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Do you use Standard dir AA or anything different?


This is a 31 kills game from yesterday the config is still great, it felt a little bit weird a couple of days ago. But I think it works fine for now.

Did you adjust anything except the curve? And what so you usw for the AIM assist ?

Little confused on the OP your ads sense is 440 but in the full config it's 500
Just clarifying which one is correct for the curve? :)

hip is 500 and ads 440


thanks for sharing this great config.
It feels great, but still a little to fast for me :)

I have tried to follow the instructions, seems the only way to get the mouse slower is by reducing the Hip and ADS sensitivity in the XIM Apex Manager (from 500 to 400 or so).
Even with setting the ballistics to 100 and 100 it was not "slow" enough in same situations.
Do you see an "issue/risk" that your shared config will not work as good if I change the sensitivity in the app?
From what I understand is that it is recommended to keep the DPI at 800 and only consider to change the ballistics accordingly. So therefore my question, do you think there is a "negative" impact if I reduce the in app sensitivity (Apex Mgr)?


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