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Well, take off speed starts in the deadzone, thats before you even see on-screen movement. There is special software that was starts in the opposite direction in the deadzone, "lets say you move the cursor left" the software starts to the furthest right and moves to the left, passing the deadzone completely or circling around it at a vast pace. But this is all at 1000mhz using hidusbf app, Xim could simulate that natively and circumvent any take off speed any game has. This requires Xim Link. Anyone who uses mouse ballistic curve apps. Exponential, or a mouse speed CAP that some competive gamers use so they don't do a 360 when they move.

My question is why Xim Devices can't start at 2.00 on a ballistic curve and all you to dip into the deadzone so you can maybe even lessen the jitter and aim acceleration issues that seem to come up with micro-movements, it just doesnt feel right, i would like a little deadzone movement since i use a giant mousepad and  very high DPI.

One thing to know is that deadzone is easy to with at very high mouse DPI.

I will try exponential and see if it changes anything.

What i dont understand is why xim developers dont consider that game mechanics take into consideration the speed and movement speed within a deadzone. Games have an acceleration mechanic of take off speed, even in a deadzone. destiny 2 for example does that. I notice using different configs that move inside the games deadzones actually means deadzones aren't nullified. A deadzone can have aim acceleration inside it, its just the movement of the analog doesn't cause screen movement.

Xim developers need to expirment with Input Translators, what a deadzone that slowly sunk back into 0 X Y position, rather than just fall flat into it, i mean a smoothing feature that has a deadzone slowly fall to 0 rather than instantly go there.

Aim acceleration is a constant in some video games, even when you are inside the so called (nullified dead zone)

XBOX has a Dynamic library inout DHI that predicts movement, i dont know.if this affects that. I think Input Translaters should do some work even if they arent getting mouse movement, i think the de-acceleration is an issue, where things just never feel right and your aim feels floaty or the opposite, jittertly which could suggest jumping in and out of the dead zone.

XIM Link / Re: System requirements and supported cables
« on: 11:53 PM - 12/20/21 »
any idea if these would work?

they have a different name than "Transfer Cable" they call them "Bridge Cables" or "Host to Host bridge cables" and that search brought up some interesting cables.



PDF of Transfer Cable chipset. No input lag. No random failures while gaming. Belkin cables are hurting Xim Link. I thought it was Xim Link that was bad. It was the cable!

XIM Link / Re: System requirements and supported cables
« on: 11:10 PM - 12/20/21 »
Don't ask if this works on PS5, check your Xim app and if  "Transfer Cable" right above your Game Input Translator Config Screen (example call of duty game logo art) than it will work.

The question you asked 'Does this work on PS5" is improper, the question ultimately is if the xim apex works on PS5 because the transfer cable works like a device (mouse or keyboard individually) you get a free port on your xim apex hub if xim link works.

I found a cable that works better than Belkin. Belkin fails over time, or randomly does weird stuff, and that stuff either stays the same or progresses.

XIM Link / Re: XIM Link 1.4.2 is out!
« on: 10:56 PM - 12/20/21 »
Laplink Software 6' USB 2.0 High-Speed cable WASN'T EVEN RECOGNIZED BY XIM

volunteers to test exact cable models. idk i only found one cable that isn't bad like Belkin Brand......... EVEN IF YOUR BELKIN CABLE WORKS FINE, IT HAS NOTICABLE INPUT LAG.

XIM Link / Re: System requirements and supported cables
« on: 05:39 PM - 12/03/21 »
I bought my cable brand new! Don't buy them used... Belkin cables have input lag, and if that isn't enough not to use them, its 100 percent the chipset.

Two reasons not to use Belkin:

1.input lag
2. Random weird stuff, lag, xim link stops detecting it, weird behavior and hiccups during game.

XIM Link / Re: System requirements and supported cables
« on: 05:36 PM - 12/01/21 »

This is the science of different USB ports. Might help you with any issues, since I believe input lag is directly related to cable problems. But i also believe that a really good cable could solve everyone's issues with xim link and detecting the transfer cable.

XIM Link / Listen guys...
« on: 05:32 PM - 12/01/21 »
We need a Leo input lag test device. The Belkin cable is causing problems for a lot of people, I have also noticed input lag. There are two chipsets on a PC motherboard, the mouse and keyboard and the regular usb. Any pre or post report with programming can cause Xim Link to mess up. The PL-25A1 chipset is incredible!!!! BELKIN IS AWFUL! Lots of users are reporting issues, probably jumbled programming with xim link and a chip that has 0.05% chance of crashing or causing behind the scenes programming errors. Careful of which cable you buy! Someone needs to buy the Leo device that the fellows use at Rtings website to test gaming monitors on these cables!!!! LISTEN! Input lag will fix the programming errors between xim apex and xim link!!! Im certain thats the technology fault here withr everyone having problems with Belkin cables.

XIM Link / Re: System requirements and supported cables
« on: 05:20 PM - 12/01/21 »
Has to be USB 2.0 I have this and it has worked great for the last year no problem's at all.

bakbanaan, EVEN LESS INPUT LAG THAN the buggy Belkin!!!! This cable is fantastic! Ths Prolific PL-25A1, have NOT tried the suggested Laplink cable yet, but right out of the box this one is significanntly better. Belkin would freeze and i had ASDW working but the keys wouldnt release, then i couldnt get Belkin to reconize by Xim Link and this instantly works whenever i close xim link and reopen itm

I can confirm that this cable works.

The new Destiny 2 ST has acceleration problems. The best mechanics turn around deadzone to alleviate that. This ST covers too much deadzone where re-acceleration takes too long. Thats why players here liked Deadzone Boost even though it lowers  accuracy.

1. There is 60hz mode and 120hz mode that works different in regards to input translator.
2. There is a 0 of 100 aim assist mechanic that wipes out the aim mechanic effiency

The two listed above would probably be completely be completely eliminated if 0-2 of the ballistics curve was very micro and slow to take off, expecting the translators to understand that aim assist view the player is using is impossible. The aim assist is a secret stat on weapons listed at light.gg website. If the translator expects the aim assist is 100, you might be able to struggle less. Apply a 0 aim assist to hip and 100 to ADS
Btw, the reason i said 0-2 very slow is because there is secret speed boosts at that low speed on the ballistics curve (tracking involved speed boosts) x and y might have different tracking since the reticle is not centered on the screen on destiny 2.

Game Support / Re: destiny 2 new update
« on: 01:05 PM - 08/31/21 »
0.00 on the old config ballistic curve had micro movement. Now i get abnormal x and y issues between 0.00 and 0.05. Even at the default 10 sensitivity and 1.0 ADS

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2 “wave”
« on: 03:35 AM - 04/03/21 »
Update your Apex Xim Firmware. Also after that is finished, there are two separate input translators for Destiny 2. Choose the PS4 profile. The older firmware doesn't support the latest video game's input resolution. What you are describing is the same wave I had when I tried to use my Series X input translator profile on my older Xbox One X. Also. Please force download the new videogame profiles and delete your input translator and copy and paste it in a newly created fresh one. As a grain of salt.mm. I hope this helps you since I know the wave thing you are talking about

I haven't played Destiny 2 in a while. It isn't a gun game, everyone spams Stasis. Its actually a code that I pasted over. It actually wasnt perfect since it probably had micro jitters as the programming looped. What I am trying to say is 50% of the analog stick can be the same while in both ADS or HIP FIRE, or better. while ADSing..... Destiny 2 is a unique game that would benefit from only one axis being different at 90% of the analog coverage

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