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Let's start with a ban...

I have now ordered this from the German Amazon store


It's a little expensive imo, however until I find an equal option which is cheaper I may be continue testing this one. At least they confirmed they can do 120hz up to 1440p and 60 for 4k.

Will Test it later today and if people are interested can share some more details later.

I contact Orei Electronics they expect to have their SPDIF Audio Extractors HDMI 2.1 in February.

They are struggling with electronics supplies due COVID, also HDMI forum certification has to green up its product.

These are well built, metal housing tested and great quality (around $35) better than Astro's.

Its current product on the market is HDMI 2.0b and offers:

Supported Resolution:
Video Pass-through Up to 4K @ 50/60Hz (YUV4:4:4),
4K @ 30Hz, 1080P @ 120Hz and 1080P 3D @ 60Hz.
Color Depth: 10-bit, 12-bit

Supported Audio: LPCM 2/5.1/7.1CH, Dolby Digital, DTS 5.1,
Dolby Digital+, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X

This device supports full 12bit color depth and 1080p 120Hz, where astros is only 10 bit, and lacks of 1080p 120Hz.

Honestly is enough for most next-gen games. Very few esports will do 4K at 120Hz, triple AAA single players 4K are 60Hz at best. But if you want 4K/120Hz, wait for next year.

If you have a recent 4K TV most likely it have SPDIF / Out so you don't really need it. However, several monitors and TV's with built-in HDMI audio extractors tends to have ground loop issues (buzzing sound) which are unfortunately very hard to get rid off.

Thanks a lot Alan.
I am not that keen on 4k and 120hz, also still sceptical on how many games this will come, as you said on AAA games it will be [email protected], so I can wait for HDMI 2.1 :)
I will be more playing FPS games online, so my sweet spot is 1440p and 120hz (27 inch or more monitor), as an alternative maybe 1080p and 120hz (24 inch monitor) on for this HDMI 2.0 should be sufficient (just not sure if it has to be HDMI 2.0b)

well the ones available mentioning HDMI 2.0 do only confirm [email protected], either no details on 1080/1440p or simply mentioning also 60hz which I doubt...but also donīt want to risk. I contacted a couple of them asking this, but still no answer.
The ones confirming 120hz for 1080p at least were sold out...Would really appreciate if someone can enlighten me with an available alternative :)

Thanks @Od1n for this feedback.
I checked the extractor you posted, yes this would work, however it is really barely meeting the technical requirements.
Means for me in this case I am not really interested in HDMI 2.1 or [email protected], I am more looking to play with 120fps on my 144hz monitor, either in 1080p (which I have currently) or in1440p (which I am consering to buy in the next days).
I see that the new device from Astro which would support this is unfortunately sold out anywhere.
And I am struggling to find any device in EU (ideally in Germany) which confirms 120hz for 1080 or 1440p, if I find one it itīs sold out/not available :/

Hey folks,

I am mainly looking for a solution for my xbox series x to run it with 120hz on 1080p and ideally also on 1440 while keep on using my SBx g6 + AKG K702+ Modmic.
In general HDMI 2.0 audio extractor with SPDIF should be sufficient right? Most of the devices are only referring to 60 hz for 4k, not really giving any details for 1080p and how many hz, same for 1440p...as per HDMi 2.0 standard spec it should be running also with 120hz on these 2 different resolutions right? The one from Astro is sold out, I am struggling to get another one from EU Shops (ideally from Germany) due to lack of information available in the datasheets, in addition I donīt really want to spend 50 bucks for this...
Appreciate any type of support/recommendation/advice

Thanks in advance.

I don’t own an XBox (yet  ;) ) but can confirm that the Black Ops 4 ST works flawlessly on PS4.

What sync? Mouse DPI?
In-game settings just default and Max send?

