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Hardware Compatibility / Re: Corsair K65 RGB Supported?
« on: 09:25 AM - 12/27/16 »
Do have the rapid fire model K65?

 Do you need to plug in both usb cables, one to a power adapter and the other to the xim?

Game Support / Re: BF1 AIM ASSIST
« on: 03:03 PM - 12/02/16 »
 I thought most prefer to have AA off as it can affect long range shooting, is this incorrect?

Game Support / GTAV - Preferred profile?
« on: 03:01 PM - 12/02/16 »
So this is an old game comparatively as far as game discussions go. I am thinking of giving it a roll on the Xbox, and a search reveled ST talk from way back.

 Is there a good set up that you may have found that works fairly well at this point?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: 2 Questions :D
« on: 04:53 AM - 10/21/16 »
The biggest advantage is glaring, those that are used to keyboard and mouse will be able to game on the console with some competency. A pretty big deal considering the number of friends that play console compared to PC.

 Dis-advantage, games with a fixed auto-aim are troublesome for m/kb players, you do not have full range of motion with WASD that a stick gives you. Some use pads that have a stick though in order to get that range of motion.

 Most games are never fully PC like in movement, though others are pretty @#$% close and the videos some of the users here post show it.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 1
« on: 03:52 AM - 10/20/16 »
how the hell do you deactivate the aim assist? what's the name of both options?

First off thanks, I did not recall seeing the aim assist option on the X1, but I was not looking either, will check now.

 Pro tip for flying, turn off "Plane chase camera roll" it makes flying, dogfighting and ground attack so much easier when it comes to identifying and staying on target.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM 4 X1S Battlefield 1
« on: 09:49 AM - 10/15/16 »
Just confirming, did you max out the sensitivity in game? Also, using the BF4 ST, you still needed to up the sensitivity for BF1 to get some sort of decent movement. The full release is different from the BETA, so just fiddle with the XIM sensitivity for now.

Game Support / Re: BF1 is live (for trial anyway)
« on: 07:05 PM - 10/13/16 »
This is not beta, and even on the PC the controls feel a bit different from beta there.

 Hence a new topic as this is the live release version that is out now.

Game Support / BF1 is live (for trial anyway)
« on: 12:49 PM - 10/13/16 »
If you have EA access you can play BF1 now. I have not been able to fire it up yet; has anyone tried out a good ST to use with the latest build?

 Since the trial is the live build (stats you get here stay) is the 10 hour trial window enough to get a ST created?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Star Wars battlefront
« on: 02:48 PM - 10/11/16 »
Yes 30. My mouse has adjustable in game dpi. & I keep pressing the buttons by accident. So my  sensitivity goes up-and-down. I have to keep turning it up.  I assume all the way up is where it's supposed to be according to Xim.  And when I do I get Jitter.  Can you tell me what my settings need to be in order to get an equivalent of 10% in the game sensitivity?

If your Logitech 400 mouse will allow you to save a profile on it (like the 502 does) then save a profile that has only a single DPI setting, then you no longer run the risk of change dpi's mid game.

Looks like Sony is figuring this out. Too bad Microsoft is always behind.

Microsoft Roasted [emoji91]!

Currently MLG who is partnered with Sony for COD competitions will not be banning the use of the TAC Pro but it is also my understanding it is because it is a licensed Sony product. Similar to the arcade pads used in a lot of fighting games and competitive leagues.

For the XIM to be allowed it would have to be licensed by the console manufacturer themselves. Presently the TAC Pro is the only device licensed by Sony and Microsoft has not announced their answer to this that I am aware of. Microsoft allegedly though won't be selling an adapter but adding support through a console update for the XB1, XB1S, and include it natively in the Scorpio but it will only work with Microsoft licensed devices (and we all know how junkie these are) for the time being.

As for licensing the XIM4, I agree it would be a major jump for our community and putting us on the board but I also fear that we would lose a sense of originality and community because then Microsoft or Sony can basically control the aspects of everything.

Yeah, I heard about the Xbox adding mouse and keyboard support, but it's been up in the air about if it'll just be for certain apps, some games, or all games.

And I enjoy this community we have right now. I would hate to see that happen, but we will always have the OG's on here. I embrace the evolution and love the competition. Winning every game wouldn't be fun to me. so if everyone was equal I would have more fun on console.

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 I see MS supporting m/kb, they are moving in a cross realm direction already with their Play Anywhere, so players on PC and XB1 can game together, albeit co-op for the moment. Supporting m/kb on the console would be the logical step for full MP cross platform play, not just co-op.

General Discussion / Re: GTX 1080 or wait for AMD RX 490?
« on: 04:57 PM - 10/01/16 »
If you think for a moment that Nvidia will not be supporting freesync in the near future then I have news for you. Overall you will get better stability and support out of the Nvidia card and the performance of the 1080 is amazing. You will see Nvidia support freesync as well as gsync as enough freesync monitors are being used. Overall it is still such as small number out there compared to everything else. IF you just need the best bang for a lower price tag, wait for the AMD.

 Just watching the game play, and the video from the other side, it does not look like a k/m set up, the movements just do not fit. The reticul movement to target does not look like a mouse movement, it looks very much like a stick controller.

 the game play has a whole new perspective when you watch psychotics video, there you see the whole thing and he looks like a guy that knows the map better and understands the tendency of players on the map.

General Discussion / Re: Need advice on PC build route
« on: 09:18 PM - 09/17/16 »
 I assume that is your budget in the linked PC Part picker; if that is hard, then upgrading your current system may not be that bad as I would recommend you not going with an i3 for a gaming computer. It is a fine chip overall, but there is much better for gaming for just a little bit more. You may want to look on ebay and see if you can find an i5 or i7 for sell, I have built many gaming systems using chips and gpu's I found on ebay for much less than in the store.

 The 1060's will give you the performance of a 980 for much less cost, so that upgrade path is available to you. Some of the big points to building a new gaming PC when you have an older one is, M.2 SSD, better socket, faster chipset, true x16 slot for your GPU, ect.  The big question is how much life do you want to get out of your current rig, you may get a year or two out of it with an upgrade, or 4-5 years (or more) with a new build.


XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Wager/Tounrament Keyboard setings
« on: 04:27 AM - 09/14/16 »
Which game is this for? I must be missing it.

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