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Hardware Compatbility / Wooting 2 HE keyboard?
« on: 02:48 PM - 10/10/21 »
Has anyone tried any of the wooting keyboards before? Thoughts on it and using with the xim for analog movement?

General Discussion / Best keypad to use with Xim
« on: 10:30 PM - 04/01/21 »
Thinking about trying a keypad. Was wondering what is the best keypad to use with analog stick. I saw someone say the Razer one isnít analog like the controller.

Game Support / xim apex and warzone shotgun issue
« on: 01:56 AM - 08/28/20 »
I'm having an issue with origin or r9-0 in warzone when i hit mouse 1 sometimes it doesn't shoot. r9-0 is 2 shot with a slight delay. If i double click twice sometimes it won't shoot or it will shoot once. But if i ADS i don't have that issue. It's gotten me killed a number of times where I am about to fight someone press mouse 1 it does the animation like it's about to shoot then doesn't. Anyone else notice this?

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