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If anyone's interested I managed to work around this like how I suggested in my initial post.
I made a separate config that doesn't inherit that included the following three functions mapped to the same mouse button.

Switch to that config
Move forwards
Hold sprint

Can now navigate using only right hand when not in combat situations and it's nice =D

I'd like to have one button for walk forwards, and then another button bound to both sprint and walk forwards (basically want to be able to relax my left hand while sprinting so would like to have both walk forwards and sprint on mouse 5 or similar). I looked in the manager but it seems like I cannot bind more than one key to walk forwards.

I guess I could work around this by using a separate config that doesn't inherit to build a specific 'sprint mode' (like ADS is a separate mode) and bind all 3 functions (switch to sprint, sprint and forwards) to one key but if there is a simpler way I would like to use that.

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