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i liked the type 95 and saw people talking about the FAL

now thats it, dont use another gun

got FAL + Selected Fire + Red Dot + That bullet thing

or FAL + Silencer + Selected Fire + Bullet Thing

never tried the 556, have to give this ago

someone said that the last AR gun suppose to be good

i doubled my ads and hip and its well slow compared to Blops 1 config

is this because i changed the ads setting from 0 to 120

i didnt know about the 35% thing

so if i have a HIP at 15 then i need my ADS to be max 35% of that

i normaly have only fraction difference, like 11.2 and 10.5

thanks a lot for this and hard work :)

so what are we saying, if i am using 11 and 10 for ads for example i should double them values

i have delay on 0, is that ok or should it be 120

General Discussion / Re:
« on: 11:26 AM - 11/17/12 »
Aim assist for me is totally unnoticable when adjusting the X Y ratio to compensate the pulling affect. Big difference with black ops 2 on the xim 3 vs the edge with the blops 1 translator. I may be trading my sons edge off for anothe xim3 .  Now he complains that he cant stand the aim assist...  he is hogging my xim3 because of how well the xy ratio adjustment helps out on auto aim .... :p

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i had a xim 3 for mw3 and loved it and then bought the edge for blops 2. Now does that mean that xim 3 i better

i have been playing games recently which my aim automatically pulls to the opponent lol, its like an aimbot

Friend request sent

General Discussion / Re: Black Ops 2 Smart Translator
« on: 08:04 AM - 11/16/12 »
using the blops 2 and having good time, dont see why so a rush, rather it be 100% :)

@#$%, cant believe never saw that lol

thanks a lot

General Discussion / Re: BlOps 2 -- Your Best Class?
« on: 12:26 PM - 11/15/12 »
I am just using type-25

Now do I change to FAL or Scar-H

General Discussion / Re: BlOps 2 -- Your Best Class?
« on: 06:55 AM - 11/15/12 »
running type-95 with 3 attachments and no second weapon and one lethal

might try a mp-7

Any update about a video of this

So strafe left and right and try and keep the crosshairs in the middle of the object

Do I do this for hip and ads I take it then

what are we saying about gun choice

is the type-25 the best choice

Parallels with win XP is what i am using

if we had a video it would even be better to ensure i am doing the correct thing


i will try that layout of keys as i did one but couldn't assign the right analog stick to analog stick of the ps3

i used the 3rd port, which worked

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