Ceebs what’s ur sync and dpi.. thanks
[email protected] (with PMW3360 sensor)

BO4 [email protected]

Sensitivity: 55
Sync: Common
Smoothing: 0
Y/X: 1.25
Steady Aim: 0
Boost: 0

Sensitivity: 40
Activation Delay: See below
Smoothing: 0
Y/X: 2.0
Steady Aim: 0
Boost: 0

In-game settings
Horizontal and vertical stick sensitivity: 14
ADS stick sensitivity low zoom: -7
Field of View: 80
Motion Blur:Disabled
All other mechanical in-game settings at default

Also, as BO CW weapons have such a wide range of ADS animation speeds I have four seperate STs set up to cover them all (I'm on the Dark Matter grind already!  ;D ).
F1 activates the ST that has an Activation Delay of 250ms. I've named it BO CW Pistols/SMGs/Shotties. F2 is for ARs/Tac Rifles and is set at 350ms, F3 is Snipers at 400 and F4 is LMGs at 550 (yes, they really do ADS much more slowly than sniper rifles in this game!).

Do you use any curves at all ?

Thanks Blamer

Aesome configs Man....are you using this one at the momement?
I have been using your configs since the start definately the best i have used.
The problem is there all good! Dont know what one to use lol :o
Im guilty of swapping configs to much, always searching for that one that feels 200%
I think i have found it then i swap lololol :D
Anyway thanks for your configs, people like you that make this stuff awesome!!!!
Cheers mate, thanks heaps.
Man.. Not you too haha. Im glad you're having good results! This one is a solid alternative on Common sync. (I prefer my 16k variant for its consistency.)

Me, too :D first thought 800 is perfect for me, then using your 16k config,,,back to 800, its strange as I have good and bad results with both...how would you rank your configs yourself, I hear you like the 16k most.

1) What is the main plus on the 16k for you?
2) Whatīs your number 2 actually? Any of these 500hz config

Thanks so much also to share your experience and recommendations here, I really like how you do this and how much effort you put into this. Some Gameplays would be also great to see from you :D

 I recently also tried myself an own config with 250hz XIM Apex with 5 smoothing and 200 boost via 16k (no curves)

It felt a little wonky, but the stats were good, at least in MP I had constantly 2 to 3 KD matches (I usually have around 1.5 KD).

Yes it works on the xim apex no issues, I use the same mouse.
İf it is worth it is something I can only answer for myself ...in the end it is user preference and dependent ...but I think it's a good mouse. Are there better options out there ? Probably so, but there are also worse options probably :)

Shared Configs / Re: MW Advanced Setup (20200905)
« on: 12:22 PM - 09/10/20 »
Hi RML . How can I use the Long Range Curve using keyboard? Is it that necessary specially in warzone?

With the added smoothing it's not 100% necessary, but it does help with some long range shots.

Tucker Yes kd in warzone my psn merfiii__08 
send invite we will play team xim ;D
RML I'll be glad ;)always elegant impressions with your settings .

Added, appreciate the footage.

Anyone else care to share?

A Ximming WZ Team? I am in :) Joining from CET Time, would that work server/latenfy wise ?

Shared Configs / Re: Blamer - MW & Warzone - 4KD
« on: 02:37 PM - 08/24/20 »
First of all thanks Blamer for all your efforts and sharing your work and analysis.
Do I do anything wrong or why is the 800DPİ so much faster for me than the 16.000?
You're welcome! Make sure to change your in-game deadzone when you switch configurations.

They definitely feel different though.

I did change the DZ according to your values, however the 16.000 feel somehow quite slow for hip especially. is this normal?
And what is the best way to adjust sensitivity when using your config? Adjusting the curves ? Or directly adjusting  the sensitivity values in the app?

Shared Configs / Re: Blamer - MW & Warzone - 4KD
« on: 01:56 PM - 08/24/20 »
First of all thanks Blamer for all your efforts and sharing your work and analysis.
Do I do anything wrong or why is the 800DPİ so much faster for me than the 16.000?

Thanks for sharing.
Do you use anything on top (like Titan Two scripts) or just Xim Apex and its software?
Also do you recommend this over your older post with Standard/Linear/Dynamic?


do you still use these settings or any adjustments as this is a few years old thread, sorry for bringing it up again ^^.

any chance for reup of the 2 files? Thx
And how can I use/translate the Mixamp settings into SBx G5?

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