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 Hooked up the Xim4 on the X1S, using a hard pad with 502 mouse. While testing the controls in the training area things were working fine, using just the default ST while I changed some button mapping. About 10 to 15 minutes in though the WASD stopped working. I am using a DeLUX T9 47 Key USB Wired Mini Single Hand Gaming Keyboard. It was strange as everything else worked but I could not move forward or back any longer.

 The mapping for WASD on the device was still good. Has anyone run in to this issue with their set up?

Hi all,

 My son wanted to give my XIM4 a try on his X1S. He loaded the R6Siege profile and tried the default, and it was not what I expected (BF and COD spoil me for sure). It just would not work right, barely any turning, very slow movement when moving the mouse.

 Seeing as most people here tend to be using the PS4, I am hoping for some setting suggestions for an XB1S users, that uses a soft mouse pad and Logitech G502 mouse. I did try putting one in that I found from a few months ago, but alas, not much better.


Will these same settings work on an X1?

 Also, I loaded the R6 ST, and I do not see an ADS only HIP, how do I get to the ADS to set a curve?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Pubg xim ban...
« on: 09:02 PM - 04/25/18 »
On the PUBG forums there are threads about the m/k on console, clearly those complaining have a distorted sense of how many people are actually using the XIM. Many of them seem to be blaming them not doing well to "cheaters" using a m/k. Pretty funny actually.

EDIT: I cannot delete this topic, but I found a similar question and answers already, if someone can remove this please do.

Long time XIM user here, had most versions of it and currently run the XIM4.

 For someone that has moved from the 4 to the Apex, is there a noticeable difference to you?

  Do you find the default game profiles a better match or is there just as much "tinkering" with a profile to get the best feel? (I understand this is a relative question as each person has their own game play preference and hardware set up)


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Pubg xim ban...
« on: 08:35 AM - 04/25/18 »
 They are doing it to keep things "fair"? Seriously? So are they going to ban high end head sets that pick up directional sound better? How about low image lag TV's ? Each of those things give a major advantage, nothing fair when playing some guy that can hear which direction you are walking from 50 feet out or his image processes faster on his new screen.

 The whole thing is lame, not sure how they will do it but lame altogether as the xim is not cheating.

 I guess the next step is to ban Wheels from being used in Forza.

General Discussion / Re: Fragpedals Dual.
« on: 08:27 AM - 04/25/18 »
If the Fragpedals donít work I am thinking of trying these. 

Anyone have experience with them?


 The reviews of the product you asked about is not very good. All but one state one or more of the pedals stop working very quickly.

I guess using a flight stick for flying games is cheating too, and so is using a wheel and pedals for racing games, right? Or is it using the better controller for the genre of game.

Game Support / Re: Paladins XB1/PS4
« on: 10:06 PM - 05/23/17 »
I am now looking for this as well. Seems pretty fun and my son is playing this (he is a controller player), would like to give it a try with him.

 One thing I would like to point out about this game, as it is "Free to play", chances are it will be listed as "beta" for a long time. It is following in the path of World of Tanks and War Thunder, where you can expect it to be "beta" for several years before they declare it "released".

 War Thunder (PC and PS4) is a game I have played for many years, only weeks ago did it finally make the announcement that it is "LIVE". Players would notice no difference.

 My understanding is there is a bit more leeway for keeping a game in "beta" for the developers, even while offering micro-transactions in game.

 Paladins appear to be following that very same model, so waiting for live, when the player base is growing, will leave us XIM users out in the cold for a very long time.

Game Support / Re: BF1 PLANE Config Help!
« on: 09:32 AM - 01/22/17 »
bind pitch up to eg spacebar and flying starts to get really easy :)

This, on the PC I fly with M/K, use spacebar for pitch up. Increase your sensitivity in game for plane controls, and it may feel better.

Game Support / Re: BF1 PLANE Config Help!
« on: 08:43 PM - 01/18/17 »
To be honest, the controller for flying is your best bet. I can do OK on the PC using M/K, but I was also able to map a flight stick.

 Flying is one aspect where the controller is better than the XIM on the xbox or ps4.  I found myself getting more and more used to the controller while flying, though I doubt I would ever get to the point of using it while on foot or in tanks.

Game Support / Re: My Battlefield 1 Settings Nov 20/2016
« on: 02:30 PM - 01/13/17 »
Ok so I'm a little confused.. In your first set of code, that is a curve for HIP correct? What and where do I put the second set of code because you said that ADS has no curve, thanks for your help


The translator is the Look mechanic that Mist4fun/XIM4 has made for us. The curve/code is what I made. I take that code and put it in the HIP only and don't add anything to the ADS. You then change the ADS translator to use the HIP translator under advanced mouse in the ADS profile.

 Hmm I think I missed this step, how exactly do you put the HIP translator in to the ADS translator? I see some posting that they use ADS translator for both HIP and ADS, so I guess it goes both ways, just not sure how to copy it over.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield bad company 2...
« on: 05:03 AM - 01/11/17 »
BFBC2 with the XiM was awesome, was invited to join some great gaming guilds due to my game play in that game. Hard to see there being a big enough MP population though, especially with how good BF1 is.

I am playing on X1 and man, it feels great. I generally follow Cybies configs, and recently gave Zombies config a try. Both work great and feel great. Keep in mind I play on PC a ton, so I am very sensitive when I move to Xbox and if it is off, it would be frustrating.

 I think the big key is making sure your sensitivity in the ST is set to an area that works for you. I generally do not mess with my DPI setting at all. (save for when I jump in a vehicle gunner set).

Game Support / Re: GTA V
« on: 10:33 AM - 01/09/17 »
What do you mean assisted aim modes? I have been doing a ton of racing in GTAV but I cannot use the controller for crap when on foot. I have not tried the XiM yet in GTA (only BF1) but was going to give it a shot.

 Does anyone have a decent set up already for X1 GTAV?

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