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Update: PS4 pro target compensation canít be seen, itís all the way at the bottom.

Plugged in my PS4 slim and I can see target compensation and actually turn it on.

Itís defaulted off.

A recent patch broke the advanced control screen for 4k. XB1X does the same thing - you can't scroll all the way to the bottom to see the settings. You can force your resolution to 1080p to change it.

Pretty well known (or maybe not) that common sync is better if you want to play using a game's aim assist, so if you like that, then go for it.

With Apex Legends common instead of default sync and a lower sensitivity, combined with 7/7 (at most) in game will give you a lot of AA, with all the pros and cons that come with it.

Game Support / Re: Apex Legends config help for MAX AA
« on: 10:01 AM - 04/16/19 »
What I'd recommend, especially if you are new, is to start with Od1n's "official" guide:


Before you dive in to all the other advanced configs here.

The thing about most of the specialty configs posted by D1sable, etc. is....they are all really good players :) Not good players because their configs make them good, they were good to start with. Top notch aiming and tracking skills, etc. For that kind of player, a speedy, accurate config that lets them be as close to as fast/precise as a PC is important.

If you are a new and/or mediocre player (like me) that kind of config can actually make things worse. That's why I like O1dn's setup tutorial, because it strikes a nice balance.

Some general suggestions cribbed from it:

  • Lower DPI (minimum 3.2k is what he uses, I use 4k personally).
  • With the 502 (non-hero) 500hz will give you smoother micro-movements vs. 1k.
  • Common (not Default) sync works better if you want AA.
  • Use a little boost for crisper movements - Od1n's config uses 80, I prefer 60, find what you like.
  • As with any config, adjust sens to your liking - but be careful of going too high. Strike the balance which feels right for your style of play.

In my case, I prefer a lower sens because I am not the kind of top-tier player that can snap aim in a microsecond. Remember that in (most) cases you are playing against controller players who have the same kind of limitations (though there are many controller players who are frankly unreal, but again, that is a skill thing, and the Xim doesn't replace skill, it aligns the skill you have with the inputs you are better at using). Slower movements can help you aim better.

Sure, you'll get beat to the first shot some of the time but better that than having a config that is too quick and you miss your shots entirely. Apex Legends, like the Titanfall games, isn't like COD, where the one who lands a hit first is usually the one who wins. With Apex, accuracy and landing multiple hits is what matters most.

I've found the above gives a decent amount of AA (though it isn't going to aimbot for you, of course, that's not how it works) without being a pain to break out of when needed.

I've greatly improved by building off Od1n's config and am having more fun with the game. Before there were many games where I would get maybe 1 or 2 kills (or get knocked off immediately). Now I average more than double that and have had several games with 10+. Which, for some players here, is pathetic, I'm sure, but I don't care :)

This has allowed me to get better at the game to the point where I may go back and try something faster now that I am a little better at playing overall. 

Game Support / Re: Best setup for Apex Ledgends
« on: 08:36 AM - 03/21/19 »

This ist great, but why did you deactivate ADS?
Could you please do one with ADS active?

The point is you don't need an ADS profile with this setup. It works fine without one.

Game Support / Re: Best setup for Apex Ledgends
« on: 12:31 PM - 03/20/19 »
Agree, using Nav/502 12k these are still my favorite, and if anything the updated settings are better, though of course you need to settle in and do your own tweaking.

Try slow sync with ads disabled I dropped a 20 bomb seems to work for me

Agree. Slow sync and disable the ads profile, it isn't super helpful in this game and I am a lot more accurate without it.

DPI is dealers choice; I find little difference between 3.2k+ high sens or 12k and low sens, but some people definitely prefer one over the other so try both.

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable Apex Legends Config 28/02/19
« on: 07:03 PM - 03/03/19 »
Thanks for the updated config and agree on the Spitfire - I absolutely smash any match where I get it and manage to equip it with even a few basics like the extended mag.

Everyone plays differently but as a G502 12k DPI w/Nav user this config is my favorite. I wouldn't have thought to disable the ADS config but you are right, it works really well. Or at least it lines up well with how I play, anyway. I wiped out the last two squads in a row and won my last match which rarely happens, I am not that skilled a player...but I am able to aim better, more PC-like, with this.

Game Support / Re: Best setup for Apex Ledgends
« on: 01:49 PM - 03/01/19 »
I've tried every single one of these configs and they all equally felt bad to me.

I suggest trying these settings out just once in game.

3200 DPI 500Hz across the board.

5 / 5 in game, no look deadzone

15 / 19 HIP/ADS on XIM

You can 180 but you can't 360. You can easily snap around rooms. Anything faster feels floaty.

Default everything, increase smoothness if needed.

Higher ADS because of auto aim bubble at in game settings of 5.

Apex Legends gives higher auto aim at lower in game sensitivities. At 7 there is nearly no autoaim. At 5 there is a ton during ADS. I can hold a 301 on a head regardless of where the player goes at these settings. This is public knowledge on most Keyboard/Mouse Apex threads I've read off of this site. Youtube is full of XIMers using 5/5 and shitting on people.

Wins/Losses/Kills are not a testament to settings. This is fortnite all over again. Half yelling 12k DPI settings, half yelling 3.2k settings. To go with 3.2k settings then add so much fake floaty mouse movement is weird to me. You're basically just doing what they're doing but through the XIM instead of the mouse.....

I tried this a little while ago and no offense but they are terrible settings. Props to you if you play well with them, but for general use I'd advise most to stay far away.

that code doesnt work for me.
a red exclamation mark appears.
what may be the reason?

Are you using an Apex (not Xim4) and what firmware are you on if so.

Game Support / Re: Apex Legends Official ST ?
« on: 03:36 PM - 02/10/19 »
There are at least a half dozen thread on this in just the first two pages of this forum.

It'll be done when it's done. There's no date. There's not going to be a date. When/if it is finished, it'll be posted here. You, me, and about 10,000 other Xim users want it so be patient and watch the other threads.

I use a nav+g502 as well with JE77's settings and even though I am a fairly poor player my kills have started creeping up. Until the official ST drops this works better than everything I have tried.

Don't forget to follow the mouse wheel tut posted in the other thread. I also play on PC and this combo is darn close, and in some ways better.

For Nav users, if you haven't already figured it out you should make the sub-configs toggle, instead of hold, otherwise you're going to be trying to hold down one of the arrow keys while moving the stick, which is pretty awkward. I changed them to toggle and it made things easy.

Thanks again for the guide!

Awesome guide, thanks for the effort!

Question: Aren't most folks using the PUGB ST vs. T2?

So many different configs/setups. Going to try this game tonight. What is the most popular/"best" settings out there? Coming from Blackout, mid++ skills 20% win rate using mid range sens. Any suggestions? Xim Apex

Thread is chock full of them. This question gets repeated every page :)

For my own take, the PUGB ST with sync off and tuned according to the video posted on this page is the best one. I'm using a Nav/502/12kDPI/1kPoll.

Sens for hip and ads are much higher than other games but feels fine. I'm running 95.5/30.

You'll want an alt config for the wheel selection and macro rb+lb for ultimates, same as COD and other games. Thread is full of examples for all. Tune away.

Great ST!

Suggestions for vehicles, in particular planes? I am switching to the controller now for flight but if there's an alt config I can use even better.

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