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For the people saying the XIM is of no use in H5: https://i.imgur.com/MSK0eAo.jpg

I came in 3rd, and two of the players in this game are well-known pros. All of the other players in the game are some of the top FFA players currently. I do believe there's an advantage to be had using a XIM, it's just not as good as it was in MCC.

What's your config look like?

I use this keyboard in BiOS mode with the XIM4. Check the hardware compatibility thread to see this info again.

Support will be released tonight.

Do you have an exact time?  I might just take a break till its ready then.


XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Do any zowie mice work with xim4
« on: 08:09 PM - 10/18/15 »
Are there any plans to add more support for Zowie mice?

Game Support / Re: Destiny Sprint Switch
« on: 06:46 PM - 01/12/15 »
Can you update this? The pictures don't work anymore.

Feedback / XIM2 to [email protected]#$%.
« on: 08:02 AM - 12/11/14 »
Just...wow. I skipped the XIM3 because I was getting by with the XIM2 at the time, but now that I have the XIM4 I'm blown away.

Like, the fact that I can just boot it up, click the button on my KVM, and instantly play COD:AW without any other button presses is amazing. It just works without any major setup like the XIM2. Smart translators are wonderful.

You guys have made a lot of progress, and I love it.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 from 8ms to 4ms
« on: 09:41 PM - 11/26/14 »
+1 to 1ms response time I hate having a floaty crosshair. As for ios users they have offline mode + cheap android solutions if they really wanted it

A large population of users shouldn't have to be second class citizens in the XIM population in favor of shaving a few ms ONLY for PS4. Especially since it won't make any practical difference anyway except in the minds of players who think they're over-sensitive super humans.

  than why wasnt it dropped from the last firmware drop or manager update all it is a app.theres got to be something holding it back.im not sure if apple changed their policy but back when gabe spoke of apple he said it took 6 months to publish one game or app i cant remember exactly what it was.

I'm guessing you don't read the forums much. The reason there is not yet an iOS app is due to the bluetooth differences in iOS requiring XIM to write a bluetooth stack that can support Bluetooth 4.0LE. There's a lot of software work to do on XIM's side in addition to actually writing the iOS port of the app. There's not some secret Apple conspiracy preventing XIM Manager from being on iOS.
your right i dont read the forums much.i just come in here to see if the new st out or firmware update etc.and i didnt know the bluetooth was the issue.

Don't feel bad, he's being a snob about it.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: mixamp setup
« on: 08:35 AM - 11/17/14 »
I could be wrong.  But i thouhht the splitter needed to be connected to the controller

The Stereo Headset adapter allows for both 2.5mm cables (Legacy Xbox 360 chat cable) and 3.5mm TRS cables (4 prong, both Audio and mic mixed together) to be connected.

Commander / Re: XIMCommander
« on: 11:32 AM - 11/16/14 »
Any updates on this?

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM3 + PS3 without an adapter?
« on: 10:00 PM - 12/15/10 »
If it's not supported natively, then that means YOU NEED AN ADAPTER...but there will be no support because Xbox is what Obsiv is developing for.

Use the search function on the site, it's not hard at all. This question has been asked and answered at least 20+ times...

I have a Zboard Merc and I'll might be in the pre-production run depending on if I have the cash or not...assuming that the Merc/Orig. Zboard have the same drivers.

The keys on the left side of the ZBoard are not recognized as "Standard" keyboard keys but as media keys. And not all of them work as media keys. You need to install the driver for them to work as standard WASD keys and whatever else you want to use them for.

General Discussion / Re: playing from usb flash drive?
« on: 07:34 PM - 11/30/10 »
Using the same flash drive as the one above, and it works great. :D

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: christmas gift?
« on: 07:32 PM - 11/27/10 »

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Most common mice on the XIM3
« on: 03:16 PM - 11/27/10 »
I'm pretty sure that the majority of mice that have extra buttons register on computers as a mouse/keyboard combination HID device...which don't work with the XIM3 by design apparently. It doesn't look like he's going to have to code specifically for each gaming mouse out there.

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