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Hi when have keys set like reload is kpad3 are you using a keypad as well?

He's using a Nav, that's what Nav buttons show up as (kpad1, 2, 3 etc.)

This config is stupid-good. Maybe it's because I also use a Nav and a 12k/1k mouse and am used to it but I installed the full config, mapped the buttons the way I like, dialed in sens after an initial match, and almost immediately started wrecking people. I'm sure I'll tweak it more but thanks RML!

Thanks for the report. About the second cable, what is its purpose. Is it the power cable?

Mine arrived today. The second cable is power, it's just like existing "Y" cables that some USB hard drives ship with.

You could actually plug the second cable into a usb power source (similar to how HDDs work) which will provide more overall power to the Rocat itself. I haven't tried doing this and hooking up a phone, etc. to the usb ports on the Rocat.

Seems to work fine with the Xim 4 so far. And it is a really, really nice couch gaming setup I might add. They did a good job with this. Very comfortable and stable. I am using mine with my G602 even though I got their "free" mouse for pre-ordering. I've actually switched away from the PS Nav now.

Beta / Re: FEEDBACK: Config Backup/Restore
« on: 12:09 PM - 02/11/16 »
I would also like to retain the ability to copy individual configs for config sharing and support purposes. I do see the benefit of a global copy all though for breaking changes.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I'd keep the individual copy/paste.

Concerning breaking change backup/restore -- given what I'm hearing here, how valuable is it to people in general? Meaning, would you not upgrade if you didn't have backup/restore at least through the XIM4Flash tool?

I'd be much less likely to try betas for sure. Redoing some of my configs would be a real pain.

If you turn off the console the Xim will turn off and so will the Nav.

I highly recommend getting a charging stand for the Nav. I put mine in it when I'm done playing and haven't had battery issues in years.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: G502 Spectrum Keybinding Issue.
« on: 04:03 PM - 01/22/16 »
You don't really need the Spectrum for Xim, it has the same sensor/layout as the Core. The only change is the lights which may end up drawing too much power from the XIM's usb port (a lot of devices they recommend turning off extra "bling" lights, etc.).

If you are really, really in to the lights you could always try it, or use a powered USB hub I guess, otherwise the Core is the same mouse, and it's on sale at a discount now.

Most of you probably know this by now but the only real technical different between this and the Core are the new, bigger lights, which are customizable. It uses the same sensor as the Core and the layout/buttons are the same.

So the real good news out of this is the Core is now on sale almost everywhere for $20-30 USD off list (i.e. $50 USD total). I finally got one and it is a @#$% fine mouse.

I knew there was a reason it felt "right" at 8k dpi :)

Agree with you re: Destiny. The COD games, BF, etc. you can more or less get away with 1:1, in fact unless you really know what you are doing curves will make it worse, but for this game (and I would maybe include Halo 5 as well) curves are pretty much mandatory. Sprinting alone in Destiny is a real problem without them; with RML's config it is pretty spot on.

Glad I updated to the g502 and not just for this, it is a pretty sweet mouse (and is on sale now because the new version - which just has flashier lights - is out).

As Mists says, get the beta/RC (one of the oddities of the Xim release process is most releases are semi-permanently candidates :) - if you want to keep up, you should always go with the RC. Something I wish was clearer for new members).

I play KZ:SF myself, in fact I only recently got back in to it because the Xim finally supports touchpad passthrough. It works just fine. You don't need two controllers.

Two controller setups aren't a limitation of the Xim - it's the PS4 itself that doesn't support two controllers in the same game for the same player. If you attach a second controller it assumes you are another player because that is what 99.99999% of people who do that expect :)

Doesn't he use 4k DPI?

Good question - looks like Natu has the same one. All the pics, etc. in his guide show 8k DPI but his sig says 4k. I'm using the same sens as in his config - I pasted the full one in to a new profile and worked off it.

I can try 4k but it feels pretty good to me at 8, to be honest.

I recently updated to this config (the full one). I have the exact same setup (g502, Nav) except that I play Destiny on the PS4.

As expected I had to swap some buttons around but otherwise it works good. Actually, it works really good - if you stick to the hardware/DPI settings RML uses (8k DPI, g502, 500 polling).

If you do, or you do the conversions right for your hardware/sens levels, you'll get one of the smoothest Destiny experiences around. Playing with this config/curves is night and day from anything else I've tried. Some of the alternate switches, particularly mounting the bike, etc. take some getting used to - I might try remapping those keys, not a huge fan of clicking the mousewheel left or right. That's just me though. I really like the sprint config, makes sprinting more natural feeling and turn speed is good.

I suspect people having trouble with it is because they are either mixing/matching different parts of the config or using different mice/different DPI levels. Destiny is touchy; I wonder even if converting the DPI/sens levels with the calc will help. At 8k using RML's settings it's pretty much perfect but that might also be the 502 factoring in.

Anyway, thanks for the config!

Game Support / Re: How to use Xim4 on PC
« on: 07:45 PM - 11/09/15 »
The XIM isn't tricking the game, modifying the signals, or allowing me to do anything I couldn't do with a controller.  It allows me to aim better because I am better coordinated with a mouse and keyboard, not thumbsticks but other than allowing me to use those as input devices it provides no additional benefit.

What you are talking about is not the same thing, at all. Whether you want or care to understand that or not doesn't matter to me a bit :)

Game Support / Re: How to use Xim4 on PC
« on: 01:23 PM - 11/09/15 »
Wrong. The thing about the XIM is, it doesn't allow you to do anything with a game that can't be done with the controller. The XIM just allows for a different, preferred method of input and, within the limits set by the games themselves, translates those actions to the original. And does it better than any other device.

What it doesn't do  - as many a thread on this forum will attest :) - is allow for faster movement or special moves that aren't possible with a controller.

What you are trying to do is game the system in reverse. You want to trick the game in to thinking you have a controller so you'll get controller-specific advantages that the developer specifically left out for kb/m players. Whether you feel they were right to do that is an issue between you and the game publisher. Using a XIM to work around this is exactly the kind of back door BS that the community wants to avoid.

Yes, it is your device that you paid for and you can try to do what you want with it. That doesn't mean the community here is under any obligation to support you, and neither is XIM when you are using the device in an unsupported way.  Good luck!

Beta / Re: PS NAV and Release Candidate
« on: 01:17 PM - 11/09/15 »
Touchpad passthrough? I can finally pick KZ back up and finish single player? That is a welcome surprise :)

General Discussion / Re: Xbox preview program anyone ?
« on: 09:10 PM - 11/06/15 »
Tag is MGIxian if anyone wants to invite me to the preview, or just friend me for BLOPS3/Halo5 :)

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