis. They also should allow capping the percentage of the maximum percentage of axis movement, like capping it at 90% for ads and 100% for hip. Why hasn't anyone responded to my suggestions with this? This product needs more features that work at outer stick peak movement.

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